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Thread: Need a clan for my little brother (th5 level 29)

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    Need a clan for my little brother (th5 level 29)

    My brother has been struggling to find a good clan for a long time now, he wants a small but active clan that will fit him well. I do force him to max out his town halls (im kidding, i just told him he should) so he is doing that. He is a fairly new th5 with mostly level 4 walls and some level 5. So far, he claims to have never lost a raid. His favorite troop composition is; 45x Barbarians, 45x Archers, and 6 Balloons. He is a great person, so i know you wont rgret letting him join your clan.

    As always, have a nice day!

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    You should take a look at my clan, PinkyPromise!
    We are a small adult clan that wars twice a week.
    We always donate, but we're semi-active. A lot of the members are adults with jobs or students that are working and going to school at the same time.
    All we ask is that you use both attacks in war and donate what is requested.
    Our minimum requirement was level 45 but that's going to be going up now, since most of our members are above that at this point.
    You are able to farm if you'd like. I always warn my members when war is about to start, so that you have a heads up.
    We're a tight knit group and we like to win! Smaller wars mean you have a better chance of winning and who doesn't love that war win loot?
    Check us out! Our clan tag is #CLG92VJ

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    We can help him build

    We help new players build by donating troops. New players welcome

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    Recruiting new players. We donate



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    He's welcome over in mine

    We are a starter clan, very helpful. #Y090JCYL

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    TENEBRA'S CHILL, Check us out under my signature!

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    Hey! We're the forum clan alliance, a Resurrection of Julez's original dream of a clan family! At the forum clan alliance, we are extremely active, to the point where you can go on anytime and see people, at least on the weekends! Our warring system allows for members who prefer not to war to either drop out by themselves before searching, or signing up so we kick and invite you before a war, which happen twice a week.We are forum based and only accept members from the forums! We believe in getting to know each other and have fun days that we play fun games, like kick the troll! We even just randomly play tic-tac-toe, wheel of clash, and game jeopardy(be warned: grem is OP at these :P). For now, we only have one clan, Forum Infinity, but our newest clan Forum Aspire is finally open! Forum Aspire is for newer clashers so that they can come to learn from the more experienced members! I'm aa elder here and we have a great time!

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    I appreciate this post because it saved time that could have been spent recruiting.

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    I am building a new clan based on helping each other to make the best experience of the game. I will begin wars as soon as I have enough members. I have a pretty good knowledge of the game and would love to help your little brother! Especially if he is as friendly as you say!

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