View Poll Results: Which Clash Work of Art is the best?

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  • Zeus330's "The Barb"

    101 31.46%
  • OrangeJJ - Golem

    148 46.11%
  • Witchspawner - "The Confused Barbarian"

    72 22.43%
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Thread: Forum Art Competition - The Results

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    Go witch Go witch go witch!

    Word out to the morphers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shashwat View Post
    This is very bad
    Firstly it was clearly stated that we have to mate sigs and not tags
    And they should be clash related
    It's clear that there are only the troops which are clash related. See the backgrounds

    Well I'll vote for witch but this is ♥♥♥♥♥ing I had to work on a smaller canvas
    Sigs and tags are the same thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy View Post

    I voted for orangeJJ.
    1 is good, however it lacks shadows and depth.
    2 Had a very realistic setting, however, there's so much empty space, he could have added some fractals, brushes etc.
    3's c4ds seem spammed in, and the text is wrong. The lighting doesn't make any sense to me. Adj. layers could have made it better.
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    Darn it- I forgot to enter this!

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    Title has two meanings...

    WOW! To the outstanding artwork from these 3 people... That is some talent to do those. My favourite has to be the Golem one... Genious.

    Also, WOW! At the forum vultures! So many people moaning/complaining and not just voting and admiring some quality artwork...
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    The barbarian is definately my favorite!
    What is a sig?

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    There was no notification thing under CoC Contests Sub-Fourms, so I had no idea this even existed until know. Going with Zeus, anyways. I like the Barbarians more than Golems in general, and I thought Zeus' was better no offense to anyone.
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    WOW! I still can't believe I'm in the top 3. All the entries that were submitted were great in their creative, original way; please don't judge other people's work negatively. It's your opinion and you should keep it to yourself, rather than expressing it openly in such a hateful way, because honestly, it isn't helpful to anyone. Some artists are inexperienced than others, so please remember that all pro signature makers started on square one, including you. And if you weren't a signature maker in the first place and judge negatively, at least take into consideration how much time each signature takes.

    Daddy in the first post of the introduction to this competition did state to trust his and the staff's judgement on the selections for the final three. It isn't fair if you complain now when you ignored the fine print.

    I have to say, the other two entries that made it here are pretty dang cool! If I could vote for both of them beast Barbarians, I would! I love how the first entry (Zeus) rocks that small canvas; that takes talent! The third entry, made by none other than Witchspawner, incorporates those C4Ds awesomely! Like I said, there's always something unique about every single piece of work!

    Again, thanks to all SC staff for hosting this awesome competition as another way to unite the community and for Clashers to try out something new and express their creativity at the same time. And, thanks to all who have voted for me. Good luck to all the other entries!

    EDIT: @Panda, thanks for your feedback however I was going for a more simplistic kind of signature, something that I haven't done in a long time. Simple and classic!
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    Hmmmmm.... Tough choice. Guess I'll go for my clan leader of the past 1 1/2 years. Go OrangeJJ

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    Vote JJ the Golem

    Go the wolf's

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