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Thread: Metaki Series - Unorthodox TH9 War Bases

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    Metaki Series - Unorthodox TH9 War Bases

    Metaki Series - Unorthodox TH9 War Bases

    Division B


    UPDATES: Second Generation of Metaki Series:Anti-lavaloon Concepts: Released:

    Updates (April 26, 2015)
    This thread is officially retired so please visit my Second Generation of Metaki linked above.

    Updates (March 21, 2015)
    Removed My Metaki Series #1 Explanation and replaced it with Metaki Series #3 since it's alot better.
    Updates: (March 19, 2015)
    Added a "Second Generation" part to my Thread
    Added a "Purpose of my Series/Weakness and Flaws of Metaki/Why Defense Logs Don't Matter" Section
    Teaser for my Second Generation: Metaki Series #5 - Arrowtip

    Updates: (March 14, 2015)
    Created Series #2, Version 2.1

    Updates: (March 12, 2015)
    Finalized Series #3, won't work on it anymore due to not like it :P
    Scrapped Series #4, has a flaw and it's not worth investing time in.
    Created Series #2, Version 2.0.

    Updates: (March 1, 2015)
    All the information regarding to each base has been reduced and linked to my website so that it's not as crowded and messy. Just click on the title of each or click on the picture to re-direct.

    Welcome to my Metaki Series of base building Where I will create bases that challenge and serve a better chance in becoming better at defending against the Elite TH9 3 star attackers. Just to give you a heads up, I am here to educate and provide a place to show off my knowledge, and for people to learn. I got my Anti-Metaki Series thread that will break down the weakness of each base I create so better watch out if you decide to use my base lol.

    When it comes to the new ways of 3 starring TH9s it is divided into parts such as: Queen Killing, Side Looning/Side Hogging (also known as Shattered Looning). It's through a hybrid of breaking down bases that achieves the 3 star.

    There is no point in centralizing Town Hall because as a TH9 base, if you are facing an elite clan, your Town Hall will be 2 starred no matter what, end of story. The real game when it comes to TH9, is to prevent the 3 stars from happening. By sectioning off areas and addressing the common themed attacks, it ensures that at least one section of the base will survive.

    Purpose of my Series:
    I am here to educate, create and just base build to my liking, I am not here to show how 'undefeated' or 'my base is the strongest', I am using this thread just to post my findings and my thinking process towards creating these bases. You are welcomed to use them and learn the ins and outs of what makes a good base, and tweak it/inform me and we can see what we can do from there (hence the different versions).

    All the information regarding to each base has been reduced and linked to my website so that it's not as crowded and messy. Just click on the title of each or click on the picture to re-direct. I am leaving [Metaki Series #1]'s information intact since this was what attracted the viewers to begin with.

    To See the Weakness/Flaws of Metaki Series:

    Just a warning that I know some of my base are flawed, for example Series #1 can be easily Lavalooned. I am NOT going to post defense logs anymore, unless the enemy showed a brilliant attack against my base even I don't know of.

    Why I no longer care about Defense Logs:

    Wizard's Isolated Pressure

    My second generation of Metaki Series base now focuses on Protecting the 4th Air Defense when they focus on Queen Killing, as well as having wizard towers outside the range of all the ADs. Most likely there will be a 'Control Wizard Tower' serves as the main pressure towards the enemy Loons. It's a concept I thought of, I don't know how it will work, but discussing it with a fellow base builder showed it is a solid sounding idea.

    Metaki Series #5 - Arrowtip

    Comments: (March 19) Since this is the first of my Second Generation of Metaki Series, I wish to create more Second Gen. with the same concepts before I release this to the public. It's a fairly new way of designing a base, that might be the solution towards fighting against Lavaloon.

    -Hard to lure/unlureable CC
    -pathing for the base when it comes to hogs/loons are considered
    -double seeking air mines
    -wide junk radius making it difficult for loons to travel
    -Wizard Towers are outside the raidus of ADs
    -Lavas will be under heavy fire before Loons can reach them
    -Loons cannot target Wizard Towers due to the position
    -a 'Main Wizard Tower' serves as the 'pressure point' where all troops will have to end up against.
    -___________ is used to protect Queen and 4th AD

    - 3rd Air Defenses is alittle too close to the middle Air Defense, so they both can be killed quickly
    -Two large section that could lead it to be vulnerable to Golo
    -4th AD might still be destroyable if the enemy does the attack correctly


    The main characteristics of my First Generation of Metaki, was I started with placing the CC first, then expanded with 2 Air Defense, along with xbows and creating two double giant bomb locations between them and expand from there. I create multiple sections outwards from that point on as I see fit. First generation main issue is it doesn't protect as well against Lavaloon due to Queen Killing and taking out the 4th AD.

    I'm leaving my explanation for Metaki Series #1 here even though it's outdated, to show my explanation and process.


    Version 1.1

    Comments: This base does one of the best jobs compared to my other base when it comes to Queen position, and Clan Castle vs enemy troops. The queen always seems to stand at the appropriate place when she is defending the base as well as the fact that almost all the defenses are at optimal locations that do well against enemy attacks (look at the Gowiwi Pathing section for more details).

    -Centralized CC that's unlurable/hard to lure with the standard lure troops
    -ideal queen locations
    -feint double giant bomb areas
    -hog pathing that leads to the double giant bomb

    -difficult to 2-by-1 Loon exchange
    -teslas can be moved to different locations (top one can be moved to the bottom sections)
    -air traps can be moved to different locations

    -Well placed defenses/xbow that counters a 'Funneled' Gowipe/Dragon with CC troops/Hero distraction
    -good storage locations

    - Base has a possibility to be 2 starred more easily.

    - Still possible to take out the Queen and an AD when aiming for a Queen Kill
    - possibly weak against Lavaloon

    Fixes from previous version: (1.0)
    -Tesla and trap adjustments (previous version still works)

    Metaki Series - #2

    Version 2.1

    Comments: Was trying to create a third double giant bomb location with the AD at the bottom with the seeking air mines, problme was that the wizard Tower to the left is too close towards the Archer Tower, so any DGB within that location will cause it to pre-trigger. It's still possible to put the double giant bomb there though, just move the ArcherT closer to the Wizard Tower, and based on hog pathing, the hogs will have to go to the tesla, to the Wizard Tower, to the ArcherTower in order to pre-trigger it. North side I was trying to protect that AD as well by making it so there are storages that they need to go through and must use a jump in order to enter that location.

    -Centralized CC that's unlurable/hard to lure with the standard lure troops
    -Double Giant bomb locations that work
    -3/4 Wizard Towers that aren't locked onto AD
    -difficult to 2-by-1 Loon exchange
    -more oddly shape making it tough to crack

    -Queen Kill could potentially result in trip of the DGB
    -Queen Kill is easy to access and could kill off the 4th AD.
    - bottom/left side could be looned/hogged
    -right side doesn't have much spring trap coverage

    Fixes from previous version (1.1/Wide Wizard Version):
    -Wide Wizard Tower Version
    -moved the xbow to the DGB pair to the left
    -created a smaller section with the bottom AD with ArcherT
    -moved King
    -adjusted the top section

    Fixes from previous version (1.0):
    -Adjusted left side Archer Tower so that it doesn't trip one Giant Bomb when it heads straight East

    Version 1.1

    Queen Kill is alittle more better compared to version 2.1, The Archer Tower on the left can potential trip that double giant bomb. This base is still useable.

    Version 1.1: Wide Wizard Tower Version

    Focusing alittle more point defenses within the core (the cannon and the Archer Tower beside the Archer Queen), while expanding the Wizard Tower's location alittle bit (2/4) so that they don't shoot at the Air Defenses against lavaloon.


    Version 2.0

    Was trying to fix the problem with the left side Archer Tower being too close to the AD. One thing lead to another, I redesigned this base. In this version though I'm not too liking the double giant bomb areas since the right side can be tripped by Queen Killing Squad. There is a secondary DGB area at the bottom area (where the double Seeking is). Was trying to prevent any side hogs using the Tesla beside the ArcherT.

    As of (March 12), Metaki Series #3 has been finalized and will no longer be worked on. It's still useable, but I will not improve it. If you want to see it's specification and it's Pros and Cons, click on the image or go to the link.


    Version 1.1

    Features (Version 1.1):
    Comments: I'm alittle more proud of this base as it is covering a wider area compared to Series #1, as well as does a decent job at making things harder fro the enemy. The only areas of concern as of now is that if the enemy queen enters the Core, it'll wreck this base alot, but the good news about this base is that it limits the impact of wizards attacking it.
    -Same criterias covered by Metaki Series #1 (CC unlureable, Queen Kill protection, Holo protection, Storage locations, etc).
    -three double giant bomb locations that the hog pathing will flow into (current ones, and the one where the mortar and AD are at the top).
    -Town Hall is protected by 3 ADs
    -Queen is sorta protected by the King as well as specific defense placements to make it harder to queen kill
    -the multiple sections and compartments of the base makes it really tough to crack.
    - Not 2 starrable by weaker attackers
    - a better balance in creating a chaotic flow for the enemy attacker compared to Series #1

    -Alittle more holo/ hoggable
    - Right side has 5 Defenses that can be gobbled by hogs (but it's protected abit by the Xbow so it's alittle better)
    -Possible to Lure from the Left side Mortar, as we as the Archer Tower above that could go to the Wizard Tower
    -Queen in the core can wreck this base alot if not taken out soon.
    -Queen Kill can result in Killing the 4th AD.

    Fixes from previous version: (1.0)
    -adjusted the storage locations to make the wizards side track more easily on the top left side (paired with the builders hut).
    -readjusted the walls so that the inner side beside the dark elixir will make it harder to penetrate.

    CC Luring (version 1.0)

    Orange indicate where the potential areas of Lures can come from, there are traps to stop them from advance though.

    It follows the similar pattern as Metaki Series #1 where everything is parallel and paired together, making it harder to lure. There is a spring trap between each pair to skim down the hogs even further.

    Hog Pathing (version 1.0)

    In this image you can see the white represents the 'hog pathing' of which hogs will follow as well as I highlighted with orange where the sections are when it comes to each section by section. As you can see the location of the double giant bomb literally gives a clear divide where the sections meet you as well as the fact that there is the bottom double giant bomb location that could be technically used. The good thing about this layout is that hogs will have to be going sideways, outwards, inwards, as well as far travel in order to reach other sections.

    Queen KIlling (version 1.1 and 1.0)

    Pretty straight forward, there are two locations which base suit for the Queen Killing. No matter which one is picked they will be stuck within a section and be bombarded by outer defenses. The King is in position between both areas, as well as the fact that if you suspect they will most likely Queen Kill from the #2, then allocating the two Double Giant bombs in the section with the Queen before hand can really mess up the enemy's attack. Another good thing about the queen's location is that it's really deep within the section. The enemy must enter the base in order to damage her, but by the time they enter the base, they won't actually drag the queen into their sections, more like taking 2 steps away from her platform. A jump spell will be needed in order to beat the queen.

    Loon Pathing (version 1.1 and 1.0)

    Now with Loon pathing. The best quality i find with my base is that it's wide as hell and it takes a while to reach individual defenses. For example if you look at the bottom left section. You can see that even if they managed to use loons on the ArcherTower and the Cannon (1), both these loons will start to bunch up at the tesla (2), then re-direct their attention towards that mortar (3) and be completed bunched up (and in range of wizard tower), then have to travel yet again to the AD where they are needed. This Zig zag motion is what I am striving for as well as it taking a long time for it to travel. The loons will be getting bombarded with AD's hits if not, it'll seperate the Loons from the Lava.

    Now let's look at an individual group of loons. The Pink lines indicate which path that the loons would have to follow after they had killed the Air Defense. As you can see, it's really a looong journey as well as provided the fact that the loons will be vunerable to being picked off. To save them, the attacks will need to use spells, but this this is where things get complicated.

    Spell Placement Pressure

    If I put it in terms of sectioning, this actually puts a great deal of pressure for the defense targeting troops to move faster/be protected by the spells. If you look at this image, you can see that even just at the bottom location, there are about 4 different sections (which I labeled), and the inner core sections (Orange Squares). Most people would want to protect their troops during the outside core section, but because of the fact that my base is so wide, they'll have to insert a spell in-between in order to keep their troops moving. The White Line shows the direction of which they'll need to use a spell for. But as you can see, since it's so wide, The spell will not be able to cover all sections.

    Side/Back End Looning/Hogs (Holowiwi Style)

    North East Side

    Now we get to the interesting part which is the side looning/holo-ing. Not going to explain hogs because it's pretty obvious. (from the spring traps). As you can see, most people will use 2 loons per defense exchange in order to get the outside defenses out of the way. Now strictly talking about the North East side, The Wizard Tower is protecting that individual Archer Tower on the top left, as well as the teslas (and maybe that AD behind it). The cannon is more closer to the bottom AD as well as the fact that it also is in range of the tesla. The moment they drop the two loons, a seeking air mine will kill one, (dropping it down to a 3 loon), the loon behind the group of loons will no longer be threatened since the travel time and drop time cannot allow the second loon to drop the bomb and suicide. The second group will have it better off, but it's RNGed by how the air skele will target which first. But in this scenerio, the Tesla will be completely fine, so is the Wizard Tower, and there is a high chance that either the cannon or the Archer Tower, one will survive.

    Now for the bottom right where the Archer Tower and Mortar is. The mortar is only being protected by the AD so it'll go down for sure, but if you look at the radius of the AD, it overlaps the Archer Tower at the bottom, meaning one loon will be killed before it reaches the Archer Tower and the chance of the second loon drop down is lowered as well since the Xbow is covering it.

    South East Side

    Conclusion: I'm not too fond of how the core doesn't have enough DPS, but the shape of the base is good, the area is wide. After a few previews of attacks on this base, I dislike the direction of which the heroes can trample on this base as well as the fact that there is alittle too much defense on the outer sections, leaving the base alittle too vunerable. It's still hard to beat, but I say it's done it's job.

    Status: Scrapped, has a [Fatal Flaw] Explained in [Anti-Metaki Thread]


    Version 1.0 Theory Testing Phase, Scrapped.

    Comments: Not tested yet, but this is an experimental design that is a Bow Shaped with the emphasis on the top rounded side and a strengthen line from the bottom side (Xbow and AD). There are two un-side loonable Archer Towers located one beside the skeleton traps. I was testing out and thinking of a giant bomb theory with the Xbow and the AD in that position afterwards the hogs will go across and trigger both giant bombs. It was from something I read in the forums before but was hard to make. This base has alot more flaws and areas where it needs to be improved alot.

    Version 1.0 Theory Testing Phase
    - Hard Queen Kill
    - Four Potential Giant bomb locations that work.
    - two Archer Tower that is hard to reach.
    - heavy emphasis on the top and left section as the main area of defence
    - decent CC Lure coverage
    -L (Bow/moon)Shaped design, will have to go from right side to upwards top sections, then go left, downwards in order to break everything.
    -Paired Seeking air mine trap for those that want to Lava the bottom AD first.

    - Potential luring from the archer tower on the bottom left (I tried to make the cannon alittle more outwards to attract the Hog AI)
    -bottom army Camp/top left area can be easily sniped for junk
    -is possible to enterthat AD and Xbow section from the south (which is why the cannon and the Archer Tower are that to re-direct the loons/hogs that tries to go that route but if they kill these two first, it'll break the area).
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    Good guide and base breakdown. I will try and apply what I learned and make a Warbase of my own.

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    Thanks for the reply , and I just noticed that if they they gowiwi from the direct West side, the right side defences beside the TH will be vunerable to holo, going to adjust some traps to cover there.

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    Isn't this base vulnerable to being 2 stared by dragons?

    Zap the air D behind the TH, drag/loon from the top right. It won't get the three but it should be able to get the TH and 50% and it can be done by a TH8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jietoh View Post
    Isn't this base vulnerable to being 2 stared by dragons?

    Zap the air D behind the TH, drag/loon from the top right. It won't get the three but it should be able to get the TH and 50% and it can be done by a TH8.
    2* on a TH9 is considered a fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allybug01 View Post
    Our number one and faithful co-leader pulls an amazing 2* gowipe on their number 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan1120 View Post
    2* on a TH9 is considered a fail.
    Yup, as I have stated at the beginning, in th9, you are going to get 2 starred no matter what in war, but it's about proficiently protecting the base as a whole, not allowing everything to be conquered. 2 star game doesn't matter, it's about the 3star game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan1120 View Post
    2* on a TH9 is considered a fail.
    Only to very serious war clans... which make up less than a fraction of a % on CoC anyways. 2* on TH9 in many clans can be huge, especially mixed clans that don't take the game so serious like many here on forums do.

    Which is why I think leaving the TH our like that for an easy 2* even from a TH8 is a bad idea.

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    I liked your post much. You are a witty kid, obviously. Good inspiration for building a new base.

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    Really nice base, as well as base breakdown. Having a point to argue every counter-point and still being able to efficiently counter that counter-point really opened my eyes to this base. Thanks for the share, and will definitely take what you've put down for TH9 Base Building!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terraist View Post
    Only to very serious war clans... which make up less than a fraction of a % on CoC anyways. 2* on TH9 in many clans can be huge, especially mixed clans that don't take the game so serious like many here on forums do.

    Which is why I think leaving the TH our like that for an easy 2* even from a TH8 is a bad idea.
    Agree. Just fought against a really good clan and they two starred 1 of our th9s in top 10.

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