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    Announcing the Forum Art competition series


    We would like to announce the first of a series of forum competitions around different themes. To kick off and help get your artistic skills going we would like you to design a brand new Clash of Clans signature - you can do this for yourself, for a friend or for any other member on the forum who you feel might appreciate the thought.

    The competition will run until Saturday 6th December however entries will be closed on Thursday the 4th.

    When the competition closes on the 4th the moderators and Supercell Staff will shortlist 3 signatures that they feel are the most outstanding of all taking into account the experience level of the artist (you have to trust our judgement will be fair on this).

    The entries will then be placed into a poll and you the community can then decide who wins first, second and third prizes.

    Talking about prizes, they are (drum roll):

    First Prize - 2,000 Gems
    Second Prize - 1,000 Gems
    Third Prize - 500 Gems

    You tubers are welcome to publicise the competition, if you do not want your image shown please mark it as such in your entry.

    So - time to do what you do best - please post your entries in this thread, no need to reserve spots we will be looking at them all.
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    Please submit your entries in this thread.
    As you may notice, you can't see any replies in this thread (not even your own) to keep it fair. All replies are visible to us mods & staff so please don't worry or re-post.

    All entries will be made visible to everyone when the competition is closed for submitting entries.
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    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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    I want 2000 gems

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    clash of clans signature

    how do i enter a competetion

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    Can we make signatures for a clan?

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    My Signature Entry

    Do I need to send a higher res one? this is so low resolution, lol ---let me know if so !

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    This is my sig using gimp.

    I have had to rush it since i have to go lol
    10 minute job

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    My entry

    I think I'm a beginner but it's up to you

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    Competition Wins:

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    sorry im too new to the forum, not sure my submission worked but ill try again , just to make sure
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    How do ya join?

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