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Thread: [DM-1] - A Place of Two Deaths - A Niche DE/Gold Protection TH9 Farming Base

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    [DM-1] - A Place of Two Deaths - A Niche DE/Gold Protection TH9 Farming Base

    DM1 – A Place of Two Deaths

    Table of Contents
    -Introduction/Base Name
    -The Base
    -How It Works
    -Pros & Cons

    I. Introduction/Base Name
    Hello and welcome to my first base design thread! A little about myself, I’m probably an old man gamer given the average age of players (I’m 34). I am what you call a min/maxer in that I love to try and find the best of anything either an attack/defense or order on how to do things for almost any game, as I want to maximize my time invested into the game. I designed this base after using Krakens Crevice by TheJ and first started my TH9 journey with the Royal River by Yango. By the time my xbows finished to level 3, I felt I had used enough bases and attacked enough other TH9’s I had a good feel for how to use the new walls and defensive structures TH9 allows, so I started messing around with designs. Something I always liked having as defense are the heros and having them in or close to the core, simply due to the amount of health the BK has and the range the AQ has. Now this is a two sided coin, as troops with no specific target can be drawn to these two (same for clan castle troops). My feeling is everyone always wants a full CC (almost always) so why not use both to your advantage? So I set out on a way to maximize this targeting with both heros, CC troops and the skeleton traps, simply due to the fact that they can make attacking armies do odd things and when they re-target something those can be precious seconds for your base to defend itself. Having said that, this is not what I’d call your traditional base by ANY means, I still want more logs to see how attacking troops function when they reach the core, but good or bad it’s only happened twice, both by TH10’s using max farming troops (Arch/Barb/WB or 5 spells). So I can’t 100% say how it functions, but the first time it happened it yielded some hilarious results. I settled on the name due to both heros at the core of the base… plus you know my avatar..

    II. The Base

    Before showing you all the traps, take an honest look at the base and consider how you’d attack it with a typical farming army.


    CC Radius:

    If they want to lure your CC troops out, they’ll have to dedicate a pretty good portion of their army.

    Traps and Walls Only:

    No double giant bombs, however there is a spot to place both (being behind the archer tower by the DE drill and the mortar right behind it), while slightly obvious it is available, the only other possible locations for DGB’s would be near the core. I haven’t been attacked/revenged by hogs in months and months, so I’m not worried about them.

    Walls Only:

    All joints are staggered so it will take plenty of wall breakers to get anywhere deep into the base.

    Base from attackers Point of View:

    Now that you’ve seen everything looks easier now huh??

    Base with Everything:

    III. How the base works
    This base has what I like to call mind games going on with it. The elixir bins are used as a big old shiny lure for those hungry raiders. (Please note I’ve made a slight variation on the top left and bottom right elixir bin and walls, which is NOT reflected in the defense logs). The catch is they aren’t simply free, they are covered by one or more mortars, so one will have to dedicate more troops then initially thought to grab them.

    Mortars cover the "naked" elixir bins.

    Just more mortar coverage.

    Xbows cover most of the base even set to air/ground and are in their own, separate compartment to help protect them.

    If the attacker has no need for elixer then gold or DE is on their mind. Having said that I’ll immediately address, what I feel a weakness in the base. You will notice where my lego walls are, that should give it away. But on the top right-ish side one could funnel in an entire army there if smart (any base with a smart attacker that knows what they are doing can beat any base all things being equal). Because the CC and elixir aren't centered, an attackers natural reaction is to attack the DE from the side it's closest to, however this side requires a lot wall breakers and defenses to get through, it's a lose/lose proposition for the attacker (minimum of 4 compartments to open), if he attacks from the CC side the army has the longest distance to travel plus the addition of all the traps on the way.

    You’ll see this base has no real core to speak of, it features two long funnels, that if the attacker wants in, has to go through. Which at the same time takes them right to the highest DPS defensive structures in the base on top of having heros and the double skeleton traps. Spring traps will toss giants which will follow the path of least resistance. God help them if they open up more than just this single large funnel to the DE.
    If they open up more than just this single wall, see the arrows on the base below, they’ll hit the giant bombs, meat shields will be shed away from the path to the DE and troops without a prefered target will then be picked up by the range of the AQ, further complicating their attack (note the upgrading Tesla normally isn't there and thus meat shields move towards the mortar then archer tower).

    Average farmers either bring no or less than 20, usually 10-15 wall breakers. You’ll notice almost every junction is staggered to no single breach will open two compartments. Throw in the fact the Xbows, mortars and wizard towers are in range it will take a lot of wall breakers to really open things up past the first AD (the middle white arrow). This is the best case when an attacker wants your gold, they open up to the first two arrows (to the AD again) and then the troops try in vain to get to the AQ. Even better is if they DO open it up from that same side to the third arrow (where the AQ is), the AQ has sight of the the BK and DE bin (see below, and also note when my BK is upgrading I put an archer tower in his place).

    What happens if they open up to the AQ and are by the DE, the attackers will get hit by her and then path all the way back around to where the AQ is abandoning the DE. (I wish I had a video or screen capture of this. As I stated previously only two attacks have reached the core and each came from separate sides, the one that came on the single wall side to DE (top right), his BARCH army and BK marched half way across the base to get to the AQ after sniffing the DE bin.
    The reason for all this troop manipulation is because all your highest damaging defensives are in range of both funnels, each funnel has double teslas behind a gold bin, a wizard tower, the aformentioned heros, xbows plus they are inrange of the two mortars on the opposite side they attacked on. So you combine your clan castle troops, 8 skeletons, plus the two heros you have a lot of targets the attacking army has to aquire and kill, which wastes precious time and allows for your base to do work on them. The fall back to all of this is there are still a lot of compartments to open just to brute force your way in.

    IV. Pros and Cons

    -Xbows set to air and ground cover almost entire base and all resource bins
    -Unlurable CC
    -Not a standard lay-out, may confuse attacker at first glance, deceptive
    -Well placed traps (air bombs by gold bins vs. minions and seeking mines by AD), springs are very hard to avoid and bombs are placed by bins to help slow down goblins or barbarians.
    -In order to have a successful attack, raider must either choose for just elixer and maybe a gold bin OR go all in to reach DE bin while picking up a gold/elix bin on the way. Short of a very, very well coordinated TH10 army an attacker simply doesn’t have enough troops to do both or will fail at both.
    -All storages are separated very well, while coupled an army reaching the middle of the base doesn't have access to the other storages.

    -HEAVILY reliant on having one or both Hero's up, most importantly the Archer Queen (this is a BIG CON, however recent attacks seem to show that not having both and even if the AQ is taking out fairly quickly the base still stands up well)
    -Slightly Exposed AD/Mortars
    -Uses elixir as a distraction, you will bleed pink using this base
    -Most point defense exposed
    -Technically, DE can be reached by breaching a single wall
    -Unable to modify for war or trophy configurations
    -Not hog proof, but not hog friendly either

    V. Defence Logs/Replays

    This was the bases first big attack, TH10 with max BARCH and a TON of wall breakers. His archers were able to get about 25% of my DE from the bin before dying. This is the replay I wish I had a video of, as all his wall breakers opened up the right side of the base and after most of the army was near the DE bin, the AQ started attacking them and they all ran around the funnel and back to the archer queen, it was pretty funny.

    Typical BARCH army, no DE from bin only drills.

    Mix of BARCH, with giants and goblins, DE was only from drills.

    TH10 BARCH fail.

    This guy made an honest effort, but attack ended from the other xbow. DE only from drills.

    All archer, only lost elixer, this was before I changed the walls on the top left and bottom right walls to make it slightly more difficult for archers to reach two of the bins.

    TH10 BARCH, no gold or DE lost (lvl40 AQ, he quit out because it was taking fire from the xbow).

    Random attack… If you notice the amount of DE available for loot, my bin was full and so were BOTH my drills, you can see from the screen shot he came no were near my DE bin.

    TH10 BARCH with a Pekka(??) and decent level AQ. He was able to grab a gold bin. DE from drills only.

    Full out TH10 attack, mid level heros, 5 spells. First attack on this base to ever destroy my DE bin. He used all 5 spells inbetween the lower left side and the DE bin, he was pretty determined, not much else a TH9 can do vs. this, but you’ll notice the entire right side of the base, untouched.

    TH10, with (26!!) level 7 giants, lost two gold and two elixir bins, no DE, only from a drill and war loot in CC. Bumped out walls on the elixir bins worked perfectly on the archers, however they were able to get at it from the open wall and inside the base.

    Hybrid, Giant/Healer/Barch with some goblins, DE protected (only got some from lightning) and his attack didn't even cover the cost of his army.

    TH10 max troops, hybrid BARCH with Giants and 5 spells, DE only from CC, here is a video of the attack. Doesn't showcase troop manipulation at the core as I'd like, however it does stand up to powerful farming armies.

    Due to my current hero levels (I do them 5 at a time), all of these logs have had the BK on the outside while he started his time from level 10 to 15 (currently upgrading from 13 to 14) and I've been unable to see the chaos that would ensue if someone reached the core with both him and the queen up.

    VI. Conclusion
    Thank you for reading, I just want to again state this base has not yet seen a lot of various attacks, mostly BARCH, with some giants mixed in and a half hearted 5 dragon attack with some archers. I have had this base for over 2 weeks and used it from Crystal III up to Master III and as you can see in my defensive logs, I usually had max or near max loot available. Lots and lots of snipes. When I set out to make this base I wanted to try something different from the norm, being different for the sake of being different doesn't always equal functional, however I feel this base offers some new qualities to base designers. Because no one else has tested or used this base I can only tell you where my base defensive levels are at. Obviously I don't have a huge need for elixir any more, just a few lab upgrades, another DE bin level and both DE barracks to unlock Lava hounds. For all of these defensive logs the only upgrades are having or upgrading wizard towers to max, obviously xbows are max, I currently have 2 mortars upgraded and one air defense upgraded. I was a max TH8, including all walls before upgrading to TH9. Also of note, I've always had a tesla, mortar, wizard tower and my BK upgrading in all of these logs, I put them all in the spots closest to where my TH is located (far right side) to help further entice an attacker to attack from that side, which puts the most distance between them and my DE.

    I'll again touch on one of the large con of the base, being reliant on having atleast the AQ up, since I've started TH9, I've always had atleast one hero available to add in both raiding and wars. Wars can be pretty brutal with neither available for attacking. I know there are a lot of guides on the forum on how to race them to 30 or 40, but I feel most players will always have atleast one available for attacking purposes and really having both down after level 10 takes a ton of DE to maintain that upgrade schedule and most casual players won't be doing this, so I do feel this base can offer an alternative for many. I welcome any and all constructive criticism!

    In closing I'll add I am a co-leader in a small clan that originally started by others due to their love of a football team (or soccer here in the states) Everton, you can find us by searching Everton F.C. or the clan tag #2990U9PV, most of our players are older, are fairly active and try to war once a week (you don't have to know or care about the actual team to join!).
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    Reserved for future use if needed.

    Credit to Bourbon for his Air Sweeper modifications:

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    This looks like a pretty decent base - Innovative core (or lack of one).

    However, I think the CC could be lured pretty easily.

    Assuming a basic giant-barch army, just dropping a giant or two and a few arch behind the top-right cannon outside the walls should lure the CC as the cannon will be destroyed pretty quickly and easily.

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    Awesome thread and base! Will post thoughts later

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    Its a nice design and very unique. CC IMO is not in prime location but you protected it from being easily lured so good job on that one. I like your spring trap placement and how your cannons act as a distraction for defense led troops. I'm kinda iffy with no DGBs but as you pointed this base is not neccessarily hog friendly either.

    If this is your first ever layout, you did a good job on the design and you were very detailed on how your base works. I am curious to see what else you design in the future.

    I'm also interested to know how your base fares from mass hogs, mass giants and lavaloonion raids.

    Before I forget, welcome to BD 101 from a "not so young" player
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    Overall its an extremely detailed guide. I like how u've put so much effort in it especially for your first base design thread. Only issues i have would be the slightly exposed mortars and not fully centered CC. But other than that, the battle logs speak volume of your base.

    PS: perhaps use bold/colors to illustrate the key points to make it more reader-friendly.



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    everywhere, nowhere, idk. still trying to figure that out.
    Really well put together guide for a firstie.
    I like the design, the core-less concept of course is a huge intrigue factor for me. Not at TH9 yet, still down in the trenches of TH7, but looking at the ideas you guys throw together for the higher levels is pretty inspiring for my own tinkering.

    The guys above me have already mentioned the CC thing, so not much else to say.
    The logs speak for the bast just fine. I'm definitely curious to see how it fairs vs. other troop comps and once the defenses are fully upgraded and available. You should play around with a variant for CW's just to see how it holds up against those heavier troop comps.

    Other than that, good thread, solid base.

    Respect the Sea.
    Withstand the Winds.

    Flee the Flames.
    Fear the Quake.

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    Great job OP, such a creative design. It looks like this would be a phenomenal late TH9 base when you are upgrading heroes and grinding those walls! I have saved for future use. Again, great job man, keep it up!

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    Thanks everyone, I wanted to get the thread out there for some feedback. I was hoping during my push to masters and my week stay up there, will full loot I'd get TH10's marching all over me, it just never happened. This weekend I will probably see what I can do to sharpen up the formatting.

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