I originally played Hay Day first on our family Android Tablet.. I just continue or I just played what save is in that tablet. And then I installed it on a separate android device. I logged on on the tablet before doing so that I can continue what I'm doing.. but I suddenly found out that my progress is still on going on that Hay Day on the tablet and every time my sister or brother play it I can't play it.

I know I can just erase the data on the tablet so that it wont bother me but I can't do that cause it is not just me who is playing the game. My brother/sister will be mad at me if I wipe the data on the tablet.

So, what I want is that, I want to leave the progress on that tablet as is and continue my OWN progress on the device I'm currently using. I don't want my progress affecting theirs or the other way around.

Thanks, I hope someone can help me.