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Thread: Maxed TH9 lvl 102 Looking For A Clan

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    Maxed TH9 lvl 102 Looking For A Clan

    Maxed Deffences Working on level 9 walls. I'm on Most of the day with holidays now and looking for an active clan that I can communicate with while waiting for troops. I attack around 250+ per season so I'm always around with troops and I haven't gemmed.

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    Los Angeles
    We do two wars per week and kick people who don't participate. We are Raw Shawk.
    Leader of Raw Shawk and Co-Leader of Raw Shawk & Awe. IGN: drongo3 and Mr Stay Puft. Currently obsessed with Mass Witches.

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    I am Dinner, 30 from Australia.
    Part of an International ADULT WAR clan.

    We are an organised and experienced farm / war clan looking for new members like yourself.
    We would love to have you check us out.



    If you decide to join please include in your request to join, 'dinner forum invite'

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    Give us a try

    APEX PREDATORS - New Name, Same great players. [24/7 WAR]
    Clan Name: Apex Predators
    Clan Tag: #9LYUURRU

    About us:

    We are an adult led clan of serious mature players focused on winning wars. Warring back to back is our main focus. We are a mid level clan with players from TH8 to TH10. Failure to use both attacks in any war and poor performers are kicked after every war to ensure we stay competitive. The original 8 members have been together in a previous clan with 68 war wins for the past 5 months so we are focused and dedicated!

    Minimum Requirements:

    - War Hero 100+ stars
    - Walls must be level 7+
    - No rushed bases

    What you can expect from us:

    - 24/7 war
    - Instant donations (any TH9 maxed troops)
    - Friendly and helpful environment
    - You will not be disappointed

    check out our website at:
    APEX PREDATORS [Max TH9 clan]

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    Armed&Hammered - The standard of partying!

    We are an all around clan (Farming/Pushing/Warring). We war BACK 2 BACK for a week and then farm for a week. We have 40 wins in Clan Wars! We only push once every few months but when we push we push hard! Our best clan rank during push is 575 at 25,000+ Trophies

    +Some quick facts:+
    The average level is around 98
    We have over 20 level 100+
    We have a facebook group
    We have a website
    We have a HUGE age range (16-46) most of us are 20+
    Donation ratio doesn't matter as long as you meet our minimum donation requirement

    Have over 100 war stars.
    Have BOTH level 6 archers and level 5 wiz
    Have a combined hero level of 15
    Have at least level 7 walls
    Farm a lot!
    Be friendly
    Have a GOOD attack strategy! (WE WAR CONSTANTLY)
    Be able to download a chat application

    +Other general rules/requirements can be found at:+

    +How to join:+
    Search for us on Clash of Clans! Armed&Hammered with the blue and yellow flame. Type "Supercell" in the request message.

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    hey bud

    Check us out

    Team Name: Origin of Tank
    Leader: Greg lvl 86 maxed TH8 about to go to TH9
    War wins: had 28, had to start a new clan because the bug in the last update erased our clan from the clan search
    6 wins under new name. War starts every Wed and Sat unless we lose then a week to regroup exilir. Don't
    plan on losing though
    Levels: Range from lvl 60 to lvl 96 (lower guys dragon attack in wars)
    Activity: Very active group from top to bottom (some guys winning around 100-150 every 2 weeks)
    Feeder Clan: Tank2
    Age Range: 18-38

    Just a bunch of good people who love the game. Donate whenever troops needed and make sure to donate specific troops needed. Right now we're rolling 25/25 with 11 straight victories, honestly don't see us losing any wars with the current players. Looking to expand, growing rapidly. Definitely no drama, I bounce anyone who tries to create problems. I just booted our 3 TH10s due to being inactive and not performing well in wars. Need to replace them asap.

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    USA Midwest Location

    Thumbs Up Mad Wolfpack Alliance is the place for Adults that are Active for Farmin & WARS

    Mad-WolfPack Alliance of Clans: are Hybrids with same rules governing all.
    We Only Recruit Adult members..

    Each have set scheduled Clan-War/s a Week so if you wish to Clan war all week long they are staggered, to fit the needs of all Alliance members wants. Or if you wish to Farm 24/7 or partial these needs are met also. But only way to take advantage of these is to get Alliance txt app.

    All clans utilize the Free app called "GroupMe"
    to communicate to all alliance clan mates off CoC. can be found here:
    or on your phones app store

    MadHouse: Adult ONLY 20+ lvl 80+ Few Openings!!
    (as of now Shield is Blue/Yellow Flame) Clan war Schedule Monday prep 5pm EST/ or GMT 10pm Clan Tag #

    More Info click the Mad-WolfPack link in my Signature
    IGN: Thjinn One Leads of the:Mad-WolfPack Alliance Clans.
    Shadow WolfPack MadHouse and Insane WolfPack are clans members.
    4 More info click link below

    Mad-WolfPAck Alliance

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    I'm level 97 th 9 I was thinking of starting a clan would u be interested starting with me

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    Join us!

    Hi! Thanks for considering us... if you want a real war clan, look no further.

    If you agree/meet these:

    • We are a serious war clan run by ADULTS
    • We war 2-3 times per week
    • Mostly adults, ZERO drama but we love to joke
    • Must be great at war to want to learn to be great, no deadbeats please, we dont accept mediocrity
    • Must be active every day and donate
    • Best organized and led clan short of Champions or Professional leagues

    Details here, talk is cheap, check us, stay if you like!

    Make sure you state "FROM FORUM" in your request, thanks!


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    base sweepers

    lvl90+, war 24/7, adult player, fast donations.

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