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Thread: How to start an attack?

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    How to start an attack?

    Hello I'm farming and im a th7. Ill be using the following composition:
    18 Giants
    8 WBs
    60 Archers
    20 Gobs
    2 Wizards
    1 Rage & 2 Heal

    So how should I start of the attack? I've seen numerous attacks foiled by traps and CC troops and all those things, so how do I bring about the deployment?

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    Drop one archer near CC to check if there are any. Also drop one archer before dropping giants to check for potential traps. Maybe use a few archers to pick on exposed buildings from outside defenses range.

    Drop one giant first, then a few more a split second after. The idea is for the first giant to trigger a spring trap (if any) without getting any more giants killed.

    Don't drop all the giants before dropping the first set of wallbreakers. If you wait until all giants are deployed, you'll end up dropping wall breakers as the first mortar shot lands, killing them. Better drop WB after like 4 or 5 giants.

    Also look at the base before attacking, look where the defenses are. If all the cannons and AT are in one side then the damage will be very high and giants will die quickly. But if they are spread around then giants can survive longer. Check the levels of the defenses as well, big difference between a lv8 and lv5 defense (learn the difference in how they look).

    Drop spells in ahead of your troops, so that troops walk into the area of the spell. Giants can survive a bit before they start dieing. No need to drop heal spells right away. But this depends on the position of defenses and their levels.
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    lure out CC with giant, draw them into corner and kill with barbs archers.

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