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    this thread is older than me
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    meh. I'm only beginner th8 and just upgraded my dragons to lv2. there's still 2 days left and decided to upgrade my lab to lv5 (4 days), just cuz I had a million elixir and nowhere to spend it. i'll find out in 4 days. the dragon upgrade bar DID disappear, but is it still running?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bananaboygamer View Post
    is it still running?
    Yep. Unless something's changed in the past fortnight. I recently upgraded the Lab whilst researching a troop on my newest account. The research continues when the Lab is upgrading.

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    Please check the dates and times on old threads - this is an unnecessary necro and it might get you into trouble with the moderators.

    (and yes, the upgrade will still be running). Next time, if you don't get the info in the thread but it is this old, it might be an idea to start a new thread...

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    Pointless necro.

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