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Thread: Best th8 base design...?

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    Best th8 base design...?

    This isn't designed to be a flame war, I currently use pingfaos but after seeing junilangs on YouTube I wondered which you guys thought was the best

    if you could give opinions that would be really helpful, especially if you've used both types.
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    I prefer Ping's. I used it for a week or so right before I went to TH 9, and I was pleased with its results. No offense to Junliang (whose base I have never used), but I just think it protects the goodies better.

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    Both Ping's and Jun's are good for different reasons. I think they both are amazing. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, like any base. I don't think you can put a "best" title to any base.
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    There is no 'best' base but I prefer and use Ping's currently as I think Junliang's will only work if your defences and walls are very close or maxed

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    Guess who got my vote?! Btw. Flooky, you misspelled his name. Poor June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pingfao View Post
    Guess who got my vote?! Btw. Flooky, you misspelled his name. Poor June.
    Junilang lol it's Junliang

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    Can you post a pic of both for people that have no idea what these bases look like.

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    In farming wise, I'll probably go with Jun's base because the gold storages are more separated. But when you first start off at TH8, I'd would use Ping's base because his base covers everything.
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    Which one of Junliang's bases?

    Hopefully not his hybrid...(Been waiting to share this pic, taken a few weeks ago)

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