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    Update: "The Grenadier Awakens"

    New toys:
    • The Grenadier! A powerful ranged unit that deals area damage, rather inaccurately (available at HQ 16)
    • Leaders and Officers can spend Intel to sabotage (destroy) random defensive buildings in Task Force operations
    • Added a fresh batch of new Power Bases and NPC levels

    Gameplay improvements:
    • Dr. Terror's Wednesday event Statues have been weakened
    • More consistent invasions (tap here to find out more)
    • Operations will display "too easy", "easy", "normal", "hard" or "impossible" based on your Task Force's strength
    • Old Flare timers are hidden when a new Flare is used
    • Gunboat ability timers don't stack on top of each other anymore
    • After maintenance, you can't attack player bases or Resource Bases for a short while
    • You now get one extra guaranteed Power Stone Crystal after beating Terror Stage 19
    • Changed VP reward to give Shards instead of Crystals (tap here to find out more)
    • Leaving a Task Force at any point during an operation will make you ineligible for the OP reward

    Things that look cooler:
    • A captured Blackguard freighter delivers your OP reward
    • Power Core and Power Cell destruction effects have been amped up
    • Gears and fans have been turned on in operation levels
    • New invasion and destruction animations on the map
    • New attack in progress animations on the operations map
    • New look for several building upgrade levels: HQ (4, 5, 6, 17), Quarry (2, 4, 5), Iron Mine (2, 3, 5, 9), Sawmill (7, 8, 9), Sculptor (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Cannon (11) and Rocket Launcher (7)

    UI improvements:
    • New invasion information can be found on the Radar info screen at level 6 (see here)
    • Previous operations can be viewed from the operations map
    • Activity Log now shows Dive Location spawns
    • Visit Task Force members' bases from the chat
    • Check out potential recruits' bases from their join requests
    • See which Task Forces your friends are in from the Friends tab
    • Attacker's name is now shown when watching a replay or spectating
    • Confirmation check before committing to your Task Force attack

    Bonus material:
    • Epic win sound plays when you beat an operation, Terror Stage 20 or Lt. Hammerman

    • Please post your feedback about this update here

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    Sounds good to me, especially the use of Intel's for the Operations. But Tim, do you have a date for the next update??

    By the way, never skip leg day!
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    Now we must know when

    also tim, please check this out
    I wrote it for you and the staff
    I'm hq 20 , 600 vp and lvl 51

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    This Sounds Sweet!

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    I think it's no coincidence that Dr T starts in less than 24 hours and Tim just posted this but we'll find out soon

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    I'm super excited!

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    These all are good changes ESPECIALLY a confirm button for TF attacks......
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    This is why I tell people to relax and be patient with SC. They do listen to players, most of these changes were suggested on the ideas section. Love them!

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    I don't know if it's just me or not, but I love it when you make more animations, effects, sounds and looks to updates, makes it 10 times better!

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    One major complaint I believe will be made by many players: There are no improvements to defense.

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