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Thread: Level 50 Daily Player L@@king For An Active And Respectful Neighborhood

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    Champion league trophy hunters would love to have u

    We are the trophy hunters. Green saw and axe with blue background. We are in the champion league and very active. We take 320 but as long as u do 310+ we want u. We always get all horseshoes and have gotten first for all but a couple derbys. Come grow and earn with us. Look forward to seeing you.

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    Well Established Champions Leauge Hood! Looking For You!

    Hello all 2 spots left in our group. Ace 2015 is the farm name, neon yellow background with yellow shovels. We are very friendly and help all the time. Many members have huge barns with lots of expansion tools and many hard to find items. we like to chat and always help. Many of our members are at level 70 or more. So if you like to chat and help we welcome you to visit and check us out. Drama free and easy going.
    Quote Originally Posted by 1Bella View Post
    Level 50 player looking for an active and friendly neighborhood.

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    One spot has opened up. Looking for someone willing to take and finish all 300+point tasks in derby which starts later today. Oh yea we just got promoted to expert league. Request to join now TucsonAz

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    How about Z Hood?


    I love that you used the word "respectful"! It is one of our most important values. I have copied our recruitment letter below for your convenience. Please take a look and if you like what you see, I have already provided information for you to be able to join us. Hope to see you soon!


    Z Hood Leader

    Z Hood - Friendly, Talkative, Active - Yes! We Love to Win Derbies!
    Started this hood Monday, June 8, 2015

    ABOUT US (as of 30 November, 2015)

    League: EXPERT
    Gold: 8
    Silver: 6
    Bronze: 6

    We are a small hood with three experienced members. We are bonded by kindness, respect, and teamwork; and we LOVE to win derbies! Here is how we do it:

    We HELP - Our hood price is one coin, unless we are helping someone gain coins
    We COMMUNICATE - We let each other know what's up; we get to know and understand each other
    We PARTICIPATE - Whether in derby or not, there are many ways we contribute/benefit as team members


    Expansion Materials - Current members are completely expanded (farm, fishing, town)
    Upgrade Materials - Current members have large barns and silos
    Coins - Current members have purchased all machines
    Diamonds - Current members use diamonds to hire Tom and do extra derby tasks when logical


    Request to Join - to avoid the "repeat offenders" hazard common in many neighborhoods

    Required level: 50 - to maintain some consistency in player abilities; exceptions are possible

    Successful members will be reliable and understanding derby players who keep us informed on their task progress and plans. They will be courteous, speak English well, and ask a lot of questions when needed.

    If this seems reasonable to you, please use the following information to join. If you have questions, just send a message to me here in he forum.

    Neighborhood Name: Z Hood
    Emblem: Yellow Axe and Saw on a Blue Checkered field (see my avatar)
    Facebook Name: Netty Bear
    Game Center ID: Snuggle Pack
    Hay Day Forum ID: snugglepacktm

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    Looking for Siri is Derby players come join the KEMITES

    Quote Originally Posted by 1Bella View Post
    Level 50 player looking for an active and friendly neighborhood.
    Hello we are a very active group of players looking for members that are fun, helpful and hard working. We are looking for very dedicated derby players that care more about the groups success then their own. We are looking to build a family like environment where we help and support each other with the one combined goal of winning the derby.

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    🏇🏿🏆🏇🏿 Come join us 🏇🏿🏆🏇🏿

    ================================================== ===============================

    DERBY WINS SO FAR: 4 gold 3 silver 4 bronze and we are currently in the CHAMPIONSHIP derby league. Need a few more derby players. If you like playing the derby come play with us-

    Hi Farmers,

    We really need some players. 21 of us play everyday. A couple others are on and off. We are very helpful, kind, fun and respectful. We won in top three 9 times with just 10 players and recently gained new players making us 26 all together, so could you imagine what we could do with a full team of 30 players? 4 more spots left... Hurry!

    Team search us under the name HELPERS. We have a yellow horse logo with a circle target red and white background and a red saw blade edge around the circle.
    ---super cell team support has told us the reason why sometimes farms can't find us is because there are too many farms with our same name and they can't all be displayed in the search at one time. They suggest doing multiple searches for us till the correct logo comes up--- So you may not find us in your first search. We created the team name over 3 yrs ago and unfortunately can't change our team name. HAPPY HUNTING

    Come check us out. Say hi, do a derby with us and if you don't like us you can always check out. 10 of us have been playing together for over three years. We really help each other as well. C'mon by and play with us. We'd love some new players since some of ours just don't have time to play anymore. We are an anyone can join team. No hassle of a request to join.

    Our Derby Rules: (
    It isn't mandatory to play every derby race. You just have to opt-out of derby in game settings so it won't hurt our scoring)

    300+ tasks (too many people to have available 320 tasks for everyone)
    opt-out if your not playing a race ( in game settings) bc if your opted-in, you count in the scoring and you will have a zero score towards our total numbers.
    Opt-in when your ready to race again! Easy as pie
    Everyone is made an elder to trash tasks off the derby task board to keep low pt. tasks off the board.
    If your opted in a derby race and don't play (better to opt-out when not racing) and do it more than twice we will remove your farm.
    It's okay to join us, but if your not racing we require you to opt-out of the derby in settings, and opt-in when your wanting to race.
    You have to opt-out before the race starts, so it is up to you to be on top of that. If you don't do it before race starts you are automatically in the race and will need to play.
    Last day of derby is important- you need to trash all tasks that take longer than a day to complete and leave quick tasks for the farms that haven't completed their 9 derby tasks. Mainly mining tasks (they are fast to do) leave the ones that are above 200 pts.. For those last second farms that come on needing something quick to finish!
    You are not required to help trash tasks, but when you can it's appreciated.

    Im at level 113 and my town is level 32. My team mates are awesome and helpful and I enjoy playing with them and we are a loyal team!!!

    Here's my stats:

    most truck deliveries in 1 day: 132
    most players visits in 1 day: 2759
    roadside shop max revenue in 1 day: 23,9181
    follower count: 244
    likes count: 664

    We are all different levels, but play well together! Stop by and visit!!!


    Required level to join: 60 (we will lower the level to let an active derby player in the hood if you a full time derby player)

    We are a very relaxed team with no drama. Just wanna have fun and help each other, win some more derbies while we get aquainted with some new team players that love this game as much as we do.
    Come win some derbies with us!

    If you don't know how to opt-in and opt-out of races:

    On the game, top left of screen you will see the settings gear. Click on it then click on the settings tab. Next, click the advanced tab, then scroll down till you see the derby opt-in button. Un-check it if you can't play in a race, on vacation, or just don't think you will have the time. Check it, when you are ready to race in a derby race. MOST IMPORTANT, you have to do it before the races begins or you will not be in the race. Or, if you forgot to uncheck it and the race started, guess what... You are in the race and obligated to play because YOUR score will make a difference and bring the team down with a zero score if you don't. Mistakes happen so if you have forgotten to leave a race, and you can't play in it... Please leave a message in the chat that you made a mistake. Again, farms that are opted-in to race and don't will make our team lose. Hence if a farm does this more than twice will be removed from the neighborhood.

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