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Thread: TH8 WAR ground attack strategy WITHOUT GOLEM??

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    Just to add something myself. I have a th8 account where I solely use:

    3 Pekkas
    3 healers
    8 Wizards
    10 hogs
    1 archer
    2 heals
    1 rage
    1 poison
    cc bowlers + archer and poison.

    1 pekka in each corner with a couple wizards and in the middle 1 pekka. each pekka with it's own healer, throw the king and cc in the middle + some wizards, rage the entry point to break through easily and then drop hogs in the side with the most wounded pekka and heal them when needed. Almost never fail to 3 star.

    but again.. it's just th8. Everythig works, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayewalker View Post
    This thread is older than dirt, but...

    Mass hogs likely remains one of, if the single most, consistent 3* army at TH8. Mass hog armies don't have a KS, you simply pull the CC (generally with hog(s)) and, ultimately, kill with wiz and poison.

    Spring traps or not, a TH8 base can seldom stop ~38 hogs (and 5 of those being L7 hogs out of the CC) and 3 heals, it just isn't in the cards.

    It remains a mystery to me why people seemingly fear hogs. They dominate TH8 and often are a staple at TH9 as well
    Apologies. When making my post, I was thinking of GoHo, not mass hogs. Most of the bases I tend to see have a buried CC, for which I am most comfortable allocating a KS. Perhaps a personal preference, but always seemed to do better with it. Relying on a wave of hog riders to overrun a base sometimes got me in trouble (whether it be spring traps, DGBs, CC, BK, WTs, BT... a well-designed, spread-out base could really make u stretch those heal spells). Having some shield for them (at least at the start of the hog wave) worked well for me. That said, mass hogs are a beautiful thing to watch.

    And yes, this thread is older than dirt... Not sure why it was bumped...

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