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Thread: THE FORUM ALLIANCE! *Bound*Rising*Striking*Soaring*- Forum Based clan family!

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    Established May 14, 2014

    Our Password is Rock and Roll

    The Forum Alliance is one of the first Supercell forum-exclusive clans in the game. The Alliance started in May 2014 with Forum Bound and quickly grew to a family of 4 clans catering to players at different stages of the game. Forum Bound is our war clan. Forum Rising is our farming clan. Forum Soaring is our war feeder clan. Forum Striking is our event clan.

    We have a diverse mix of players coming from all places around the world, of different ages and genders. The Forum Alliance is a place where players can come to have fun and learn about the art of Clashing.

    ~ Friendly, active and supportive clan communities
    ~ Organized, well-run clan wars with clear-cut rules
    ~ Excellent war records - we war to win!
    ~ Automated war reservation system
    ~Farming clan
    ~Feeder clan for beginners and learning war
    ~ Privately run online forum for clan communications,
    farming & warring tactics, base build plans
    ~ Inter-clan events
    ~Successful mergers

    Forum Bound is our war clan. We are dedicated to helping you gain experience in war, attacking, base planning, and more! We war three times a week.

    Bound offers more advanced mentoring, helping newcomers to the Alliance begin improving as soon as they join. Our friendly community is there to help take you to that next level of gameplay. Bound is where you will demonstrate your 3 star ground and air attacks.

    Forum Bound Requirements:

    For TH7s: General guideline is is more mature TH7 with clan war experience and understanding of basic funneling and luring.

    For TH8s: General guideline here is more mature TH8s with Clan War experience and understanding of hog attack strategy.
    Barbarian King 5+
    Barch 5
    Balloon 5
    Wizard 5
    Hogs 3+
    Golem 1+
    Completed 25-40+% Lvl 8 walls

    For TH9s: General guideline here is new TH9s that don't meet Striking's minimum requirements while not being rushed e.g. No X-Bow(s) w/o TH9 war troop composition &/or Combined Heroes 20+
    Barch 5+
    Balloon 5+
    Wizard 5
    Hogs 4+
    Golem 2+
    Completed 80+% Lvl 8 walls

    Forum Rising is our farming clan. Rising offers all the Alliance perks in a laid-back atmosphere. Here you'll find a place to chill and farm.

    Rising's focus is on having fun, through chat and in clashing, offering an environment of respect, both in chat and requests. The clan's strength is its members who actively help each other out. If you wish to move from Rising to an Alliance war clan, you can. And anyone from the Alliance war clans is welcome to join Rising at any time, as Rising's door is always open.

    Forum Rising Requirements:

    TH6: with healers unlocked
    Desire to focus on farming rather than war.

    Forum Soaring is our dedicated feeder clan. We are here to help beginners learn how to war. Once you fight three wars in Forum Soaring you will be required to move to Forum Bound. We war three times a week.
    Coleaders are members of the Alliance Leadership team and are here to help.

    Forum Soaring Troop Requirements:

    For TH6:
    Healers unlocked

    4/5 builders

    For Th7:
    Hogs or Dragons unlocked
    Loons 3+
    Rage and Heal levels 2+
    Healer Unlocked
    Barb King levels 1-5

    For Th8:
    Dragons levels 2+
    Hogs 3+
    Golem unlocked
    Rage and Heal levels 4+
    Lighting 4+ and Earthquake unlocked
    Bark King 5+

    Forum Striking is our event clan. This is where we host our big 50 v 50 war events. All Alliance members can participate.

    Please apply by posting on this thread. We do prefer applications from this thread as it gives us information on where to place you. However, we do accept some applications in-game if you meet our requirements. Please use password when you request to join. No password, no acceptance.

    Please copy the following form and fill out the requested information in your post:

    Townhall level:
    Barch levels:
    Wizard level:
    Levels of heroes(King/Queen):
    Balloon level:
    Healer level:
    Dragon level:
    Valk level:
    Hog level:
    Hound level:
    Golem level:
    Miner level:
    Bowler level:
    Clan Castle level:
    Inferno level:
    X-Bow level:
    Wall Level(s) and number of walls completed:

    How confident are you in your ability to 3 star players your own level?
    Do you wish to war?
    Do you wish only to farm?

    Have something to say about the alliance? Post a reply on the thread



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    We are currently recruiting. Go to:

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    awesome post shiV!!!

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    Level 69
    1-Trying to upgrade Barbarian King
    Forum Rising

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    Level 69
    1-Trying to upgrade Barbarian King
    Forum Striking
    Dragon Level 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by theswifter View Post
    Level 69
    1-Trying to upgrade Barbarian King
    Forum Rising
    Quote Originally Posted by theswifter View Post
    Level 69
    1-Trying to upgrade Barbarian King
    Forum Striking
    Dragon Level 2
    Thank you for your application to the Forum Alliance. Based on your application, you meet the requirements of Forum Bound. I will pm you instructions for entry.


    Submit your application to join The Forum Alliance on Supercell Forum at

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    lvl 86
    Lvl 3 pekkas
    Lvl 5 arch and wiz
    Upgrading to lvl 6 barbs
    lvl 2 drags
    380 war stars
    id love to join id like to hear back from you on me joining

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    In Game Name: dirtboyzzz
    Town Hall: 8
    Level: 68
    Highest Unlocked Troop: level 5 archers, barbarians and baloons
    Highest Unlocked DE Troop: level 2 minions
    Wizard Level: level 4
    Barbarian Level: 5
    Archer Level: 5
    Dragon Level: 3
    War Hero: Barbarian King level 5
    Preferred Clan: Forum Bound

    Hello, I am a dedicated clasher and usually attack with dragons and 4 balloons or I just roll with balloonian. I would love to be apart of forum bound and maybe one day be able to join forum striking.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to your response

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivampaw View Post

    The forum alliance is the first Forum Only full time clan family! The alliance consists of four clans, three of which make up our war- based feeder/trainer system, and the fourth serving as a chilled, non- war farming atmosphere for members who just want to sit back, relax, and have a good time. Our three- clan feeder system is geared specifically towards helping YOU to improve and reach your maximum potential.

    The Forum Alliance was formed by a group of forum members who felt out of place in other clans. No place they could truly call home, they decided to come together around the one thing that they all had a passion for- the forums. Today the Forum Alliance consists of three clans, which make up the revolutionary three- clan feeder pattern, with a fourth clan in the making. We are a member- run clan, with a largely democracy- based system of government, and an alliance- wide constitution which governs all clans. We'll go more in detail on all of these later, but for now, let's move on and look at what our clan family offers.

    To read up on the full story see the thread below which was made by our founder.
    You left out Soaring D=
    Poor little soaring D=
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    "Have some more chicken, have some more pie, it doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyromanzer View Post
    You left out Soaring D=
    Poor little soaring D=


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    Name: Rysk
    Town Hall:5
    Highest Troop: Wizard
    Highest DE: Not unlocked
    Wizard level: 2
    Barbarian level: 2
    Archer level: 3
    Dragon level: Not unlocked
    Preferred Clan: Forum Rising

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