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    nice. i wonder d same thing.
    i upgrade my valk to lvl 4 n start upgrade lab (new th10). let see what happen.

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    Noo this means Ive lost 6 potential days of upgrade :/ so sad

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    Yeah it continues. really beneficial.
    I was aware about it so 12 hours before my TH8 upgrade was done I start the rage spell lvl4 for 5 days and a day later I start LAB upgrade so when the LAB finished my research was also finished 12 hours later!!!

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    Doesnt hurt being posted here, im sure plenty of people on the forum are unaware that research continues.. half of the results on google even say it doesnt

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    I had hogriders upgrading. With 3hrs left, I started lab upgrade and when upgrade was done, hogs were done too. Felt so foolish for not having started a longer upgrade.
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    something changed?

    Valk 4 went down and with 3-4 days left, I started lab upgrade. I received the notification today that valk 4 was done (android timer). Lab finished this evening and I have 3 days left on the counter for valk 4.

    I had planned with a co-terminus in mind.

    Now I have another 3 days to wait.

    I remember when this changed. Perhaps it changed back. Perhaps it is glitchy.

    Anyway, take the results with a pinch of salt, I counted on it continuing and got burned. Be warned.

    *EDIT* - in the time its taken for me to search the forum and write this reply, the valk upgrade finished. Quickest 3 days I had in a while....
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    Yeah, it will finish when you reload.

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    It will continue, as if lab wasn't upgraded. When lab just finishes it seems as if upgrade is still going on, but if you re-log and let server re-sync you will notice that the upgrade is actually complete. I've done this twice and I know it works since March.
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