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Thread: Notice to all Youtubers!

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    I literally just read this today... Oops
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayyyyyema View Post
    This is not the place to do that. This thread is to help you, so please, respect it.

    Let's get organized!

    So its kinda been a thing in creative where if you have a youtube channel you wanna promote, you make a nice, neat, organized, and snazzy thread to post all your new video updates! But theres been so much clutter recently O.o

    Trust me, your vids will get more views here if you have an ongoing thread rather then multiple smaller threads! No one remembers the random video they watched, but rather the load of them since the links are right in their face.

    Never heard of this and wanna know what Im talking about? Welp, lemme give you an overall guideline!

    - Create a thread with a title so we know exactly who you are!
    "Ema's Official Youtube Channel" <-- example

    -Link all of your vids (past and present) organized in the main thread.
    Get creative here and make it fun :P this is creativity after all!

    -Each new video you create, add it to your main post (so everyone knows where to find the link)
    then feel free to comment on your own thread like "Hey guys, check out my latest video!"
    (Only when you put a new video up!)

    Please do not just say "bump" as that is still against the rules. But updating the thread is a different story!

    So! Please stop posting threads every time you make a new video. It not only clutters up creativity, but makes it harder for people who wanna see all your vids to find them neatly.

    The Youtubers that have really stood out (in my honest opinion) are the ones who took time and made their youtube threads interesting and exciting, this is the creativity section after all!

    Examples of a few great youtuber threads:
    (please dont just copy their layouts but use it just as an example of organizing your vids to ONE thread)
    Clash with Ash
    Clash With Style

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    My YouTube content got copyright strike!

    Hey guys
    I'm New to YouTube and content creation on YouTube..
    My first ever YouTube content about clash of clans got copyright strike..😢😢😢😢
    (Title-All you need to know about TH12)
    I just wanna know for what reasons I can get a copyright strike!!!

    Plz reply guys I'm gonna wait for you guys..
    Because I have another video idea..
    Plz plz reply guys...

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    Need more views and subscribers

    hey guys I am a new youtuber I post videos related to clash of clans please guys subscribe my channel.Thank you.My channel name is zone of clashers.
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    Wishing everyone a Happy Merry Christmas this month.... Everybody stay safe and fine. ENJOY. :)
    Actually nice... I hope we still can keep our Youtube channel in signature I suppose...
    Clash account- Souvik (new TH 9)
    Youtube channel-BEASTBOYSHUB(in Hindi, not English)

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    Indonesia War Clasher
    my youtube channel

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    A great fault in the game!

    This is the worst thing in the entire game!
    Watch and see what happens!

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    I want to upload th12 cup from live stream of Clash of clans youtube channel on YouTube ..will i get a copyright claim from supercell ?

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    Hello guys im just starting out. i been playing clash since 2013. im gonna be making top tier fun but educational videos. i also plan on streaming etc!
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    Thank you for the information.

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    Ay, thanks for the update, haven't been on the forums since 2014.
    Check out my channel: click here

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