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    I wonder if the level cap will hit 62 from leveling grenadier. IIRC people finish about 1200 xp into level 61. Most current troops give around 1000-1350 xp full level to max and level 61 lasts 3000 so probably not.

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    Sounds like a great update

    I'm very excited! Come on now - get those servers rebooted so I can log on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvoidingPack791 View Post
    I'm very excited! Come on now - get those servers rebooted so I can log on!
    I almost wanted to attack assembly and boom, lol
    Edit: read wrong, we cant attack just pvp and RBs for a while, so i assume operations will resume once update is done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 11sins View Post
    Guys reward SC with this awesome update by buying diamonds!
    I'm sure a lot will max this unit in minutes of its release.

    Update looks good.

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    Nice! Hurry up with that maintenance, gotta be at school in 30 minutes!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WatchyTorchy View Post
    Area splash damage?
    I don't see how this would be useful against defensive buildings... Unless they are together which is usually not the case
    They say he's not accurate so that sounds like he throws a decent sized bomb template farther away.

    My guess from before was that he puts down a decent sized circular template centered on the building he's targeting and that hits things one square away directly up/down/left right (not on diagonal). So they wouldn't have to be touching.

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    Still hoping for a fix to the Economy

    Tim so many poeple asking for a economy fix. What about the fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 996 View Post
    Tim so many poeple asking for a economy fix. What about the fix?
    the economy is fine... loot is no issue with RR and diamonds

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    ti chờ cập nhật lu qu

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    sabotage? on a TF?

    what in the name of all BB glory is that??

    you mean to destroy the base without attacking?
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