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Thread: new defensive structure. TOXIC POOL.

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    new defensive structure. TOXIC POOL.

    I propose a compromise to the problem of traps being used up in one attack, but not giving away auto rearms.

    The toxic pool is an elixer charged pool, 2x2, that acts as a pitfall trap. It doesn't trigger for just one troop, at least 3 to 5 need to be on it to drop them in. And that's it for any small troops. Barbs, archers, goblins and wizards are killed instantly, everything else takes a set amount of damage, say 25%. Skeletons and breakers also die, but I'll explain more on that later. Witches would be unaffected because they float.

    The trick is, for every troop that falls in and dies during the attack, it charges the trap for a second use. If you are attacked again without having rearmed, either because of a very successful defense while at work or with kids, or because you left your phone behind before staying out all night, it will eject the troops that died as skeletons.

    To clarify, if 7 barbarians fall in on first defense, the pit stays open and acts as an obstacle. You can't walk between it and walls, but can't fall in again either. Attack continues as normal. Later on, another attack happens. The pit is open, looks used, graveyards all over the base. There troops get within 5 spaces and suddenly 7 skeletons pop out to mess you up.

    Skeletons can activate the trap, but don't help the player. The trap does not rearm itself, it just gets a second wind. And if severely damaged large units fall in, they still only count as one skeleton. Trap should cost gold to install, and can be rearmed for gold only, albeit as a simple pitfall. A charge of elixer is needed to get the most out of it. If rearmed while full of corpses, it is cleaned out, you do not keep the skeletons.

    TH8 seems appropriate.

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    I think I'm on to something here, i would like at least one comment, even a negative one.

    More specific stats.

    25,000 gold to build, 2000 to rearm, 5000 elixer to charge.

    As a limiter, maybe max 5 skeletons, with an upgrade option making it more powerful (35-40% damage to heavy troops) with a larger cap, like 8 skeletons. 3000 to rearm, 7000 to charge.

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    Maybe a bit OP. Needs improvements in stats a bit.
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    Great idea!

    Though this idea needs tweaking it is a nice one, maybe instaed if it killed say 10 a witch would come out instead but overall nice and not 25% maybe 100-200 hp?

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    fixed damage, great idea.

    Didn't think about how silly it would be for a golem to fall down 10 feet and take 1000+ damage

    How about 150?

    It would also delay troops climbing out, but they can't be shot by cannons due to being low to the ground (no clearance). This would reduce OP by making people need to decide if the want it to be in an obvious location, near towers, or where it is low impact on first raid.

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