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Thread: (Didn't know where to put this) Question about Mailman/Gift Card flyer thing....

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    (Didn't know where to put this) Question about Mailman/Gift Card flyer thing....

    So I finally got to level 15, and I have the mail box. The scarecrow keeps telling me to touch the mail box and view the flier. Am I supposed to be doing something special with it? I don't even know how to do gift cards..? Help!

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    that should answer any questions��

    this one is a collection of new people tip if you have other questions
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    U get a gift card by either helping someone's boat or saving there tree, u can only get 5 gift cards a day, maximum 40 gift cards in mailbox, u can use gift cards to buy mystery boxes for different items, I hope the helps

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    It should actually be possible, to store more than the maximum 40 giftcards. Saw a thread about it somewhere, haven't looked for it now, but I'm testing it out a little.

    I have now 41 collected and ready to use, plus an amount not collected yet. So my guess is a total if just over 80 giftcards. Waiting for something to use the 40 collected on, the collect the next amount up to around 40 again.
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