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Thread: The Clash of Clans ACRONYM Dictionary! (Clash phases and their meanings!)

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    Post The Clash of Clans ACRONYM Dictionary! (Clash phases and their meanings!)

    Clarification: this post is in general because it does relatively relate to clash in a way.

    All clans are different. You'll find it interesting that many clans use teh same acronyms.... way too much! Here are some of the most commonly used clash acronyms:

    Used everywhere

    lol = laugh out loud
    brb = be right back
    gtg = got to go
    bbl = be back later
    cya = see ya
    ikr = I know right
    ik = I know
    ttyl = talk to you later
    tbh = to be honest
    imo = in my opinion
    gj = good job
    nj = nice job
    nw = nice work
    ty = thank you
    yw = you're welcome
    np = no problem

    Related mainly to Clash of Clans
    (and a few other games) (many of these can be singular or plural)
    CoC = Clash of Clans
    barb = barbarian
    arch = archer
    gob = goblin
    wb = wall breaker
    loon = balloon
    wiz = wizard
    drag = dragon
    min = minion
    hog = hog rider
    valk = valkyrie
    hound = lava hound
    at = archer tower
    ad = air defense
    air d = air defense
    wt = wizard tower
    wiz t = wizard tower
    bk = barbarian king
    aq = archer queen
    bh = builder's hut
    hut = builder's hut
    lvl = level
    lv = level
    atk = attack
    cw = clan war
    de = dark elixir

    BB = Boom Beach
    SC = Supercell
    HD = Hay Day
    Mod = Moderator

    Use this as a reference whenever you can't understand your chat!
    If I made any mistakes or you'd like any to be added, just tell me below!

    Cheers, Ice

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    Congratulations, you've won the "new thing to complain about" award for today.

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    Its nice you went to the effort of this, but you should have used the search feature first. This is even a sticky.
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    you forgot "soon" - Someday Or Otherwise Sooner
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    As said by Lach

    Quote Originally Posted by DokuganR View Post
    Hey guys, I've realized that many people are often confused with the slang and abbreviations used in-game. So I took the initiative to create a detailed mini-dictionary and thesaurus for all the people who don't understand the weird lingo sometimes used in the clan chat and global.

    It is recommended to use the search function (Ctrl+F) to find your desired definition or synonym.


    • Army Camp- AC, camps, army, troops
    • Barracks- racks, rax, brax
    • Dark Barracks- DB, Dark racks, dark rax
    • Laboratory- Lab, research
    • Spell Factory- SF, factory
    • Barbarian King- BK, king, BKing, Burger King
    • Archer Queen- AQ, queen, AQueen,
    • Town Hall- TH, hall
    • Clan Castle- CC, castle
    • Cannon- N/A
    • Archer Tower- AT, Arch Tower
    • Mortar- AoE
    • Air Defense- AD, aird
    • Wizard Tower- WT, wiz tower, AoE, Mage
    • Hidden Tesla- HT, tesla
    • X-Bow- bow, XB, crossbow
    • Inferno Tower- IT, inferno, discoes
    • Wall
      • Level 1- wooden
      • Level 2- stone
      • Level 3- stone
      • Level 4- grey, statues
      • Level 5- golden, butter
      • Level 6- crystal, jelly, pink
      • Level 7- dark crystal, purple
      • Level 8- skull
      • Level 9- LEGO, bricks
      • Level 10- flame, lavas
      • Level 11- electric, zap

    • Traps- N/A
      • Bomb- small bomb
      • Giant Bomb- GB, gbomb
        • Double Giant Bomb- DBG, DGiB

      • Spring Trap- ST, spring
      • Air Bomb- AB, abomb
      • Seeking Air Mine- SAM, seeking
      • Skeleton Trap- Skele trap

    • Gold Mine- GM, mine
    • Elixir Collector- EC, collector, pumps, stills
    • Elixir Storage- ES, lix storage, store
    • Gold Storage- GS, gold store
    • Dark Elixir Storage- DES, DE store
    • Dark Elixir Drill- DED, drill
    • Builder's Hut- hut, builder,

    • Gold- money, coins
    • Elixir- Elix, lix, mana, wine, purple, pink
    • Dark Elixir- DE, Delixir, pepsi, dark
    • Gems- gemmies, diamonds, jewels, etc.


    • Barbarian- barb, barbie
    • Archer- arch
    • Goblin- gob,
    • Giant- tank, Gi (used in army comp names)
    • Wall Breaker- WB, breaker, suicide bomber
    • Balloon- bloon, loon
    • Wizard- wiz, wizzie, mage
    • Healer-angel
    • Dragon-drag, draggies, birds
    • P.E.K.K.A- pekkies, [abbreviation of player choice]
    • Minion- minnies, nion (used in army comp names)
    • Hog Rider- HR, hogs, pigs, bacon, Mr T.
    • Valkyrie- valkies, valks, axe woman, whirlwind
    • Golem- gol, , boulder, Go (used in army comp names)
      • Golemite- gmite, mite

    • Witch- resurrector, necromancer, Wi (used in army comp names)
      • Skeleton- skels

    • Lava Hound- Hound, hotdog, dog

      • Lava Pups- puppies, pups,

    • 223- a CC request that means 2 witches, 2 wizards and 3 archers. Often used in the top 200 clans
    • 111- a CC request that means 1 golem, 1 wizard and 1 archers. Often used in the top 200 clans

    • Lightning Spell- LS, lightning, zap
    • Healing Spell- HS, heal
    • Rage Spell- RS, rage
    • Jump Spell- JS, jump
    • Freeze Spell- FS, freeze

    Special Limited Traps/Spells

    • Santa's Surprise- S.S, santa, THKO, santa's zap
    • Santa Strike, S.S, santa, strike
    • Pumpkin Bomb- Jack-O-Lantern, pumpkin
    • Halloween Headstone- Headstone

    Army Compositions and attacking terms and slang
    • Rush- single group of a single troop, usually Tier 1 troops
    • Raid- when you attack another person's village, or the Single Player Campaign
    • Meat Shield- a unit used to soak up damage, usually Giants, Barbarians, Hog Riders and Golems, to distract enemy defenses
    • BAM- Barbarian Archer Minion rush
    • BARCH- Barbarian Archer rush, also known as BArch
    • WAG- Traditional Archer-Giant combination with Wall Breakers
    • GoWiPE- Golem Wizard PEKKA heavy composition
    • GiWiPE- A cheaper version of GoWiPE with Golems being replaced with Giants
    • GoWiWi- Golem Wizard Witch heavy composition
    • GiWiWi- A cheaper version of GoWiWi with Golems being replaced with Giant
    • GoVaPE- Golem Valkyrie PEKKA heavy army composition
    • GiWiVa - a Giant, Valkyrie, Witch heavy composition
    • GiVaPe - a Giant, Valkyrie, Witch heavy composition
    • Valkyrie Tornado - A Giant, Valkyrie, Healer heavy composition
    • GoWiVaWiPe - Uses Golems, Witches, Wizards, Valkyrie and PEKKA - composition that Unity Sharp used in forum elite.
    • ArBarWitch- Archer Barbarian Witch composition
    • GoWiVa - a Golem, Valkyrie, Witch heavy composition
    • Balloonion- Balloons and Minion mass attack, also known as loonion or miniball
    • GoViz- Golem, Wizard Valkyrie heavy army composition
    • DRAGWiPE- Dragons, Wizards and PEKKA heavy attack
    • Dragloonion- Dragon, Balloon and Minion air raid
    • Dragoon- Dragon Balloon army composition
    • Lavaloonion- Lava Hounds, Balloons (shorted as 'Loons) and Minions pushing comp
    • HoLoWiWi- Hog Riders, Balloons (shortened as 'Loons') , Wizard and Witch heavy army composition
    • Miniwall- a joke army composition consisting of minions and wall breakers popularized by Daddy
    • AMin- Archer Minion attack
    • GARCH- Goblin Archer farming attack / also known as Giant Archer attack
    • Priestess/Emperor- A Hero aided and healed by Healers and Healing Spells
    • Air raid- a complete raid using mostly air troops
    • Sniping- attacking a specific building, usually the Town Hall or a resource building for either farming or trophy hunting purposes
    • BAG- Barbarian Archer Goblin attack
    • BAGi- Barbarian Archer Giant attack
    • Noah's Ark- Using 2 of every troop except Golems and Lava Hounds where only one is used
    • Giant-Healer combo- using a Healer, many Giants and other troops of the players choice attack. Also known as GHealer
    • Picking- attacking buildings outside of any defenses range, usually with archers or wizards
    • Lure- to draw either a Hero or Clan Castle troops to a place outside of any defenses and defeat it with troops
    • sub 200- dropping trophies to stay below 200 trophies to attack players with minimal troops, which usually is done within long periods of playing
    • sub 100- dropping trophies to stay below 100 trophies to attack players with minimal troops, which usually is done within long periods of playing. Very similar to sub 200 but is rumored to have better loot
    • Wi- Slang used in army composition names which means Wizard or Witches, which also applies to to other troop names such as Gi, Ba, Ho, Lo, etc.

    Base names, terms and techniques
    • Corner-a poor base used by beginners by using a corner to build a base, with up to 2 sides unprotected
    • Egg- a base surrounded by many layers of walls
    • Packed- a base with nearly or all buildings inside usually a single layer of walls
    • Split- a base that is separated into 2 mini-bases
    • Pocketed- a base with 'pockets' that house more than one building per capsule
    • Spiral- a base that spirals around usually in rotational symmetry
    • Ring- a base which has a 'ring' layer which leads melee troops in a large circle to divert them from ranged troops
    • Bulkhead- a base that has most buildings surrounded by a layer of walls with uses up many walls during the process
    • Variant- a base that is inspired or based from another design- usually for different levels of Town Halls.
    • Vault- a base with most or all valuables in a single compartment usually heavily surrounded by defenses.
    • Core- the center and usually most important part of a base.
    • Black Hole- a base which has a large spawn point in the middle of the base to lure attackers to attack from there, usually bombarded with traps and covered with splash damaging buildings
    • Labyrinth- a base with a unique wall structure creating multiple intentional gaps which are used to cleverly manipulate troop AI supported with the use of traps and sieves.
    • X-Core- a base with an X-shaped design as it's core.
    • Spiking- an old and now extinct method used to place dud walls that protrude of of the main base to fool Wall Breakers
    • T-junction- Walls positioned in a T shape, allowing three way access to different compartments.
    • L-junction- Walls positioned in a L shape, allowing one way access to different compartments.
    • X-junction- Walls positioned in a X shape, allowing four way access to different compartments. Considered one of the most important part of a wall
    • Compartment- a section of a base with a minimum of one building inside it
    • Funnelling- having an intentional gap so troops, usually Giants, will automatically go through the gap and get spring trapped
    • Farmer- a player who does not care about trophies but rather for loot
    • Trophy Hunter- a player who does not care about loot but rather for trophies
    • Hybrid- A player who cared for both trophies and loot
    • Cornering- having buildings at the corner of a village, usually to prevent attackers from getting 100% on their raid
    • Anti- a base designed specifically to repel a certain troop/army composition
    • Forcing- pushing back the minimal spawn point with buildings to buy extra time for defenses to attack enemy troops
    • Collector/abandoned bases- a base which has not been logged onto for an extended period of time and has been attacked multiple times removing most or all of the loot in the storages and leaving a large uncollected portion of loot in the collectors. Highly favored by farmers due to the minimal amount of work needed to obtain the substantial amount of loot. Also known as dead bases.
    • Coreless/Open core- A typical core that is not completely sealed up and with multiple gaps and pathways leading towards it.

    Technical terms

    • DPS- Damage Per Second
    • DPA- Damage Per Attack
    • HP- Hitpoints, health
    • Space- housing space of a specific troop
    • Tile- the in-game form of measuring resembling a square meter, used to measure the size of buildings, range of defensive buildings, etc.

    • Clan Wars- CW, war
    • Clan- guild, group, club
    • Hoppers- roamers, leechers, selfopper, destroyers, jumpers. A person who 'hops' from clan to clan for various reasons.
    • Advertising Hopper- a person who hops from clan to clan to advertise.
    • Leader- boss, chief, head
    • Co-Leader- co, second-in-command
    • Elder- senior
    • Member- norm
    • Feeder- a clan who 'feeds' another clan members while training lower-levelled players to match the requirements of that specific clan
    • Trophies- cups
    • Decorations- Decos, rocks, trees, gem boxes, etc.
    • League- division, bronze, silver, gold, crystal, masters, champion,
    • Rushing- majorly prematurely upgrading a Town Hall before maxing out everything
    • Premmie- Someone who upgrades their townhall straight away without maxing farming troops/troops in general
    • Max- to upgrade everything or mostly everything to the specific TH upgrading cap
    • Gemming- using gems to speed up the process of upgrading
    • Global- hell, TheyWhoMustNotBeNamed
    • Mini- a secondary account usually by players on another device, also known as an alt
    • GG- Gold Grab achievement
    • HH- Heroic Heist achievement
    • EE- Elixir Escapade achievement
    • FiN- Friend in Need achievement
    • Clash of Clans- CoC, Clash
    • Zapping- placing lightning spells on a Dark Elixir Storage.
    • X-Mas Tree- Christmas tree
    • Season- the cycle of two weeks where at the end of one donation counts, leagues and top clan leader boards are reset.
    • Comp- short term for Army Composition
    • Spy- a person who joins a enemy's clan in order to obtain trap and tesla locations
    • Design Virgin- a person who has not posted or showcased any base designs
    • Flying Solo/Loner- a player who prefers to be clanless

    I am always continuously updating this list! If you have suggestions please post below

    Hall of Fame- this is a place to acknowledge forumers of their extensive contributions to expanding the Dictionary:

    1. GoWiWi
    2. Open!
    3. Open!

    Shout out to Bruc3y for posting this on his website! You can view it here.

    Find more at the Clash of Clans Wiki Glossary for more in-depth information.

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    Its nice you went to the effort of this, but you should have used the search feature first. This is even a sticky.
    Thanks for telling me. i guess my time on the forums is done because everything is already said and done

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    Congratulations, you've won the "new thing to complain about" award for today.

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    Thanks for telling me. i guess my time on the forums is done because everything is already said and done
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