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Thread: Need war clan th7(th8 in 7.5 days) lvl 58

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    Need war clan th7(th8 in 7.5 days) lvl 58

    I was kicked out of a very good clan (I don't know why I always 3-starred in wars) so I am looking for a new clan, active, warring frequency, and ofc alot of wars won.

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    KARA Heroes 2 #8CJ0GYL Welcomes you

    You are an active player that enjoys clan wars?

    KARA Heroes 2 is looking for players just like you. We farm heavily and have several great donors from all over the world with quality troops so requests do not linger for long.

    Visit our facebook page at on how we organise our war strategy and allocate enemy bases for attacks. We post our war results in the facebook page as well.

    We are an organized 2.5 wars a week war clan. We do filter out weak attackers. Minimum Requirement: Any TH7 and higher with lvl 2 dragons unlocked.

    Please state the following when requesting to join our clan : "RedCherry invited me in forums", as we are closed during war time.

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    Website: Our website (We track member data and rank by performance value!)
    Type: War, always
    Members: 45-50
    Tag: #9Y9YGC9L
    Number of members over Lvl 50: 27
    Number of member over Lvl 60: 20
    Number of members over Lvl 80: 4
    Description: War clan, always. Elder after 2 wars with 4 attacks or Lvl 50. Co-leader for recruiting, activity, dedication, donation.
    War wins: 10
    Looking for: active players with strategic defenses, 25+ war stars, ideally > lvl 50, maturity. I hope you will join us!

    Current Member Ranking Chart:
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    everywhere, nowhere, idk. still trying to figure that out.
    Sent you a PM buddy

    Respect the Sea.
    Withstand the Winds.

    Flee the Flames.
    Fear the Quake.

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    We have exactly what you're looking for.. Lots of great people have jumped on the warmonger train recently after a big boot of a load of inactive people.. We just finished war #1 with the new crew and cleaned house.. Donating is a top priority along with active attacking during our constant wars.. I hope to see you there!

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    Thumbs Up Come JOIN US NOW @ DragonsClan #JLJPLYQ!

    Come JOIN US NOW @ DragonsClan #JLJPLYQ!

    DragonsClan is a Highly Active War/Farming Clan that Donates Well, 69 War Wins, Level 6 Clan w/Perks.....We are Looking for those who also do the same!!!!! We are seeking LOYAL, HONORABLE Members who DO NOT partake in Clan Hopping and other such Dirty Underhanded Chea ter Activities and Behaviors! So If you are looking for a Clan to STAY with, Grow, Have Fun and Enjoy the Friendly Team Atmosphere as well as win war loots then Please Find us in Game and at DragonsClan #JLJPLYQ in the clans search; We're the Largest Clan of the name with the Large Blue Flame Shield !!!! Just save yourselves and us the time and trouble in advance IF You're NOT Looking for a Clan to STAY WITH and be a part of the TEAM!!!
    We Will be doing a lot of Clan Wars for Maximum War Loot/XP for Perk Bonuses!!!!

    Come on down folks, just play, have fun and win war loot!! so u can build faster!!!!
    Our Rules Are:

    1. Everyone donates generously (give like you get, it's only fair to do so)!
    2. Everyone uses their 2 attacks in EVERY clan war or should Opt Out Prior to Matching!
    3. Chat is Fun, Cheerful, but not 100% required except at war!

    Other Info:
    - The wars are Usually 2-3 Times a Week!
    - We welcome all town hall levels. We believe in helping you grow and that growing with a clan and getting to know your clan mates is the best way to have fun.

    Why Join DragonsClan?
    _We aim to advance progressively as a TEAM by offering each individual member with:

    • Defensive tips - wall configurations, building placements, upgrade priorities, War Base/Village set up suggestions for those who need them.
    • Offensive strategies - army compositions, deployment timings/locations, farming trophy ranges.
    • In-game supports - Pekka, Golems, Hogs, Valks, DeathLoons, Witches, Wizard, Dragon for.... Clan Castle and War Base Donations.
    • Those Who are Highly Loyal, Mature Behaving and Helpful, Have the Opportunity to EARN Promotions!

    _Although constantly progressing, we never forgo the most important aspect of Clash of Clans..... HAVING FUN!.

    Just click your clan castle, then click the second tab to Search Clans, and search our name DragonsClan or #JLJPLYQ.

    If you are interested in getting one of Our spots in DragonsClan Please Mention that you are Requesting to join from Our "Forums Ad" in your request wording! and Mail me (PM) if you have any trouble getting in or because of troph cnts etc!, we can make it work ! lol

    Join us and let's have fun!!!


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    West Jets Recuiting

    West Jets is a New Clan that I plan on taking all the way to the top hopefully. This clan is opening to all age groups but located in US & Canada mainly. We are currently looking for lots of people to join right now. We would like to Donate lvl 5 wizards and lvl 2 Witches. We War always so bring your best.

    Requirements are

    TH 8-lvl 5 Wizards
    TH 9-lvl 2 witches
    TH10 & TH11 do not have requirements except the two above

    Anyone who do not meet or are below these requirements can join our feeder clan East Jets to get help from other players until they meet the requirements.

    Clan Rules

    No swearing, No inappropriate language, No begging, No hopping
    Must speak English, Use both attacks, must donate at least 400 a season

    Elder-500 donations
    Co-2000 donations plus loyalty

    Thanks, please check us out

    Clan Tag (West Jets)-#8RRLQL92

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    make Clashoholics!!! your new home!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 007bond View Post
    I was kicked out of a very good clan (I don't know why I always 3-starred in wars) so I am looking for a new clan, active, warring frequency, and ofc alot of wars won.
    Hey there! So glad your looking for a clan today! Clashoholics!!! Is the place for you! Give us a shot and youll find yourself right at home! We have members from all over the world and all age groups! We do not have an age requirement but require maturity. It is currently Is a level 8 fairplay war clan who wars back to back! We allow th8+ unless your lower with a friend or other special circumstances. We do not allow any sort of rushed bases. Walls must be up to par, and troops up to par.
    Th8 requirements are lvl 7 walls 3+ hogs and working towards lvl 4 as well as minimum lvl 5 BK.
    Th9 requirements are lvl 8 walls, 4+ hogs, 3+ golems, 10BK and 1AQ.
    Th10 requirements are lvl 9walls, 5+ hogs, 4+ golems, 20/20 heroes.
    All of these requirements are also based upon current townhall development. If you are farther along in your townhall defenses level, the requirements get raised.
    Our current war record since being crated on 04/07/15 is 87-25-4. ABSOLUTELY NO GOWIPE. 3 star strategies only. If you donít have any experience with these, donít fret. We have many experienced players who can help you learn. A couple of our members are from the elite war clan family OneHive. At the moment we do not use any sort of base calling but are working towards this. We use groupme for outside game communication. It is easy to download, sign up and use. Best of all ITS FREE!! Finally we do not allow forum bases of any sort.
    We take in game applications but please mention your from the forums so we know you have read over our requirements
    Hope you make the right choice and make Clashoholics!!! Your new home!

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    You are more than welcome to join the Optimal Slayers!!!

    We are a new clan and no we don't have a bunch of clan war wins but we want people like you that know how to win in our clan so we can start racking up those wins!! I'm a very experienced clasher myself and would like to have you join my waring force, we will war at least 2 times a week unless the clan want more!! in this clan the difference is that you will have a say in shaping it into one of the top war clans!! would love to have you join us at Optimal Slayers

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