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    Quote Originally Posted by dmofalterak View Post
    Agreed, I have kik and I have encouraged any of our members who want to to contact me through there. So far I have 3 of them on board.

    Are there any other good forms of communication the group might like? I heard you mentioned a line app? Is that available on google play?

    My NH is the most important part of the game to me. We have some very nice people.

    Hi! My neighborhood uses an app (there is also a web version) called Slack. It's designed for team projects. You create different channels (like different chat rooms) by topic. Some of ours are; chat, help, expansion exchange, announcements. So, for example, in regular chat, if you want to make a trade your request gets buried pretty quick. With Slack, it's there forever and in a specific place just for trading expansions. Plus, everyone with their notifications turned on will get a ping.

    The notifications can be set to off, all,or just certain words. You could set it to ping only your user name or key words like strategy, trade, help, tape, etc...

    It's been useful for the derby as well, I can alert the whole team about strategy changes right away.

    I absolutely adore it, we have gotten so much more organized and can communicate so much easier now.


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    Here is an update on our nhood programs, for the nh leaders forum. We had a barn expansion rotation program in our nh for over a year (see previous posts). This we stopped in early Feb. this year, since many people were skipping their expands anyway. We have heard from one member only that she misses the auto expands. I asked her to post in nh chat when she feels the need for a larger barn, so we can help her. Many of us ask for a few bems when we are close to expanding, and have little problem getting the help we need, as is standard procedure in many nhs, no surprise, lol.

    A few months ago I went on a great explore, left my "no pressure" nh to visit a hardcore derby nh, to see what i could learn. This was before Champs League came to be. I thought the nh leader was very brave to invite me to join for a week, and while there i tried to return the favor by doing my best to help them reach their goals. And i did let the members know in nh chat that i was only visiting to learn. What did i learn? Some members spent diamonds, usually only one at a time, to flip a derby task on the board. In some other derby nhoods, i understand, tasks are flipped all the time, and players spend i don't want to know how many diamonds. Several nights i had to set my alarm to feed the animals to keep a derby task going as there was such competition for the great tasks. There was a minimum of 300 points at that time in our derby nh, for an acceptable task. If someone took a lower point task, or did not do the extra task for diamonds, he was in real danger of a boot. And the boot could come at the end of the derby before the player collected prizes for placing in the top three. Low tasks just did not stay long on the derby board, as someone seemed to always be grooming the board, even though there was no overt scheduling of people to mind the board. I think this is what impressed me most: the board was kept up exceedingly well.

    While there i chatted about my nh. When i left to return to my nh, several players (5) approached me and wanted to join my no pressure nh. I was so surprised, as these were what i considered hardcore derby players, and we had no requirements in our nh for derby play. They joined, btw, and are still with us today. Why did they want to join a no pressure nh? Here is my understanding, from what they told me. Many had been trying different derby nhoods, finding a lot of stress and pressure, then moving to another, repeating the stressful experience with a new group. They were getting little appreciation for their efforts and work, were criticized, and did not feel they were fairly treated, as some other members seemed to be favored. They wanted a break from all this. I had a discussion with our nh leadership team before bringing them on board, and made it clear to the prospects that we were no derby nhood. We didn't want them to be disappointed.

    Funny! As it turned out, Champs League started soon after, and we have been in it ever since, often winning Gold or at least placing in top three. Our derby-loving new members have led the way, often finishing all their tasks before the rest. Peer pressure has caused us to take higher point tasks than we used to, and sometimes half of us will do the extra task when needed. Some people, maybe 5, have left our nh and formed their own for a more relaxed playtime. A couple of others are usually opted out of the derby, evaluating. And we are now recruiting of course, to fill the nh again.

    And that is what has been happening in our nhood. One other development: at least three of us are considering starting a modified Scorched Earth very soon....
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