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    Quote Originally Posted by belier View Post
    What's an statue reroll?
    Statue chances are not random. People were exploiting this so they do periodical rerolls that changes your odds. All my statues over the last several weeks at least, have been minimum +1 or 2 %. Sucks.

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    Surprise update? And such an awesome one woohoo, im excited

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    Thank you for everything Tim.
    We love Boom Beach and we love you

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    LC sucks

    LC colorway looks awful

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    Task Force

    i hope that something can be done to ensure that players will only collect rewards when they have at least attacked the base or destroyed something. A lot of players are camping for resources.

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    new update

    Thanks I really love the new update but I asked for u guys to make one more easy task to double tap your iron wood stone gold storage houses every time move them it banks your resources and sometimes wanna save it for awhile so please make it where u have to double tap your building to receive reward

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    So far looks to be a good update expect for a few things...

    Wood mill lost its wood mill look and seems something a blackguard should be using.

    Quarry animation is clunky.

    Invasion percent is missing from radar.

    Missing photo of tank girl... Tanks seem less personable now.

    Dont let my knick picking bother you. It really seems to be a good update so far.

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    Thank you Tim and Boom Beach Dev team, the update is super awesome
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    That place where we made bacon toothpaste and people were OK with it.
    Its not letting me update because its not available in my country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim[Supercell] View Post
    It does increase after a failed invasion, but we decided not to show the increase on the Radar info screen. We thought it would be confusing for some players.
    You should, confused people will come here and get the confusion cleared. You can also mention it in the inbox if you feel so.
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