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Thread: Amateurs Ops - War Clan Looking For Strong Recruits!

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    Amateurs Ops - War Clan Looking For Strong Recruits!

    Amateurs Ops

    "Looking for a clan? Look no longer. We are a war/farming clan, very organized and mature."

    We are a VERY organized clan, looking for strong recruits. We have no player below level 80. We donate very often, and donate very strong troops. We have a very nice website and forums, please check us out. We know the war match making formula, and tricks to make match ups easier for us. So if your a war person, we get very easy matches EVERY time and score 90+% every war. We just started wars and are looking to get up to 20, and are currently up to 15 of very strong and experienced players. We are looking for VERY active and mature recruits. If you are not active, you won't last long. So summed up, we are a very organized, mature, farming and war clan. We think you would fit in good.

    - Level 80+
    - Town Hall 8+
    - Strong defenses and troops
    - Must be active and mature, willing to donate

    So what are you waiting for? Head over to Amateurs Ops and join our family! There are 3 different clans in the family. Amateurs, Amateurs™, and Amateurs Army™, and us. We are an experienced war clan and farming clan that are very strong at attacking. Our other family clans are very strong, but this one fits your requirements, and we are strong as well. If you request to join, say Holmes sent you, and if you meet the requirements. Hope too see you soon! Feel free to pm me or email me at Thanks!

    Visit our website at:
    Visit our forums at:



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    I'm not here to fancy you with cool banners or pictures, but what I can offer is an organized clan with a lot of potential.

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    Join us!

    Haha, yeah we're a fun bunch.

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