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Thread: THE FORUM ALLIANCE! *Bound*Rising*Striking*Soaring*- Forum Based clan family!

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    Feb 2017
    Townhall level:8
    Barch levels:5
    Wizard level:5
    Levels of heroes(King):10
    Balloon level:5
    Healer level:3
    Dragon level:3
    Valk level:1
    Hog level:2
    Golem level:1
    Clan Castle level:4
    Wall Level(s) and number of walls completed:lvl 8,146 completed

    I haven't played this game for some days and I am not very confident.

    I want to play war.
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    IGN: #29LYJPU0Y Lady Claire
    Townhall level: 8
    Barch levels: 5
    Wizard level: 5
    Levels of heroes(King/Queen): K9
    Balloon level: 5
    Healer level: 3
    Dragon level: 3
    Valk level: 1
    Hog level: 2
    Hound level:♥n/a
    Golem level: n/a
    Miner level: n/a
    Bowler level: n/a
    Clan Castle level: not sure, not currently in clan. I was active but have been inactive for over a year. Looking to come back to playing.
    Inferno level: n/a
    X-Bow level: n/a
    Wall Level(s) and number of walls completed: Mostly 7, some 8

    I have not battled in over a year so may require new tactics and training.
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