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Thread: Level 77 town hall 8 looking for a clan!

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    Level 77 town hall 8 looking for a clan!

    Looking for a clan that's
    -about my level,a bit higher, lower is also good
    -very active
    -rarely goes to war, as I'm a farmer
    -people will donate
    - a place where I can build friendships

    I will provide
    -activity (in chat and the game it's self)

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    Blazed of Glory would love to have you

    If you would be willing to do 2 wars a week, then come on! We donate generously. If that's no good, no worries and goodluck!

    Clan: Blazed of Glory

    Wars: 2-3x / week
    In need of: 4-5 active members
    Can donate: Dragons(lvl3) Archers (lvl5) Wizards (lvl5) & more

    Leaders: Maximillion Max, Walknya
    Logo Color: Black & Green

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    Clan name: Malama ia Maui
    Clan Tag: #8PL280LP
    Members: 28
    War Record 19-5
    War 1/week
    Requirements: TH8+/LVL 60+/ LVL 5+ Archers/FIN 2000+/ No Rushed THs
    US timezone but we have members from all over

    About Us
    Our clan was started on June 11, 2014, but several of us have been in another clans together so we're a close bunch. Our focus is on supporting each other, improving out skills, and having fun. Filling up request have never been a problem here(we have some donating hogs). We even went to a 1:4 ratio so everyone has a chance to donate and we encourage you to request. Everyone uses both attacks wither we're winning or losing. We believe practice makes perfect and want everyone to give more thought on their attacks. We have our leaders always standing by to give their opinion on how to attack a base and with what troops. We also know real life can get busy so if you ever need to sit out on a war that's okay by us. Leaders are always talking on how to make the clan better for everyone to enjoy and like feedback from every one of our members.

    What We Want From You

    We want active, mature, and social people. New members should show us that they want to be their and love the game as much as we do. We expect both attacks in war and to keep your donation ratio 1:4.

    If we sound like something for you, then come on by and check us out. Let us know your from the forums and be ready to answer a few questions. When applying we do look at your BASE, PROFILE, and ACTIVITY.

    Thank you for your time on considering us. If you have any questions fill free to PM me.

    Ghost Co-Leader

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    The Temple alliance is diverse and fits just about any players gameplay. From war to nonwar, trophy pushers to farm, this is the place FOR YOU! The kiks for the leaders are Black:Bluedr4g0n Scarlet:Brett2U Cobalt:Aragornindigo White: Dakotaman1580 Jade:Almadillo Amaranth: P.r.o_black_temple Paste an application to our thread Put the following information: Temple clan you would like to join: Current Level: TH level: Archers Level: IGN: Why you want to join us: YOU HAVE TO APPLY ON OUR THREAD TO JOIN, DO NOT PM ME. MAKE SURE TO READ AT LEAST THE FIRST POST! Make sure to check back on our thread to see if you have been accepted! It may take a few hours for leaders to review your application, but good things come to those who wait! Keep in mind that Ice Temple usually accepts members from within the alliance and is full at 29 members, but will make an acception for members with an excellent application. Have a good day and happy clashing.

    Clash of Clans: Th9 Lvl 132(and yet still a noob) Clan: Centum Testudo, Hay Day: Lvl 27 (Casual player), Boom Beach: Lvl 34(Retired) Clash Royale: Level 6 Arena 4
    IGN:Caleb Jack
    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy
    I'm an equal opportunity farmer. I'll farm just about anyone.

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