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    Let's keep this post going till this idea is added to the game!

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    Jumping in. It's "new" to me....

    I think level up rewards are a good idea. But not keen on gold/elixer/dark elixer/gems---the in-game currencies.

    Perhaps, unlocking extra *items* has greater feasability. Level 10, an extra small bomb; level 20, an extra spring trap; level 30, an extra air bomb; level 40, an extra air bomb; level 50, an extra seeking air mine; level 60, an extra big bomb.... Higher levels unlock extra cannon, extra archer tower, extra mortar, extra wizard tower, extra air defense. Maybe the biggest reward: an extra army camp (to offset all the added defensive items everyone is getting).

    Just like decorations, you don't *have* to place them if you are watching defensive weight for war matchups. Unlike currency, SC doesn't have to worry about "back pay", they just become available in the shop to those who qualify (no expiration time limit, which seems unnecessary and contrived in the original proposal). You still have to buy and upgrade them; it only means you have something *available* that the rusher/engineer does not if you choose to include it.

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    This is a very old thread that was started in 2014. I'm therefore going to close it.

    Thank you.

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