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Thread: 4 players, levels 48, 57, 58, and 74 looking for new NH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chdavidson View Post
    We are looking for a new neighborhood that is friendly, likes to chat and trades/ shares. We all share and work our farms. We are in and out all times of the day. We are all in the US. If you want some good players who are all mature, let me know.
    Try The Happy Hog...we have room for all of you...we are an active, friendly and sharing neighborhood. Give us a try, you will be glad you did

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    Hi there!!! We are looking for new members in our hood. We are friendly and like to help each other ..You all are welcome to join us@ Green Acres.. (Green pig logo with yellow circle background)... Hope to see u there!!!

    Joe Blow Taillight

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    If you are still looking for a NH to call home....

    Quote Originally Posted by Chdavidson View Post
    We are looking for a new neighborhood that is friendly, likes to chat and trades/ shares. We all share and work our farms. We are in and out all times of the day. We are all in the US. If you want some good players who are all mature, let me know.

    Sooooo many NHs out there it's hard to choose the right fit for your style of play, so I am going to introduce you to our hood and if it's a fit for you, please feel free to message me so I can let you in.

    For starters everyone in our hood upgrades! We upgrade barns and silos on a rotation that provides 1-2 upgardes a week per member. Whats our secret? Everyone gives to receive! Myself and the co-leaders collect and hold all the tools and follow the members list to upgrade everyone. Our memebers love this beacuse they save their barn space by giving us all their tools and they still receive weekly upgrades!

    As well as doing barns and silos we also clear land and upgrade towns by a list as well. With land we take one person at a time and everyone donates their land tools to clear all the farm, fishing and town land to completion of whomevers turn it is. We are more than half way through everyone in the hood! We keep an all for one team environment and it also creates nice friendships.

    Boats? Yes we all pitch in to help on each other's boats but we do ask that everyone pass on those dreaded fish, dairy and sugar boats so you won't be asked to help on any of those!

    Chatty? Yes, it's kind of a mandatory thing so you can donate your tools and receive your upgrades when it's your turn, but we also chat about life and other fun things. We are also connected through FB messenger where i post a question of the day, riddle and fun fact.....just because it's fun!

    We are a small group that has worked really well together, we all speak English and we come from many different time zones so it's likely there is at least one person on at any given time.

    We we are daily players and those who aren't probably won't be a good fit since we want to keep the upgrades moving in a fair way to all.

    We have varied levels on farm and towns so we have some experienced players with lots of free advice and tips for the newer players but really we are all here because we love playing Hay Day!

    We we kindly request that you be over the age of 18 and preferably even older. Our hood is mainly females and we would love to add some more male players to balance out the fun!

    Name: Flirty Friends
    Icon: Green square with red cherries
    Level: Currently set to 50
    Request to join

    Message me if you would like to join but need me to lower the level.

    Thank you all, looking forward to meeting our new members and getting to know you!

    Leader: Happy(^。^)Days - Level 74, Town 23, Achievements 111

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    Chera's place

    I would love to join nh. I am level 43 but I play everyday several times a day. Love to help. Chera's place is my farm thanks for considering

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    Active nh looking for you!!!!

    4 The Love of Hay!!


    4 The Love of Hay is looking for new blood!

    Adult NH is looking for some special new members. 18+ please. Lev 30+ welcome.
    We are looking for some serious, active Hay Day members to help make our NH GREAT!!

    Help with boats, cars, and town orders. Pick up visitors from neighbors towns. Participate in global events as a whole. (Meaning we help ourselves, and neighbors, complete the global events). Help our neighbors get achievements! (From the house; all achievements can be done and we can help with a lot of them). Make trades, large or small (all trades welcome!). We go to the extremes to help our neighbors!! Chat chat chat!! It is important to keep up in chat, to help others the best we can. We also want friendships, not disloyalty. We want active members that can complete all the above. We do not give free co or elder. You want it, earn it. We want only mature ppl (meaning no fighting or serious vulgar language please).
    Its not hard to have a great, successful neighborhood. Let's do it!! Hope to see you there!!

    must be lev 30+
    Must be active in game
    Must be active in CHAT!
    Must be 18+
    Must be friendly and willing to make friendships
    Must be willing to help (we will help with advice, orders, special needs,etc. but you must be willing to help )

    Leader's KIK and GC; teiladawn
    (most co's have KIK for private messages, NH meetings, trading large quantities, etc.)

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    check us out!

    Pros: help with; boats. Towns. Farms. Sharing. Trading.
    Fun relaxing chat for those interested, with no pressure for those who aren't.
    Open door policy: share any issues that need addressed in our NH or offer suggestions.
    Level 29 to join (current players range from 37 to 57).
    International neighbors (US & Brazil).🌍
    Opportunity to advance in leadership if desired.
    Leader (me) has great sense of humor and is very active thru day and night w varying hours.
    Just started *wheating* for tools, etc.
    Can kik if desired..just have to download the app again.
    All in all, we love farming 💗🐮🐷🐝🐠🐌🐎🌿🌞

    Cons; some neighbors are currently on HD break. I know them personally..and they will check in from time to time before their return.

    As we grow the NH with more active players like you and me it will become tight NH.

    Come search for us or message me here...✌Emmi (35/F/USA)

    Red Neck Mother Truckers w/ red truck in red seal.

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