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    Victory Point Reward Info + Upcoming Changes

    Currently things work as follows:
    - The VP reward boat comes at midnight UTC
    - The highest point your VPs reached during the previous 24 hours (from the time the boat arrives minus 24 hours) determines how big your VP reward options will be
    - The game rolls separately for each of your three options

    The chances for each option are:
    Diamonds - 20%
    Resources - 40%
    Power Stones - 40%

    If Resources win another roll is made:
    Gold - 25%
    Wood - 25%
    Stone - 25%
    Iron - 25%

    If Resources are chosen, the quantity scales upwards in a very linear fashion with each additional VP you gain.

    If Diamonds are chosen the quantity scales roughly as follows:

    However, the Power Stone reward has some clear cutoff points due to the value of a Power Stone Crystal.

    For the future:
    Currently the Power Stone reward thresholds are quite blunt - at ~700 VPs you can be offered a Power Stone Crystal and then you won't be offered a second Crystal until ~1,080 VPs. We're going to smooth this transition out in the next update by changing all of the Power Stone rewards to be either Fragments or Shards.

    Therefore, at ~700 VPs you can be offered 7 Shards instead of a Crystal and so on. This graph will explain the rest:

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    Sounds awesome Tim!

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    Is 1080 still the highest payout?

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    I like the 7 shards versus 1 crystal as that gives you an extra option to keep the guardian or turn it into a crystal.

    Tim, SC really needs to address the slow slow spawn rate whether or not it's working as SC intends. It's just not often enough for avid players. I'd be happy with double the spawn rate with half the loot to balance it out. At last I'd have something to do in game versus reading all the hate posts here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahkatep12 View Post
    Is 1080 still the highest payout?
    No, the more gradual Power Stone payout will also allow for 15 Shards at ~1,200 VPs (judging by the graph). The cap is basically whatever the highest amount of VPs people can achieve - of which there is no hard cap.

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    Good idea!

    You have released almost all of the sneak peeks!

    Can I ask a question:
    Will there be an update before christmas or directly next month as christmas update?
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    Second graph is confusing, what is the X value to the left of the Y axis? It looks like the Y axis intersects the X axis at 0 VP, so why is there stuff to the left of the Y axis? Is it possible in the game to have negative VP?

    edit: Never mind, I see now that the Y axis intersects the X axis at 200 VP.
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    Nice! Even more powerstones! (Will you make defence matter as well )

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    Nice Timmie :P
    can you check my suggestion in requests section?
    Old BB hag

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    Overall nice. But I think needs more granularity.

    This means slightly more power stones for certain VP ranges, but no difference for others. It would be nicer if the upcoming reward system was more granular, I mean smaller increments of VP to be rewarded as well. For example I have about 330 VP now, somewhere in between 2 shards and 3 shards. I would be happier if I was given, say, 17 fragments instead of 2 shards.
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