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Thread: Guide to ruled out ideas

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    Guide to ruled out ideas


    This is a repost of Sticky 2.0 This has been reposted because of the unableness to get stickied.

    Below are a set of RULED OUT ideas. These will almost certainly not be added to the game as they have been ruled out by the developers for the reasons below.

    This is the thread for reasons why ruled out ideas are in the STICKY. Most ruled out ideas are added there first before here however with no reason to wht.

    But without further a do. Welcome to the Guide to Ruled Out Ideas!

    Frequently Requested

    Donating (or trading) resources or gems to (with) other players
    Donating resources, if implemented would be one of the most exploited features of the game. Many people may funnel resources, Funneling resources are involved when you have more than one account, let's say that you have only 1 million gold in your main account and you want more gold but you don't have time to raid it. Let's also say your second account has 6 million gold and you don't need it for anything, players will just simply donate off one account to another without even having to put any effort into it. It will also encourage gemmers to depend on funneling resources onto their account instead of buying gems, which makes money for Supercell. Therefore, hurting Supercell’s profits.

    *A way to convert between elixir, gold, dark elixir, or gems
    This is similar to almost donating resources, it will make the game too easy where you don't even have to put any effort into it. Let's say I have no gold but I have 8 million elixir, I can easily convert both of these and easily get the gold I want, vice versa! Just like the last idea, Supercell will also see a decrease in gem sales; people will want to convert their resources more instead of spending real money for gems, and that will hurt Supercell's profits.

    *Assign multiple builders to one build/upgrade
    Most of Supercell's income comes from gems purchases and spending, time is a major factor in the game which encourages gemming for a higher income for Supercell. If we cut down upgrades times by more than 40%, then that means less gems can be spent on finishing the upgrade which is a downfall to Supercell's profit. Don't get Supercell wrong, the aren't greedy at all, they just need income to keep your game going and your future updates to come, and this feature will significantly decrease gem sales for SC.

    *Upgradeable builders’ huts – lvl 2 huts for a 5% time decrease??
    Most of Supercell's income comes from gems purchases and spending, time is a major factor in the game which encourages gemming for a higher income for Supercell. This feature will significantly decrease gem sales for SC which means less profit. This would also cause major problems as in earlier versions of the game didn’t need you to have two builders during the tutorial and you can still work around it now.

    *Player search function
    This idea would be very useful for all of us however the main problem is that many players have the exact same name. For example, a lot of people are name “Justin”, so you have to scroll through and check EVERY base to see if it’s the one you want. It’s a lot easier to just friend someone with Game Center or Facebook.

    *Ability to change village name
    Name changes would be very useful for all of us, Unfortunately some of our fellow Clashers are dishonest unfriendly trolls. For example, someone could join a clan, then kick and spam. He gets kicked, then he changes his name and rejoins. And the cycle continues. It could also cause some server issues as any old clans holds messages with your name even if you’ve left.

    *Active/ Live “Online Status” examples: colored icons, on/off indicator, etc.
    People need their privacy: having this implemented in the game removes it. An online indicator opens people up to abuse: for example, if they are online but not donating, people could use that as an excuse to abuse that person. Furthermore, there would be strain on the server, as it would need to check who's online and who isn't. Ultimately, this would start making the game lag and potentially turning down plenty of players.

    *Indicate last online date
    People need their privacy: having this implemented in the game removes it. Sure, this might be helpful for clan leaders but may annoy players who don't want there last online date shown publicly.

    Remove the “Report” button/feature from global chat. Abused too often, and mute is better solution
    This would help us but Supercell can’t because of legal reasons. For example, let’s say somebody gets bullied significantly on Global, he reports him but, still emotionally hurt and commits suicide. And it leads to a court case. Then Supercell can reference back to the report case. It’s like a security camera.
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    Clan Related:

    *Add other clan requirements to apply besides trophies, ex: Specific troop lvl, TH lvl, game lvl - Trophies actually are already a fairly good measure of ability. If it matters that much, use "invite only" to be able to screen potential new clan mates, or simply kick someone if they do not satisfy the clan's non-trophy requirements.

    *Customizable clan flag - This feature will not be added due to inappropriate flags that people could create. This is a game for all ages.

    *Add ability to send short message to rejected applicants similar to when expelling - Some people may bully and swear at their rejected applicants which is not what Supercell wants with the game. A censor would not work for this, as players would find ways around it as they do on global.

    *A large text area for clan rules that just the clan can see (separate from public clan description) This would cause a lot of server problems as every clan would have a near page long rule section and there are thousands of clans out there.

    *Make the public clan description text area larger - The current description area is already big enough and this would cause server problems.

    *Leader (and co-leaders) ability to clear messages in chat - This would also clear donations and replays, which would cause a problem as you need to wait time before you can try again even if you did it just before reset.

    *Modify clan msg of player joining with who invited player: xx joined clan, invited by xx - This may cause unnecessary drama in clans as people may bully and harass players who invite “noobs”. It’s a lot easier just for a leader to kick the invited player.

    *Add clan rank to Clan Info Screen - Quicker to reference than scrolling to end of top 200 list - It doesn't take very long to scroll down the list of the top 200 clans. It would also mess up the existing setup of the clan description screen, which has just the right amount of space.

    *Increase clan size: 75 or 100 are most common requests - Clan size will not be increased increased because it be too many people for leaders to handle. Even with co-leaders, drama may break out due to mismanagement.

    *Separate Elder+ chat tab in-game - Drama may ensue after private discussions get leaked about clan members. Like talking trash about other members. The publicness of clan chat may incline people to be more polite.

    Defensive Structure Related:

    *Ability to camouflage/purchase camouflage – (make AT appear as a barracks until within range) - Completely unfair. Just like hidden teslas, but even more overpowered.

    *Ability to load current x-bow with elixir or dark elixir for extra bonus of some sort - If they allowed this, it would be in gems, and that would make defense too strong. But before you say that defense is too weak, it is as strong as it should be; the game was balanced to make offense more powerful.

    *Stack defence structures – ATs over walls, Teslas on top of barracks (truly hidden), etc. - Base designs would become just stacking all defenses on top of each other in the middle, and then surrounding them with walls. Not to mention the havoc it would create for the graphics of stacked stuff...

    *Upgrade to 2-story walls that hog riders/jump spell can’t penetrate (maybe limit #) - The whole point of hogs or the jump spell is that they can always jump over all walls. Supercell won't provide a further nerf to hog riders, nor will they provide counters to spells

    *Display both X-bow range circles at once for planning – different color on inactive one - Unnecessary and would have people requesting this from all defences.

    *Modify clan castle – toggle defend/not defend (like heroes) - This is unnecessary; if you wanted it to defend, you would request before leaving. If you wanted to attack, you request attacking troops and attack.

    *Auto request CC troops in clan if you win a defense (shield didn’t activate, still attackable) - It would decrease players donate:request ratio greatly, and a lot of clans have rules about it. Adding the auto-request feature would cause many loyal players to be kicked from their clans.

    *Gem mines/drills - Gem mines are ruled out because they would cause Supercell to lose game sales which makes them profit and also make the game too easy.

    *Wizard Laboratory to create/upgrade wizard projectiles/spells - Wizards are just normal troops, and are powerful enough already. Like all other troops, they are upgraded in the normal laboratory. There's no need to add extra, special, customization for just one troop, or for any troop, for that matter.

    *Add a second laboratory or a second slot in current lab to do two researches at once - Allowing two researches to occur simultaneously would effectively remove the time factor involved in an upgrade, which would mean that people will be less inclined to spend gems on an upgrade.

    *Queue upgrades/builds - This would create server overload, as players would queue builders until a base was maxed out. Loot would also be lack lusting because resources would always be used up.

    *Troop Armor Building - . Research upgrades to troop armors/attack/speed, etc. - We already have 1 laboratory to upgrade troops. Adding a second to upgrade individual stats would be very complex, not only to implement, but also for players to understand.

    *Swap buildings – drop one on the other, pop-up or double tap to swap if same size - Too complicated to implement all and not necessary.

    *Ability to turn on all def building radius circles at once to check coverage - Too complicated to implement all and not necessary.

    *Trap/Explosives hut to upgrade/build bigger ones - The only way to get new upgrades is to upgrade your town hall, this would cause extra complexity to have a second place to provide an opportunity to upgrade things in. It is the same as upgrading something to be able to upgrade something that was upgradable before.
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    Troop/Barracks Related:

    *Customize troop builds = to order, permanent productions, saved queues, etc. - The current training system is fine. Adding this would cause lag to the game. Furthermore, the amount of effort that is required to implement this would not be worth it.

    *Queue troop donation notices when offline – display when back online or new interface to see info after - COC is a online game. In other words, it cannot be played with no internet connection. This certainly means that you will not be able to request troops to clan-mates while offline.

    *Show total training time left above barracks - This wouldn’t be worth the time to program and it’s easier for the user just to do the quick math

    *Show total elixir costs of troops sitting in army camps - Unneeded. If you care enough to want to know, you can use a calculator to add all of the troop costs together.

    *5x or 10x button in troop training screens for faster queuing - Unnecessary. Tapping & holding the button will currently rapidly add troops. Additionally, the interface for having multiple buttons would be too cluttered.

    *Ability to rearrange barracks queued troops (ex: click/hold slide troop icon first in queue to the middle) - Players could easily cancel and re-make troops within a matter of seconds. That's why deleting troops in barracks won't cause you to loose any elixir.

    *Modify healers to include healing air troops - Healers serve a special purpose: They heal ground troops while being very exposed to air defenses. If healers were allowed to heal air troops, this weakness would vanish. Other air troops would take the air defense damage, and the healer would heal them, keeping the healer virtually invulnerable.

    *Requests for every troop types to have a related hero - Attacking would easily become overpowered, it would impact almost everyone.

    *Prepackaged troop clusters = similar to clan castle deployment, but you can load like 50 troop count in 4 different clusters to deploy on offense all at once. - This may cause a lot of server and device lag, due to the simultaneous deployment.

    *Have clan war troop donations count towards donation statistics - Supercell allows people to donate to a war clan castle if their troops have been dumped, so people could abuse this by donating, say giants or goblins, getting those removed, then training and donating more.

    Battle Related:

    *Ability to filter matchmaking by resources or trophies available - It would cause strain on the servers due to them needing to search through hundreds of bases, causing clouds everywhere, and an overloaded search system.

    *Capture live attackers and have them reassigned to your own clan castle, army camps, or new structure - If this were implemented, many top players would quit because the one chance they get to attack gets ruined, and therefore causing a shutdown of Clash.

    *Bonus/award if attacker skips your village – partial payment to you on match fee - People may park their base in the lower leagues and remain offline to get the loot from skips while not getting attacked.

    *On Offensive Battle Summary include resource cost of troops/spells used - This would cause more server lag and would really not bring that much to the game.

    *Ability to assign 5 or so of your own troops to defend Town Hall, same AI as CC, smaller radius - This would make attacking underpowered and defending overpowered since the attacking troops would target the Town Hall first and not the Town Hall troops, the Town Hall troops would easily wreck the attacking troops. Furthermore, we already have a CC, we don’t need a second one specially for the Town Hall.

    *Ability to transfer a revenge to a clan member or public hitlist - If someone was 3-starred by a town hall 5, they could send the revenge to a clanmate that was a maxed town hall 10 and could crush them with almost no troops or effort, therefore removing the strategy part of the game and replacing it with bullying lower level players, creating an uproar and the collapse of the real meaning of Clash of Clans.

    *Auto reset/repurchase traps if you win a defense (shield didn’t activate, still attackable) - Many 'farmers' would become angered at traps from inactives being re-armed and ruining their raid, and their gold being wasted on an auto-repurchase. It could also be easily exploited. If you were to lose a defense, then win one, you would get you traps re-armed, therefore un-balancing the raiding part of the game considerably.

    *Add a small chance to “Steal/Win/Replace” spells on an attack victory (suggest 3-star only) - If you could steal spells you would be causing people to waste patience on losing over 15000 elixir, which could cause players to leave. Winning them would cause people to gem spells less often, which would lower SC’s profit.

    *Back button in matchmaking for accidental “Next” clicks Perhaps cost double fee to return - After nexting that base, it moves on to another base. It doesn't save it somewhere. It is not possible to go back.

    *Deactivate spell selection after casting to avoid multiple mis-casts, make user re-select if wanted - This would cause more problems then it would solve; all players have to do to solve this problem is to be a bit more careful where they click.

    *Add a 1-2 second spell casting cooldown to prevent unwanted multiple mis-casts - This may cause some protests from other players because of CC troops and their movement when lightning them.
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    Graphical Interface Related:
    *Separate tab in chat for troop requests - This idea is not really needed since you can already see when somebody requested troops and you can tap on the green button to get to the request quickly. We kind of already have the tab, it’s the green button.

    *Revenge list indicate online/shielded or currently attackable without having to click each person’s button - This would make revenge attacks much too easy to do. The point of revenge is to allow you to attempt to attack people who annoyed you in their attack for some reason. This would turn revenging into a hitlist.

    *Ability to hide certain attacks in battle logs - Who can see battle logs? The person the battle log was made for. Does it matter if either way no one else can see it? Not really.

    *Show loot/trophies which were available on battle logs in addition to what was earned - There is no need; what happened happened, all that matters is that you got some loot. If you had a 1,000,000 loot raid with 2,000,000 available, you only need to care about getting the loot, you will only feel bad by reminding yourself you only got half the loot.

    *When revenge used – defense log includes original attack results (resources/trophies/%/stars) - The attack log shows what you looted, defense what was looted from you; there is an extremely small chance they will revenge you once they have left your attack log, and you definitely won't revenge them when they left your defense log.

    *Modify Att/Def Won stat to include losses as well, example: Attacks: 38/12 Defenses: 3/12 - This has been ruled out as most would not wish to show how many they have lost, the point of the game is to focus on the victories and how well you can attack. Adding losses to the game is demeaning, and therefore not wanted by the community, and currently. Not wanted by the mods.

    *Add comma or space at thousands space in ALL places: Upgrade buttons, spell/troop buttons, shop, etc. - Not worth the time to implement. It isn't very difficult to count the 0s yourself when checking numbers. Additionally, do to the way programming stores numbers, it is difficult to draw the number with extra characters in the middle.

    *Add a counter when all builders are busy to indicate when first one will be free - Unneeded. The player can easily do this themselves. They have up to 5 builders, and most likely have a general idea of what is being updated. Only a short time is required to find the upgrade bars and compare them yourself.

    *Allow iOS Device battery indicator icon to be displayed while in-game - This would require completely changing the resolution of every version of Clash on iOS which would take a lot of time on Supercell’s part.

    *Upgrade menu listing all things upgradable - This would add server lag for nothing, just go around your village and see for yourself, it should not take you more than 20 seconds.

    *Ability to turn on white buffer lines without moving building/decoration - This is already possible in base edit mode.

    *Add a League Chat area - Making a league chat area would create a huge abundance of globals which might put some extra weight on servers due to the fact that there are countless globals, and people will be more spread out in the globals, causing it to also be a bit unnecessary.

    *Resetting or restarting a specific village - This is ruled out because there would be too many problems with people mistakenly restarting their progress when they didn't want to

    *Rate base feature - Many people may swear and spam at innocent players which would make many players quit.

    *Keep replays through maintenance – increase from 4 to 6 or at least since last login - Replays are not videos. They are instead lines of info that COC remembers when and where troops were deployed and then it plays out. But through updates, many troops AI are changed which means the replays would change.

    *Add a setting to disable village animations to improve performance on older devices - This is a great idea, however, it would require an almost complete re-write of Clash, which means no updates, and possibly clash being shut down.

    *Add gem use confirmation on all functions - Supercell wants you to spend gems, so you buy more. Not to try making you think twice about it.

    *A way to up spawn rate of obstacles and/or increase in chance/# of gems when removing - Supercell makes money from selling gems. They are not going to give non-buyers opportunity to get more free gems, as that would lessen the idea of buying gems.

    *Additional leaderboards based on TH level - The point of the game is supposed to be trophies and to gain them. Everything else is to help you get trophies. People will start ignoring that leaderboard.

    *Add push notification for Hero ready (healed/able to attack) - It would add to the amount of push notifications that are sent which would increase errors on the server side. 9000 per minute is for peak performance.

    *Log gem usage/gains in gamecenter (or ingame) so users can look to see where they went - Too complicated to program in and unnecessary. Also may cause bullying to players who are constant gemmers.

    *Add an unmute option for accidental muting – or have a list showing all muted to pick certain unmutes - Use it carefully and there's no need for an unmute button. Muting a player does not add their name into a list of "Muted People" - and if this list was implemented, it can cause rather huge amounts of Game Play Lag.

    *Add custom sound notifications for Clash push notifications - Supercell doesn't feel the need to have special sound effects, when the device's operating system will play a sound by default anyway.

    *Add mini-games, something to occupy time - Minigames provide something to do when you are bored. Supercell doesn't want to give you things to do when bored, as they make money off of peoples' boredom. Letting people do stuff while waiting for something to finish would lessen the chance of players gemming stuff, which would decrease Supercell's income.

    This list may grow with further suggestions, so watch this space.
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    Now heres credit to everybody involved!

    Special note to EmeraldRange as he noticed that the "Separate Elder+ chat tab in-game" idea was missing and he provided reasoning for why it was ruled out.
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    Two posts have been reserved here for future use.
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    Read above
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    nice thread! wow to the work that went into this!!
    what about the 100s of flag requests...

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    Great thread!
    Now, if only new posters will read first before posting!
    Also, nice touch with the pictures.

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    So... Do we know why the first one didn't get stickied?
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