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Thread: OneHive Genesis - A Serious War Clan for TH 7/8

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    Joining request

    IGN: LoYaL KiNgDoM
    Current clan, if applicable: BD Heroes
    Townhall Level:8
    Builder huts:5
    War stars:230
    Nice & Tidy:793
    Friend in Need:20147
    Most efficient Attack comp: mass hog
    War troop levels:hog 4, dragon 3.
    King & Queen level: Bar. King 8
    I want to join OneHive Genesis because I'm looking for improve my attacking skill. And want to do something for onehive family. I always have liked onehive. But didn't got the opportunity to produce something special. And have dream to play for onehive.

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    Fresh Spawn
    Join Date
    Feb 2016
    United States
    IGN: Oren
    Age: 34
    Current clan, if applicable: None: I left because the clan did not fit my playstyle.
    Level: 83
    Townhall Level: 8
    Builder huts: 5
    War stars: 249
    Nice & Tidy: 648
    Friend in Need:5325
    Most efficient Attack comp: GoWiPe, DragLoon, GoHo
    War troop levels: WB-4 Wiz-5 Drag-3 Loon-4 PEKKA-3 in 1 day Hog-3 and next upgrade Golem-1 and after Hogs
    King & Queen level: King 8
    Why do you want to join OneHive Genesis?

    I am looking for a clan that is more serious about war and improving. I have a love for strategy games. Currently I can 3 star more than 3/4 of my attacks on TH8s with upgraded defenses. I have 9 walls that are still level 6. They will be upgraded today to level 7. I have 3 Level 8 walls. I found OneHive by the YouTube channel and would love to be a part of it.

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    IGN: LoYaL KiNgDoM
    Age: 21
    Current clan, if applicable:
    Townhall Level: 9 (new)
    Builder huts: 5
    War stars: 323
    Nice & Tidy:1096
    Friend in Need:2953
    Most efficient Attack comp: GoHo
    War troop levels: wizard 5,dragon 3.golem 2-3, hog 4
    King & Queen level: king 10, queen 2
    Why do you want to join OneHive Genesis?
    Looking forward to enjoy playing with OH family. And learn as much as possible. Please make me feel proud by accepting me.

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    IGN: TheYouTuber
    Age: 19
    Current clan, if applicable: NextGen Exiles2
    Level: 64
    Townhall Level: 7
    Builder huts: 4 (800 gems)
    War stars: 67
    Nice & Tidy: 396
    Friend in Need: 7564
    Most efficient Attack comp: GiWi, GiHo, Mass drags
    War troop levels: Drag 2, Hogs going to lvl3
    King & Queen level: King going to lvl5
    Why do you want to join OneHive Genesis? I am a great aspirant of Clash of Clans and wanna join your clan for constant war, i will soon be moving to th8, in wars i can 3 star max th7's and most of th8's. I hope you will help me achieve this 👍

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    IGN: ghost_medic
    Age: 26
    Current clan, if applicable: lost legion
    Level: 85
    Townhall Level: 8
    Builder huts: 5
    War stars: 290
    Nice & Tidy: complete
    Friend in Need: complete
    Most efficient Attack comp: govalo, govaho
    War troop levels: valks 2, golems 2, wizard 5, hogs 4, loons 5, giants 5
    King & Queen level: 10 barb king
    Why do you want to join OneHive Genesis? Enjoy taking the game serious and pursuing other players amongst my level to learn and grow with. Used to always being in war. Also used to clash caller and discord. Thanks for the elite 8 videos. Learned a ton.
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