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Thread: THE BEAR FAMILY: Clans for Active, Social and Mature Vikings!

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    THE BEAR FAMILY: Clans for Active, Social and Mature Vikings!

    Hail and Well Met! (hi, good to meet you!)

    Welcome, weary traveler, to the Bear Family of clans! Stable your horse, kick off your boots, hang up your broadsword, and rest! Pull up a chair by the fire, listen to our bard telling tales of glorious battles won, and drink deeply from a skull cup of mead (honey-wine). You have found viking paradise! (pre-valhalla paradise, of course)

    We are a group of fun-loving, adult vikings who want nothing more than to commune with our clanmates while drinking ridiculous amounts of mead and raiding neighboring non-viking tribes with a vengeance comparable to the wrath of Thor! Which is to say: heaps of vengeful.

    We admit to being bloodthirsty and ill-mannered (especially at meal time) and yet if you are looking for fun-loving, drunken, unwashed, barbaric viking friends (and who isn’t?), that is what you’ll find here!

    Of course as with any organization of mature, battle-hardened warriors, a few guidelines are necessary so that we have someone to sacrifice to Thor when the inevitable, slow-witted viking joins our ranks. We feel these are mostly common sense and courtesy, but just in case...

    Family-Wide Rules:

    -Mature members only (18+ recommended)
    -No profanity, or racial/gender slurs (if it isn’t on prime-time TV, don’t say it)
    -Be active in chat
    -Donate to all requests before requesting your own troops
    -Do not ask to be made an elder. Period.
    -BE NICE!!! Respect your clanmates at all times!
    -No clan hopping. Once you’re in the Bear Family, you’re in for life. Transfer within our sister clans for one week or longer is permitted with permission from a clan leader or Guardian.

    In addition to these family-wide universal rules, each of our clans has specific guidelines with respect to activity, purpose, donation requirements, and donation type.

    Clans of the Bear Family:
    All clans have a purple bolt on white shield. All clans have occasional trophy hunts, but participation is not required.

    CaveBears: farming clan with highest activity
    RiverBears: farming clan with highest activity
    IceBears: farming clan with high activity
    ThunderBears: farming clan with high activity
    Firebears: farming clan with high activity
    Mountainbears: Advanced level farming clan that holds competitive trophy hunts.

    Our Clan Website:
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    We are the oldest of the bear clans and as such we have a solid base of very active, high level farmers.

    In the Cave your contribution to chat is just as important as your donations. We are very social and like nothing more than settling down by the fire, wrapped in our furs, sharing a skull cup of mead discussing our victorious plunders.

    Being a mature clan we require our members to be age 25+ and have at least level 5 archers.

    Our donation requirements are 600 per donation cycle ( in line with supercell reset). However new members are expected contribute 300 in their first week and of course get to know us through chat.

    Our troops of choice are archers or dragons and that is what you should donate unless prior agreement.

    Fluffy, the Great White Battle Bear, who looks after the leader, takes care of those who don't donate or those who don't contribute to chat, during our bi-weekly festivities. This generally takes place on the Sunday evening, 9pm gmt before reset, where rotating leadership and the promotion of new elders also happens.

    So if you like to donate, chat, and drink mead, come join us!
    and be sure to mention Thor in your join request!

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    At CYPRESS Winning wars.

    The Mighty Mountainbears

    We rule from our thrones high on the mountain where we can keep an eye on the commoners. We don't play nice with others and from time to time we descend our mountain to prove a point (or because we ran out of mead). When we are not raiding, we smoke gems and play board games.

    Mountainbears is a clan for ADVANCED clashers looking to take their clash of clans experience to the next level. The mountain is home to seasoned vets who wish to share their knowledge of the game, and clashers who are new to high level game play. We will help you farm in the lowest valleys and the highest peaks, share strategies for hunting trophies, and help perfect your base layout.

    If you like what you see, come for the hike! Join a group of mature players who have spent time learning the tricks to make hunting and looting as efficient as possible. Gather 'round the campfire as we talk of great spoils, and share a skull cup of mead! Trust me, we are different…MountainBears

    • 21+
    • minimum lvl5 archers, lvl 4 wizards, lvl 2 dragons and all lvl6 walls are required to join
    • We require that each player meets the expected donation of 250 troops per week (500/season) in order to maintain activity.
    • Archers, wizards and Dragons are the default donation.
    • Bear Family rules apply (see first post)
    • CHAT ACTIVITY IS A MUST. We expect to hear from you.

    ***** WARNING: we have a very small path to get to the peak.
    Those with large egos, superiority complexes, and bullies need not apply*****

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    A Riverbear enjoys a quick refreshing dip in the morning and doesn’t mind being pointed and laughed at for the size of their bathing costume or amount of body hair.

    We also like a relaxing soak in the evening to wash off the blood and brains of our victims from a hard day's raiding. Chat is a vital part of the Riverbear culture. You can talk about anything (G-rated) as long as you keep talking.

    Then it is time to sit by the fire, roast a captured hog, pour some mead and tell tall tales of the day's heroic pursuits.

    The other requirements for a Riverbear are minimum 250 donations every week. We donate the pink/purple haired beauties (archers) because they are pretty and they clean up after themselves and dragons if you are at that level. Of course, special requests are always taken too.

    There is also a minimum requirement of 400 trophies. We need to make sure you have blooded yourself in battle before you join us. No tree-hugging pacifists in this clan!

    If this sounds like you, apply in game (you need to leave your clan first - the game won't allow us to accept you if you are still in another clan). If an elder isn’t online to take your request immediately, reapply, then hang around as we will want to ask you some questions to ensure you are in the clan that best suits your and our needs. If you are accepted and you request for troops before you are interviewed, you will immediately be kicked. If you have an alternate account, it will need to go to another clan as we don't allow someone to have 2 accounts in the same clan. Please read the member duties at the following link BEFORE you apply to us.
    riverbear-duties If you don't agree with these rules, then maybe another clan will suit you better.

    Lastly, we worship Thor and his mighty war-hammer Mjolnir (or molly for short). You must mention this when you request otherwise you will feel the blunt end of molly!

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    Cold. Fierce. Untamed. Probably Drunk.

    Born of civil war, we ICEBEARS wake up each morning with ice in our veins and bloodstains on our jammies. We stagger out of bed, scattering the bones of our vanquished foes and less impressive romantic partners, with violence at our fingertips and only one thought in our heads: Where the hell’s my coffee?

    We have an illustrious, action-packed history as one of the oldest clans in the Bear Family. We are winners of the Family Feud Part Deux, easily besting our sister clans with swords on the battlefield and “yo mama” jabs on the Internet. (And, truth be told, the Mountainbears’ mamas really are that fat.)

    We clash hard but we don’t take it too seriously – we’re mainly professional Bears with, like, jobs and stuff, and we don’t have time to babysit children or deal with butt-hurt neckbeards. We chat even harder – much, much harder. We farm, we trawl the Underworld for freaks and n00bs, we donate ‘til it hurts, we exchange tips and we help our newer players. On Fridays, we don’t wear pants.

    We have a margarita machine, but nobody ever seems to clean it.

    Do you have what it takes to walk the ICE? We don’t care about your trophy count, your town hall, the level of your archers or the fact that you took out that totally maxed-out TH10 that one time. We’re looking for active, mature chatters and donors who want to help us make ICEBEARS an even better place to be.

    Requirements: Hard “18+ only” rule; did we mention mature?; 150 donations per week, archers and dragons default; don’t ask for elder; respect your fellow Bears; no swearing; thank your donors; and take your racial and homophobic jokes elsewhere.

    Do you have what it takes to become an ICEBEAR? Apply today at - we'll notify you when we have a spot available.


    Firebears are the most good looking bears of them all. We're flaming hot!

    The Firebears is a clan of mature, chatty & blood-thirsty vikings. All warm & cosy next to the volcano where we tell of epic battles & drink boiling mead. But beware, like the volcano asleep, sometime we explode to remind the universe of our might. While we spend most of our time farming, we do have occasional trophy pushes.
    We are a friendly and lower activity clan but don't let our lower donation requirement fool you…we average over 300 donations per member per week. Our default troop is archers but dragons, wizards and minions are very common too. Anything you need is just a request away!
    For those that do not meet the weekly requirements they will have the unfortunate experience of meeting our pets…Garm and Fafnir. Garm is a giant hell-hound guarding the gate to the world of the dead, which is on your left when arriving to the volcano, so make sure to take a right, and our dragon Fafnir keeps the volcano at perfect temperature.

    Think you can handle the heat?
    Find out at firebears today!

    And upon joining, you have to skinny dip in the volcano!

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    rrruuummbblle rrruummbble rumble ROAR!!!

    Strike like Lightning, Roar like THUNDER


    We hail from all over the globe. Age 18+ please. You will find Thunderbears in Australia, England, United States, Norway and Canada. We are students, teachers, mothers, fathers, employees, bosses, but most of all, we are Vikings who love to raid.

    We like long raids in blood soaked towns under the moonlight. A typical Thunderbear plays most days. (Shhh... We don't like words like obsession or intervention.)

    Nightly, we gather around the mead barrel (one of these days we need to build a tavern) to discuss our latest victories and raiding tactics. Do not feed Twinkles, our Goblin mascot.

    We worship the MIGHTY GOD THOR!

    Our most popular game is Pounding the Green Button
    300 Donations a cycle are required.
    Most members give many more... Can you keep up?
    Archers, Dragons & Minions are default!

    Thunderbears is a farming clan that holds monthly trophy hunts.

    To Join the land of Thunder, you MUST have at least...
    level 5 walls
    level 4 Archers
    level 4 Mortar
    level 3 Wizard Tower


    Come on... You know you want to...
    Follow the link below to read the rules, then apply in game. Stick around there will be a quiz!

    For Thunderbear's Rules:

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    Skybears Trophy Hunting info

    Great clans, nobody is more friendly or bloodthirsty than the bears
    Regrettable that I left the game. Good luck everyone & clash on
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    Bears are awesome

    That is all.....

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    THANK YOU for this awesome new thread where all the bears can interact!

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    Nice work everybody. Glad to see one thread.
    Icebears Clan Elder
    Join Icebears! Mature, respectful helpful clan of the Bear Empire!

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