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Thread: Much dragon and barb many wow - New training time

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    Fellow CoC. Can't you see, this is th5 and th6 event? Pure barb power, farming like crazy. It r0x hard!

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    The barbs are great though! Not having to boost the barb barracks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloopy14 View Post
    You use 9 dragons to take out a trapped TH??
    Till 2800 No...From 2800 Yes..and the quick training time too.

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    better gem up some elixer. 20 raids and your 8 mill elixer is gone. less than 20 raids if u dont gain back elix from raids

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    plus you have to wait on heros and yeah, 18 min dragon army isnt enough

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    Stop crying it's just an event, it's temporary... adapt to it.

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    Almost immediately after the maint I found a base with all AD upgrading. Tripled it with no spells.

    That guy is going to have a rough week.......
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    I actually missed you guys. Not as much as I miss Knight Rider but close.
    I can't see many people farming with Dragons! That is some expensive army! Barbs were already quick and easy to train so this is hardly a deal breaker.
    I haven't bothered with either since it came in as mass archers works for me.

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    I finished about 50 single player levels(was going to resist doing them until they add more...but...) today with a full barbs army in 20 mins 0_0 . Loving the boost here.
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    Red face Thanks SC!

    Thanks sc for this awesome boosting event! Quicker time to train my mass drags in war. and the faster barbs help a ton too. Dont listen to the haters! They dont have a sense of gratitude. WOuld also like to thank for the awesome games your making! Especially coc! Been playing the game for 4 months and absolutely love it!

    to the haters: Whats your problem with quicker barbs aand drags//?? SO what it ruins your precious barch ratio or your getting pounded by mass drags constantly. Just be thankful to sc and stop whining. SHEESH.
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