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Thread: Dragons [Discussion Thread]

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    Dragons [Discussion Thread]

    I've seen many threads calling for a dragon nerf. At TH 7 we can all agree. They are OP. But at TH8+ it is not quite as OP. I've seen soooo many mass drag attacks go wrong. My opinion is that drags are fine as is. I think they are the way they can attack higher opponents. TH 7 has drags to take TH8s. TH8s have GoWiPe to take TH9s. And i'm not so sure what are for TH9s attacking 10s. Also most of the bases 3-starred (most not all that i've seen) habe been rather poorly designed against air attacks. Also i've never seen a well designed max TH 8 be three starred by drags. This is a discussion thread so please give your opinions in a nice manner

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    People are lazy complainers and supercell has already listened enough. A TH8 with lev6 air defense is very hard to 2 star but most TH8 don't have gowipe going yet. Nerf dragons much more and TH8 will be so much luck and so little skill in war they may as well not try.
    My advice is upgrade all troops if you love war..

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