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  • Strik - group shot

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  • Muzzy - Larry in a box

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  • Stokt0 - Santa and show

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Thread: Christmas ART competition - your turn to VOTE!!!!

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    Christmas ART competition - your turn to VOTE!!!!


    CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners, and to you for voting for your favourites, in true democratic fashion the winners are:

    strik - first with 2k gems
    Muzzy - second with 1k gems
    Yango - third with 750 gems
    Stokt0 - fourth with 500 gems

    SC will be back tomorrow i'll get the gems sorted then, please pm me if you have not already with you player IDs

    Thanks to everyone for making this a fun event.

    The 12 days of Clashmas festive art competition was amazing - everyone put so much time into their work and the quality was frankly outstanding, a BIG thank you to everyone who entered - you can see all of the entries here:

    We have had the difficult - almost impossible task of shortlisting three for the gem prizes, but it was too hard so in the spirit of Clashmas we have added a FOURTH prize

    So the prizes will be as follows:

    Gold - 2,000 gems
    Silver - 1,000 gems
    Steel - 750 gems
    Bronze - 500 gems

    In NO PARTICULAR ORDER The short list is as follows:





    The mods and community staff have shortlisted these on the basis of effort, originality, humour and quality - now is your turn to decide which is the most outstanding of the four, polling will close on Saturday 3rd Jan.

    EVERYONE who entered did a great job and we want to thank you for your hard work, unless anyone objects I will be taking a random selection plus the four shortlisted and including them in an upcoming video - other you tubers are encouraged to do the same.

    Please place your vote in the poll above, we are going to leave comments open but please don't use them to criticise the art work remember people have feelings.

    Thank you.

    EDIT - oops the fourth option should read "Santa and Snow"
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    Wow, I can't believe mine actually made it to the shortlist! Thanks!

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    Looks nice,

    Good luck to the participants!

    To be honest, the hardest and realistic work here is Yango's

    Love your effort how you couldnt use a computer and made that up with hard handwork
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    They look amazing! Loving the fact that we have a range of work here from hand drawn stuff to GFX.

    Its great! Well done to everyone!

    And good luck to you all! May the odds be ever in your favour.

    (Name the movie)
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    I want to vote... but I can't see Yango's work :/

    it's a black screen to me
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    Congrats to everyone who won!!!!!!!
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    Yay my wallbreaker made it to the list. Thanks guys, be sure to vote for me!

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    This should have been a multiple choice poll!

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    I love the little extras in strick's group picture such as the L6 Bomb as christmas bauble 👍

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