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    congrats facescraper!

    Lol does this mean that SC had this planned out from 3 weeks ago? or that they just filled in face's name yesterday and kept us in suspense?

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    Big congrats to you buddy! Keep up the good work and enjoy your gems.
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    Right bye. can't talk. must ban trolls.
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    Congrats, Facescraper !!

    my oh my, three weeks?!? seems like it was forgotten to be made visible for all...?

    ...or maybe it just took so long to choose the right cat pic.

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    Congrats Facescraper!!!

    Throughly deserved!!! Spend those gems wisely my friend.... or not so wisely.

    Cya around the forums!

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    Congrats facescaper!!!

    He doesn't have a new title?
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    Bomb threat, 3 hour lockdown, fight. I think today was pretty productive.
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    Sounds like a standard public education day. You didn't get shanked?! It was a good day then.

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    Congrats FaceScraper. Use dem gems wisely!

    Thank you DragonX101 for the awesome sig pic!
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    Great Job Face!
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    Congrats Facscraper! But if this was realeased 3 weeks ago then that means... Wait what was I getting at?

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    Lesson learned: Never shoot a hamster
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    Strongly recommend TH 1.5. Don't build your cannon.

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