What's new:

Introducing Town Hall level 10 - the Fiery Fortress

Brand new defensive building: Inferno Tower!

✔ The Inferno Tower shoots a jet of flame that burns through even the thickest armor

✔ The flame takes a while to heat up, making it most effective against the biggest and baddest troops

✔ Stop Heroes, P.E.K.K.As and Golems in their tracks, and shoot Dragons out of the sky!

✔ Be careful: the Inferno Tower can be overwhelmed by a swarm of smaller targets

Unlock powerful new upgrades with Town Hall level 10:

✔ Additional Cannon, Archer Tower, Giant Bomb and Dark Elixir Drill

✔ New heroic levels for Barbarian King and Archer Queen

✔ New upgrade levels for X-Bow and Air Defense

Attack log and replays!

✔ Watch replays of your attacks

✔ See a log of your attack history with a record of loot and trophies captured

✔ Show your most dominant victories to friends and family

✔ Analyze your toughest fights and improve your skills

Level 8 Laboratory: better, faster and stronger than ever!

✔ Unleash the ancient Red Dragon (Dragon level 4)

✔ Rock on with Golem level 5

✔ Support the troops with Healer level 4

Interface improvements

✔ Chinese language setting is now available

✔ Hugely expanded keyboard support. Write in any language!

✔ Smileys and other emoji characters supported in chat! Add the special Emoji keyboard in your device settings (General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard).

✔ Quickly browse through Barracks, Dark Barracks and Spell Factory screens by tapping arrows

✔ Number of clan troops received is now shown in addition to the number of troops donated

✔ The center of your village is now marked with a plaque

✔ Personal breaks enforced for players who stay continuously in-game for very long periods of time

Balance tweaks

✔ Decreased Healer's housing space requirement, training time and training cost

✔ Decreased Heroes' upgrade times, regeneration times and upgrade costs on some levels

✔ Decreased training cost of Golem on level 2, 3 and 4

✔ Decreased cost of Town Hall level 9 upgrade

✔ Decreased cost of Laboratory upgrade to level 5, 6 and 7

✔ Decreased cost of X-Bow upgrade to level 2 and 3

✔ Decreased cost of Air Defense upgrade to level 7

✔ Decreased cost of Dark Elixir Drill upgrade

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!