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Thread: Hay Day Global Events

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    Hay Day Global Events

    I've seen a few people on the forum asking about Global Events - When they are, what products were needed, etc.
    I have compiled a list of all the events we've had so far.

    Date Event Product Days Personal / Global Target Reward Achieved
    15th Oct 2013 Global Events Introduced N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    16th Oct 2013 1st Global Event Bacon & Eggs 7 / 175,000,000 5 Diamonds
    26th Oct 2013 Halloween Event Pumpkin Pie

    20th Dec 2013 Winter Event Loom Products 7 152 / 161,000,000 Snow Sledge Yes
    30th Dec 2013 New Years Event Popcorn 5 / 154,000,000 Gold Telescope Yes
    14th Feb 2014 Valentines Event Cookies 4 / 108,000,000 Cupid Statue Yes
    18th Apr 2014 Easter Event Carrot Cake 4 / 161,000,000 Easter Basket No
    23rd Jun 2014 Birthday Event Cream Cake
    / 80,000,000 10 Diamonds Yes
    25th Oct 2014 Halloween Event Pumpkin Pie / Pumpkin Soup 7 / 170,000,000 Gargoyle Yes
    20th Dec 2014 Winter Event Sewing Machine Products 7 263 / 321,000,000 Christmas Bell No
    27th Dec 2014 New Years Event Muffins 7 / 267,000,000 Gramophone No
    9th Jan 2015 Truck Bonus Event Truck Orders 7 324,000,000 5 Diamonds No

    In between these events it alternates between:

    Lure Fishing Season - Fishing event
    Visitor Bonus - Visitor event
    River Boat Bonus / Boat Season - Boat event
    Truck Delivery Bonus - Truck event

    We've also had the following events:

    Crop Season - Carrots - the time it takes to grow carrots was halved
    Newspaper Advert - Free newspaper advertisements had a 6 minute cooldown instead of 30 minute for the duration of the event.

    Events usually start at midnight on Thursday night / Friday morning (GMT)
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    Events always start at midnight on Thursday night / Friday morning
    That depends on your time zone.

    For me, they always start at 7pm EST/8pm DST.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janilee View Post
    That depends on your time zone.

    For me, they always start at 7pm EST/8pm DST.
    Yes good point!! I'll edit that to GMT!

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    Nice thread

    Thanks for the info. ^_^

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    The odd event has begun on a Monday morning instead of a Friday morning. They usually start here at 10am Australian Eastern Standard time.

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    Thanks for this.

    Just joined back after about 2 yrs.
    Can't wait to get back into the game.

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    Thank you Fine ! Very informative and helpful
    All machines mastered...Thank you for the flower one by the way
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    Wonderful! I think this was a much needed thread. I find myself having to consult event information several times during the year.

    I want to quote in something from another thread from forum member Holidae, as it too is informative and should go here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Holidae View Post
    This year (eastern standard time) we've had:
    • 4 events start on a Sunday
    • 1 event start on a Monday
    • 1 week without an event
    • 5 unsuccessful events
    If someone wants to figure out which events were Sunday, Monday, etc, that would be helpful. I can totally see myself and others wondering that information as well for predicting future events or for general info.

    Oh, to anyone providing that above info: can you put your own time zone (like Holidae did) so as to lessen confusion.


    I keep thinking of things!

    Do you mind adding the totals we had to supply for our personal goals? I know offhand the wool event last year was 152 items. I can find the other numbers for you later. I have needed this information as well in the past. This is an excellent thread, Vfine.
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    My God I don't want to wait until Sunday for the Christmas Event!

    ..Baby all I want for Christmas is the eveeeent!
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    Thank you!

    Thank you for all the positive feedback about this thread! I really appreciate it.

    I too really want to the personal goal amounts for each event. However I don't remember them so if someone does know please let me know and I'll add them to the list.

    Thanks for the personal goal for last years winter event ilovehayday

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