View Poll Results: Which Clash Work of Art is the best?

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  • Zeus330's "The Barb"

    101 31.46%
  • OrangeJJ - Golem

    148 46.11%
  • Witchspawner - "The Confused Barbarian"

    72 22.43%
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Thread: Forum Art Competition - The Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy View Post
    Hi good people of the forum.

    The Forum Art competition has officially closed, the quality of entries was amazing and a massive

    To everyone for the amazing amount of time and effort you have all put into your work - many of these will appear in a future video by myself and other YouTubers are most welcome also to show the best of the forum artists.

    However the Mods and Supercell Staff have carefully gone over every entry, balanced their decisions with the skill level of the artists and I am happy to say white smoke has arisen from the chimney - now it is your decision to chose the Gold, Silver and Bronze place winners.

    Remember the prizes are:

    2,000 Gems for Gold
    1,000 Gems for Silver
    500 Gems for Bronze

    So in NO particular order the three shortlisted entries are:




    This is YOUR chance to vote for the favourite of these three pieces of work - you have one vote only and voting lasts for two days.

    Thank you, the Forum team!

    p.s. please be nice in the comments this is a fun competition we want to run again very soon.
    All of them are cool especialy the first one
    Check my GFX shop too...
    Also check my detailed idea :

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    *Lurking in "General" for days trying to see some Christmas update official sneak peaks*

    *Yay! A new sticky!*
    *Nope! No sneak peaks! *

    Oh well, like both barbs, voted for the confused one (not only because I love witches).

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    I'm confused all three are awesome.

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    I voted for the golem made by Orange JJ

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    This is very bad
    Firstly it was clearly stated that we have to mate sigs and not tags
    And they should be clash related
    It's clear that there are only the troops which are clash related. See the backgrounds

    Well I'll vote for witch but this is ♥♥♥♥♥ing I had to work on a smaller canvas

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    Are you using internet explorer? Because you're about a month late.

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    although i LOVE Zeus330's entry with all those particle effects, i will go for the Golem as it's lighting effects and background are done perfectly.

    First picture has perfectly placed text, crisp and clear. for given space, first one wins.

    Third entry has text placed at wrong spot imo and it's font and color choice is hard to read. It's just not crisp.
    It's one of the common mistakes in signatures. unreadable complicated font.
    Also, the background is random for me.

    No offense, i can see the hard work for sure, but top 2 are just way better
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    The Golem one is the best.
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    Congrats to all

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    My vote goes to Zeus330 Still both the 3 entries are awesome

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    They're all great, but Zeus330's is easily my favourite.

    Thank you Milos for the sig pic!!
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