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Thread: Hay Day Global Events

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    I remembered a bacon and eggs event... I just don't remember when><

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeleineAkaino View Post
    My God I don't want to wait until Sunday for the Christmas Event!

    ..Baby all I want for Christmas is the eveeeent!
    I truly cant manage my farm really i cant hold this for much longer
    All machines mastered...Thank you for the flower one by the way
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    I know! I'm actually scared my barn will burst and all these hats, scarfs and sweaters will come flying out of my iPhone and iPad!!!
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    Just to let you guys know the info for this list of events actually came from the Hay Day Facebook page. Every time they have held a Global Event (apart from fishing, boats etc) they have posted a Facebook status.

    I also cross referenced with haydaywiki too just to double check

    So far to date these are all the events that we've had (no bacon and egg event PheonixTrader - I wish.. That would be great) and the time and date they started (GMT) (wish I had time to get dates and times for every country and time zone.. Maybe one day)

    I've also confirmed that the winter event will start tonight 12am (GMT) so fingers crossed we'll all have some more barn space soon!

    I've collected over 1200 loom products so far and I can't wait to unload them all!

    If you've done the same and it turns out the event requires different products - if you can hold out a bit longer and wait for the next visitor event, you'll get double coin for all those hats, scarfs and sweaters so all is not lost!!

    I'll be waiting up for the event to start tonight and will post as soon as I know what products we need and how many!

    Good luck and keep on fighting the good fight - loom products vs barn space
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    Thanks so much Vfine for compiling this list, its very helpful. Also thanks to the other players who added info. I too have a barn bursting with hundreds of clothing items waiting for weeks now. :-P

    And good tip on keeping the leftovers for a Visitor Event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    Oh fantastic!!!

    So this was the first ever global event?? Brilliant because I was convinced there was an event when the global events were introduced but couldn't for the life of me work out what it was.. I too thought it was a bacon and egg one or for some reason maybe pancakes. I remember it being something which was in the DD in abundance and then suddenly being like gold dust. But couldn't find anything anywhere! This is great, thank you! I thought I was going crazy!

    I'll edit the list. Thanks again!

    I take back what I said PheonixTrader

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    Thank you
    its cool to have more special events instead of the standard truck, boat, visitors events
    can't wait for the Christmas event!!
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    Hi All.i do hope it's a loom event,I've been collecting for a couple of days now.

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    that means I better get truckin' finding loom items and hoarding them in my barn lol. Crossing my fingers that will be the next event
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