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Thread: Wats the most stupid rule in ur clan? Kinda ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off

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    HIDDEN CHAOS PH uses that rule and we win 34-1-0

    Mirror attack is a good rule to guage enemy strength, because sometimes, they're strong up there and weak down below or vice versa, and if its a good match, equal on all slots.So far we have 28 winning streak, if a member can't sure star his/her mirror, consult the leads so that they can slot down and have sum1 stronger attack it(the difficult base).Just don't enforce it strictly....and sometimes some of the members has to make a sacrifice and take 1 for the team in order to win, just cleaning up mess on lower slots,Coordination is the key....A lot of Filipinos uses that rule and wins, or if they lose, its just by a few points.They just have to use it wisely depending on the situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristinepixie View Post
    This works great guys... your clan just has to be flexible, well organized and communicative. We run the mirror or line attack, and then second attacks are clean up. IF you think you cannot 2-3 star your mirror number then you can go to clean up crew, or do a trade with someone.

    Clean up crew takes first attack from bases that have already been hit but not 3 starred. The mirror they were supposed to attack is an open base for anyone to hit after they have done their first. Usually we have 3 or 4 players who opt for clean up.

    Trades do not happen as often, But it is usually just within the top 10 players, they shuffle numbers to match up to bases they are best at hitting. So if #1 is best at gowipe, while #2 prefers air attacks, they might switch bases for attacks depending on enemy layout.

    Our clan has won 34 wars, and lost 3. We have pretty much ALWAYS used this program. I would say its pretty successful.
    We do this as well. Only thing to add to this is, if it's a bad matchup. Then we do mirror -1 or -2 etc to make sure everyone gets proper targets. Also we want all of our members to learn all type of attacks. Not just A should attack hog base since he is good with it and B should take gowipe because he is good with it and C should drag because he does it well kind.

    Because everyone learning different styled from members who are good at it is fun and helps in clan growth as well.

    Edit: our record is 83-10-2
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    just join a clan that suits your style....

    whether a rule works or not depends on your clans skill level and maturity level. No stupid or smart rule. Just join one that suits your style....
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    I asked about this style yesterday, as a clan my mini is in is thinking about doing it, but I'm far from convinced.

    It seems like clans can be successful using mirror with some flexibility, or mirror in the easier wars.

    If you are overmatched and the leadership insists on mirror, then I think the leadership need to take a long hard look at themselves.

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    I actually missed you guys. Not as much as I miss Knight Rider but close.

    The rule is fine

    This rule works fine. You have to remember that if you go lower you are simply taking away someone else's potential attack and making your lower bases attacks pointless. The only exception is where you have been handed a stupid hard match which does happen on occasion. If that happens the key is for Leader and Co's to manage the strategy.
    Too many players in wars want to attack bases they know they can 3 star. One star against a hard bases is a win and if your high players don't try you are writing off the stars that will get the sneaky wins

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    We used to use it and worked well for 40 wars or thereabouts. Due to the ai changes in the game and the bomb buff it was no longer feasible, we have set up out of game communications now and we call a specific base this does mean we get 3⭐️ On first Attacks more regularly, now the problem is getting new.members to use it. The fun of running clans eh!����
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    Quote Originally Posted by necro17000 View Post
    whether a rule works or not depends on your clans skill level and maturity level. No stupid or smart rule. Just join one that suits your style....
    Join me!!!!! Join me join me join me.

    *starts spamming about how awesome my clan is*
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    This is not a rule of my clan, but I find the most ridiculous rule of those clans who try to uphold is anything dealing with "donation ratios". 1:2 or 2:1, be it whatever it is, it is impossible for everyone to follow (unless 1:1). Troops requested as a whole unit will always equal troops donated.
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    Just started a new breakaway clan with 15 members. We use the attack opposite first and clean up second strategy. We've won 5 out of 5, it's all about common sense if you don't think you can 3 star your opposite talk to your leaders. If they're not willing to listen and adapt then you don't have a good clan. We've only dropped 9 stars over 5 wars & this is the first war our th9 hasn't had th10 with infernos to deal with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiesteh View Post

    They have a rule called attack ur own number in war.
    I despise this rule. From a leadership position, its the ultimate "I want to minimize the amount of effort I have to put into clan wars. Not to mention, its the complete opposite of hitting where you can be most effective.

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