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Thread: [Level 88+ | (Somewhat) New TH9 | Active Farmer]

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    [Level 88+ | (Somewhat) New TH9 | Active Farmer]

    Base: gMAVRkT.jpg
    Troop levels: g3cA47M.png
    Highest Trophy Count: 2235
    Gold Grab: 288M
    Age: 20+

    Looking for an active farming/trophy pushing clan (no wars). I want to join a clan that is already well-put-together and constructed. Please post below or send me a private message.

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    Join Amateurs™

    This is one of our four family clans, great for farming. Click the here in "Click here for awesome" for more information on our family. ️Tell them Squishy sent you from the forum!

    Level 98 | Lego Walls 2/250 | New Town Hall 9 | Active Farmer | Clan:
    Formally known as Lieutenant Shroom
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    In my town hall

    Cool Organized, dedicated War Clan looking for war experts. 55W-4L and still countin

    CLAN NAME: "RAZORS" (With the quotations)

    Clan overview:

    • 1 year old clan, we have our core team.
    • 10 member clan.(Could expand to 15 if it is necessary)
    • Specialized in War and Farming.
    • Current war score: 55W - 4L
    • All members are active, generous donators.
    • Back to Back Wars

    Requirements to join:

    • Being a TH8-TH9
    • Friend in need 15,000
    • War hero : 170+ stars
    • Being active in wars
    • Gold Grab 100+ million same goes for elixir
    • Fluent english language

    • Most of the clan members have timing : GMT+2 (Only 5 hour range difference at most is accepted. Its for the best clan experience)

    To apply, please fill out the form below and P.M it to me.

    Experience level:
    Town Hall level:
    Time Zone:
    Gold Grab:
    War Hero:
    Friend in need:

    You can check us out in game , search for "RAZORS" (with the quotations)

    Please feel free to PM me or leave a comment on this thread if you're interested.

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Best regards.

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    Check us out🎯

    Come check out my new clan Soup A Cell. Please say that u are coming from the coc forms.

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    We are an adult clan looking for good people to join/merge. we war mondays and again if we win. elder is earned to prevent hoppers or other drama associated with high turnover. hope to see you.

    we are legion of fury clan tag# 22c8lrqv

    lvl 60+

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    Over the hills & far away ...

    Farming.... It's all we do

    SHADOWwarriors, we are a loyal strong clan recruiting lvl 75+

    We are a multi cultural clan with members mainly aged 25+, however, Parents and kids are welcomed. Our clan is built on a stable strong and loyal group, with players ranging from lvl 52 to lvl 106, with the majority of members being lvl 70 or higher.

    If you would like a casual, fun, friendly & loyal clan, where it is your choice to farm or push, pay us a visit or reply to this post.

    SHADOWwarriors, Trophies required 1,500 with good friends in need stats, lvl 75+ or higher.

    Families & friends are welcomed!

    Leader : maniac machine

    Est December 2012

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    Join Plausible :)

    A little about us:

    We war twice a week (tuesdays and fridays)
    Inernational clan.
    Highly active and loyal members.
    Our standard donations if nothing specific is being requested is , Archs lvl 5+, Minions lvl 4+, or wizz lvl5+.
    Donation requests dissapears pretty instantly.
    Fun and chill yet serious clan.
    Most of us are 18+ with a few 3-4 young once.
    We love to talk strategy / base layouts/ war atks etc.

    What we are looking for:

    Mid TH8 and above.
    Active member.
    No specific donation/request ratio, donate when you can.
    Is familiar with wars.
    Has the ability of atleast pull a solid gowiwi/drag/gowipe/loonion atks.
    Fun and chill person.

    Come check us up! Just send a request to Plausible, we r the only clan with that name so easy to find!

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