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    Pets & Animals Guide: Rare Item Drops

    I'll try to explain how rare item drops (Tools, LEMs, SEMs & BEMs) work on pets & animals.

    When do we get rare item drops?
    While harvesting crops from fields (wheating), collecting animal products from farm animals, waking up pets and cutting down trees & bushes; you will get a rare item drop for each 'X'th action on your farm. The number X is constant and specific for each level. For example on a level 100 farm you get 1 rare item drop for every 77th field you harvested, or 77th plant you have chopped down or 77th animal product you have collected. For a level 50 farm the number 'X' is 69. The X values for each level, which I taken from this post by meonhoc, will be included in the second post of this guide, so check #2 if you want to find the value of number 'X' for your current level.

    There are 3 different cycles for rare item drops and those 3 are independent from each other:
    First one is harvesting crops: You get 1 rare item drop for each 'X'th field you harvest crops. This obviously is basic wheating and it happens all the time. Just keep having room in your Barn and Silo and keep pushing.
    Second one is cleaning dead plants: You get a rare item drop for each 'X'th plants you have chopped down. This happens once a week or so if you don't do anything unsual.

    The third
    cycle is assigned to farm animals & pets: Pets & farm animals are combined to the same cycle and they do not have individual cycles. That's pretty tricky and it means if you don't wake up any pets, you can get a rare item drop for every 'X'th egg you have collected, or you can alternatively wake up one of your pets to proceed a bigger step in the cycle. So if you wake up 1 pet in the middle while your are counting eggs, you will get a rare item drop before reaching the 'X'th egg.
    Farm animals including chickens, cows, pigs, sheep & goats contribute a single step in the cycle. Bees, lobsters, ducks, lure fishing or net fishing does NOT take any part in the rare item drops.
    Pets are contributing bigger steps in the animal cycle, varrying between +8 & +42.

    Step values for each pet are listed below. Check the second post of this guide also for a visual list with pet pictures: #2
    Retriever=22     Tabby=26      White B.=25
    Pinscher=28      Calico=32     Fluffy B.=25
    Hound=34         Tuxedo=20
    Bay H.=30        Provence D.=8
    Palamino=36      Andalusian D.=9
    Pinto H.=42      Anatolian D.=10
    How do I use these numbers?
    The counter on the cycle works like this: For examples; If value of the number 'X' is 60 for your level, you need to reach 59 (X-1) and then collect one animal product from any farm animal to get the most efficient results. However, it doesn't matter if you exceed 59 (X-1), when waking up a pet, exceeding X-1 does not give you a rare item drop & it only means that your next animal action will give you a rare item drop. So for the best results if the value for your current level is X, aim for X-1 and finish with a single +1 step: collecting an animal product; eggs anyone?

    But first let me give you an example of terrible horse parenting:
    Let's say that the value 'X' for your current level is 77 (which is valid for any level 77 & above player) and you have previously made 75 steps on the current round of your animal cycle. This means, if you'd knew, collecting 2 eggs would easily give you a rare item drop. But instead if you wake up a pinto, which has a value of 42 steps, you will NOT get a rare item drop. Remember exceeding 76 will only mean that your next move will give you a rare item drop. Now that you have reached 117 with the first pinto, if you wake up a second one you will finally get a rare item drop. Congratulations! You have succesfully wasted 2 pinto horses!

    Do I need to count all those eggs and milks that I collected in between???
    If you want to be in full control, you need to go the 'die hard' way of counting every last one of animal activity. If you are capable of doing that, you certainly belong to a group that I'm not a part of & I adore you! If you want to join the crusade and be in total control, I can only suggest using the M+ function on an oldschool calculator. as it always remembers unless you remove the battery.
    But you certainly don't need to stress so much about it.
    First case is when your donkeys are asleep and all your other pets are wandering: The Lazy Donkeys
    You can do: egg - 1st donkey - egg - 2nd donkey - egg - 3rd donkey - egg - 4th donkey - egg - 5th donkey - egg - 6th donkey and finish off all the farm animals.
    What this does is to enable you to make smaller steps of +8, +9 or +10 to the cycle, and the farm animals in between let's you check if you exceeded the number 'X' and prevent you from wasting any more pets, so this gives you the best results without die hard counting. If you ask which type of donkeys you should wake up first, don't. Hold on to your luck and deceive yourself that your choice was the 'right' one.
    BTW if you have many farm animals (like chickens cows and pigs) ready to be harvested, you can distribute them to each donkeys. So if you have 40+ farm animals ready you can also do: 5x farm animals - donkey - 5x farm animals - donkey etc. This way you could search somewhat better.

    The second case is when all your pets are asleep: The Morning Scenerio
    Note that having as many farm animals ready as possible helps here. So try to feed as many of them as possible before you sleep. But a set of 18 chickens and some cows are usually enough, if you know how to get around.
    Now start with above the above described: farm animal - 1st donkey - farm animal - 2nd donkey - farm animal - 3rd donkey - farm animal - 4th donkey - farm animal - 5th donkey - farm animal - 6th donkey - farm animal pattern. Likewise increase the number of inbetweener farm animals if you have 'plenty' of them ready.
    In this second case you need to stop once you get a rare item drop. This process is needed for you to get your initial rare item drop without counting all animal activity. Once you get that initial rare item drop your counter is set back to zero. And you can start counting and calculating the pets afterwards. Or you can also choose the previous combinations that you have gathered.

    Remember, once you get the initial rare item drop, aim for X-1 or as close as possible to X-1 without exceeding it and finish with farm animals.
    If it gives you a rare item drop, horse - cat - bunny + 2 eggs is a good example; horse - dog + 13 eggs is not such a good one as you might end up short of farm animals before you wake up all your pets. You will have 10+ rare item drops if you bought all the pets from the shop, so spending wisely is key

    Example for high level players who have all of the pets:
    A guideline is included in the second post of this guide for any level 77 player and above, who have bought all the pets: #2

    If you haven't already, I suggest assigning one field to your pets, plant 1 tomato to that field each time you wake up your horses, dogs, cats & bunnies; as these pets & tomatoes have the same duration of 6h. This way you can easily check when your pets needs to be woken up. Donkeys sleep every hour. If you want to monitor that too you can match them with cows or plant 1 cotton (or indigo) every time you wake them up and you'll know your donkeys will wake up once there is 1h30m left for the cotton.

    Last thing to remember: Always check that you have enough room in your barn before you proceed.

    Thanks for reading & special thanks to the 'AdvoCat'
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    Here are the step values for each pet: Visual description with pet pictures:




    Example for a high level players with all the pets available:
    I will include a guideline for players who purchased all the pets and who are level 77 or higher. Your donkeys needs to be asleep too, in case you don't have enough donkeys or they are not asleep, you can use 2 of your bunnies that will be left at the end. Also you need 18 chickens and ideally 15 cows that are ready to be collected from.
    Note that: pinto = andalusian horse & fluffy bunny = white bunny => bunny

    for initial rare item drop: (stop once you got a rare item)

    2 cows - anatolian d. - 2 cows - anatolian d. - 2 cows - andalusian d. - 2 cows - andalusian d. - 2 cows - provence d. - 2 cows - provence d. - 1 cow - 1 bunny - 1 cow
    (the bunny at the end is for the last resort. So if you have gotten a rare item drop very recently, like in your last round of chickens or cows, start with 1 bunny instead of using it in the end. Also if you have them ready too, you can add 2 pigs, 2 sheep, and 2 goats to the cows in the middle.)

    once you get a drop proceed to the following:

    pinto+hound+1 cow=1 rare item drop
    pinto+hound+1 chicken=1 rare item drop
    andalusian h.+calico+3 chickens=1 rare item drop
    andalusian h.+calico+3 chickens=1 rare item drop
    palamino+palamino+5 chickens=1 rare item drop
    bay h.+tabby+tuxedo+1 chicken=1 rare item drop
    bay h.+tabby+tuxedo+1 chicken=1 rare item drop
    pinscher+retriever+bunny+2 chickens=1 rare item drop
    pinscher+retriever+bunny+2 chickens=1 rare item drop

    Above combination gives you 9 rare item drops with your pets and 19 farm animals. You will have 2 bunnies remaining and if you have 3 donkeys or around 30 ready farm animals left from the initial drop tryout, you'll get 1 more rare item drop with those:

    bunny+bunny+provence+andalusian d.+andalusian d.+1 cow=1 rare item drop
    bunny+bunny+provence+provence.+anatolian d.+1 cow=1 rare item drop
    bunny+bunny+provence+provence.+andalusian d.+2 cows=1 rare item drop
    The last part will either give you another drop or will give you a good progress on your next cycle.

    The value of number 'X' for each level. Extracted from: Let's count together:
    Level Rare item drop for each 'X'th
    5 18
    6 18
    7 22
    8 24
    9 27
    10 30
    11 32
    12 35
    13 37
    14 40
    15 43
    16 45
    17 48
    18 50
    19 53
    20 56
    21 57
    22 49
    23 51
    24 52
    25 53
    26 54
    27 56
    28 56
    29 57
    30 59
    31 59
    32 60
    33 60
    34 60
    35 61
    36 62
    37 62
    38 63
    39 63
    40 64
    41 64
    42 65
    43 65
    44 66
    45 66
    46 67
    47 67
    48 68
    49 68
    50 69
    51 69
    52 69
    53 70
    54 70
    55 70
    56 71
    57 71
    58 71
    59 71
    60 71
    61 71
    62 72
    63 72
    64 72
    65 73
    66 73
    67 73
    68 74
    69 74
    70 74
    71 75
    72 75
    73 75
    74 76
    75 76
    76 76
    77 to 102 77
    103 to 1?? 78
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    This is amazing. I always wondered how this all worked.
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    Tracking the timer
    Thanks for the guide myso . (I miss AdvoCat)
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    Impressive piece of work, myso.
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    A very interesting and detailed piece of analysis, and while in not sure I have the patience to go to all that trouble for an extra mallet or two I find it very comforting to know how it is worked out.
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    Not happening for me exactly

    Hi -- this is what happened for me this morning when I followed your system. Maybe there are variables?

    When I use the whistle i get 6 items.

    i started with the donkeys and farm animals to get the first rare drop. I woke all my donkeys, 18 chickens, 13 cows, 5 goats, 15 sheep, and 15 pigs, then I got a screw.

    pinto hound goat -- drop
    pinto hound goat -- drop
    andalusian calico goat -- drop
    andalusian calico, 2 goats 1 cow -- no drop and I am out of farm animals.

    I have fed my chickens, but it will be 20 min before they are ready.

    I am not trying to argue, and I respect the thoughtful analysis and sharing the info. I just wonder why it is not working for me. Anyone else have this difficulty getting initial drop?


    andalusian, calico, 2 goats, 1 cow, 8 chickens, 2 bunny -- drop
    palo palo 5 chx -- drop
    bay, tabby, tuxedo, chicken -- drop
    bay, tabby, bunny, chicken -- drop (the bunny was piled with the tuxedo cat)
    Pin, retriever, tuxedo, 3 chicken - no drop and out of farm animals

    2nd update:

    pin, retriever, tuxedo cat, 3 chx and 4 more cox after they were ready -- drop
    pin, Retriever, 2 grey donkeys, 1 brown donkey, 1 Andalusia donkey -- drop
    brown donk, andalusian donk, 14 cox, 15 cows, -- no drop

    so this process took over an hour, two feedings of chickens and donkeys, one feeding of cows, and yielded 10 items. Fyi
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    I am not sure this is right

    My experience suggests your basic statement is wrong....I think pets and farm animals have different cycles.

    i think I get a goody every time I harvest 77 pigs, sheep, cows or chickens. I think they all have equal value.

    when I wake up eight horses I get two items.
    When I wake up six dogs I get two items
    wake up four rabbits get one item
    wake up six cats and sometimes get one and sometimes two items idea..they are mad and need feeding every hour. Sometimes they give and some times they don't!
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    i tried this new theory, and I, too, have some difficulties. I have only 36 animals and 15 pets and my horses and cats tend to hide in the bushes or sleep on top of each other, so it's quite difficult to get the right starting point or to wake the right cat without waking the other.

    As far as I can say until now, the theory seems to work, only the number of 77 is wrong. I need a black horse and a blond horse and 1 sheep for a drop, which would be 79 points, if Myso's other numbers are correct.

    I was quite sceptical at first, not having understood the point about the rest of the points in the horses going to waste if they're woken at the wrong time. My apologies, Myso. After testing it now, I'm convinced that Myso has discovered a really useful bit of knowledge about the game, which, if applied skillfully, can result in more drops. Thanks, Myso ��
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