The SPQR Clan Official Recruitment Thread


What's up fellow clashers it’s your boy Amaze here, and I'm here to introduce to you the one, the ONLY, The SPQR Clan! You could have clicked on any recruitment thread but you clicked ours...which shows at the least you are smart, so kick back with Amaze as we journey through all things SPQR. Let's get it!

The SPQR Clan Philosophy

Our goal in The SPQR Clan is to provide a chill laid back environment where people from all over the country can be a part of a relaxed family style organization that shares ideas, helps one another grow as clashers, and burns other clans villages to the ground for fun and profit.

What type of clan we are:

We are The SPQR Clan, a newly formed yet established clan looking to expand into into a powerful force within the Clash of Clans community. Our goal is to work hard and maintain at minimum a 80%+ win percentage in clan wars and help one another grow as clashers, whether through farming, raiding, or engaging in clan war battles. We are a clan of 20-30 something adults whose ages range around 25-35. Our clan members have careers ranging from doctors and teachers, to police officers and sergeants in the military. We are a well balanced clan of young working class adults, who enjoy clashing as much as our free time permits. We are primarily a war clan that wars twice a week on Mon/Tue and Fri/Sat so anyone who desires battle and its rich rewards apply today!

A brief history of The SPQR Clan:

As with any clan we have had our share of peaks and valleys as well as wins and losses, and through it all we stand firm in our commitment to greatness. We tried to war with 10 for a while when a few members decided to farm which lead to a few not so favorable outcomes so we decided that we needed to increase the number of members we had back to the 25+ range. We currently stand at (15) or so loyal members and are looking to add 10-15 dedicated, loyal, and active members to our fold.

So what are the benefits of joining The SPQR Clan?

What's the best aspect of being in a clan? I'll tell you, it's being a part of a close knit collective group of people with a sole purpose and objective, and then fulfilling those objectives as a cohesive unit. Through the ups and downs, highs and lows, we cover each other's six. For us it is certainly quality over quantity, so if you possess similar qualities such as loyalty and dedication, and you feel that this is the type of clan you would wish to be a part of, then apply today and come be a part of greatness!

What we are looking for in potential clan-mates:

We are looking for moderately high to high activity and donation levels from any and all potential clan-mates. We have a clan full of working class adults, so anyone with a high activity level is certainly welcome! Also a desire for clan war battle as well with the ability to obtain 4-6 stars per war. Luring enemy CC troops and utilizing basic Gowipe, Gowiwi, Valkyrie, Dragon, and other battle strategies is a must. Any and all potential clan members must have the ability to work together well with others to obtain victory as a whole. When it comes to clan war battle we like to be smart, organized, and DEADLY! With the right combination of people we can become even more dangerous!

How do I become a part of this greatness Amaze? Well I'll tell you!

Requirements to join

• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Must have a TH 7 minimum with complete level 6 walls
• Must have level 5 Archers, Wizards, Giants, etc.
• Moderate to high activity levelsModerate to high donation level. TH 7 (500), TH 8 (750),TH 9 (1000)+ per season
• Full clan war participation in The SPQR Clan is MANDATORY!

After joining, new recruits will begin a 14 day trial period. During this process donations, clan war performance, activity level, and overall chemistry with the clan will be monitored. At the end of the 14 day period elders and co-leaders will determine if the recruit is a good fit for
the clan or not. The recruit will either become a full fledged member, or will subsequently removed at this time. Anyone who joins and is not a personal friend of a current member, who has left a previous clan mid-war will be IMMEDIATELY kicked out of the clan NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are willing to bail on another clan mid-war, you are willing to bail on us and that is unacceptable.

Any and all who meet our requirements and wish to join feel free to pm me. The clan is currently INVITE ONLY so all who request to join and do not specify that they are requesting via this Supercell forum are likely subject to refusal.

Clan Rules

The first and most important rule is by all means enjoy yourselves! We are mature no doubt, but we do use some occasional profanity and clown each other relentlessly, but everything is in the spirit of fun and camaraderie. If you are easily offended by language or crude situational humor then this might not be the place for you. If you are more lighthearted, easy going, and loyal then welcome home!

The second rule is NO RACISM. Our clan has members from all ethnicities and all walks of life, and while we have good spirited fun, we draw the line at insulting people's race, religious beliefs, etc. What is this the 1950’s? It's 2015 people get it together diversity is awesome!

The third rule is donate often and donate that which is requested. Default raid and defense donations are high level wizards and archers. New recruits that enter the clan and immediately request high level troops for raiding i.e Pekka, Dragons, max Hogs, etc are subject to immediate removal. Nothing more frustrating than making high level troops for someone new just for them to immediately bail. Upon trust all troop requests within reason are granted.

Clan War Rules and Expectations


The expectations for clan wars in The SPQR Clan are very simple, be proficient enough in battle to consistently produce a 2-3 star outcome against a TH or base at or slightly above your current TH and level per battle so 4-6 stars total per war. The second and probably most important rule of clan wars is FULL PARTICIPATION IS A MUST! Both attacks are required during ALL wars. Everyone works together to clean up bases and obtain as many stars as possible.

Any and all bases for clan war are claimed via a created Google document that is accessible via the internet or any Google Doc app (simple process explained to all new members). This eliminates creating a troop composition specifically for a certain base, only to have someone else attack it first. All recruits will be told what bases are free for attack, all who pass the trial period will be given the information to access the site itself and claim their base of attack.

Lastly if there is something that you need advice concerning like what troops to use for an attack, or something you don't know how to do, i.e draw out cc troops, use a particular strategy (Gowipe, Gowiwi, etc.), ASK!

How to ascend up the ranks of The SPQR Clan

The SPQR Clan Hierarchy

Leader: I Amaze Myself
Second in Command: Jcblain2
Top Co-Leaders: Chu Brownley, Angerbanks
Top Elders: Geoffery, illest, Hayze

Elder shall be given to those who show a commitment to helping advance the clan and its agenda to greatness by being active, donating consistently, and burning and pillaging villages without mercy in both clan wars and beyond. The key word here is GIVEN, when the time is right for you to ascend the ranks you will so don't ask, you would just be wasting your time. This isn't global chat, promotions aren't granted haphazardly or simply for joining.

Co-leader shall be granted only to the elite of whom show themselves to be invaluable to the clan and its cause.

Well that about wraps it up so for everyone who stopped by...

Thanks for checking us out and see you soon!


Amaze Out!