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Thread: Riverbears has a couple of openings!

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    Riverbears has a couple of openings!

    We are Riverbears, proud members of the Bearfamily of clans.
    Cavebears, Chillbears, Firebears, Icebears, Mountainbears and Thunderbears!
    Our clan mates span the globe; From the West coast of the United States to the Eastern seaboard of New Zealand!

    We are farmers with a thirst for war - Button is pushed every Friday!

    We keep our battle skills honed to a keen edge with regular "Family Feuds" pushing ourselves to heights unheard of in other farming clans!

    We entertain ourselves by day, raiding high and low - pillaging the Underworld and conquering the higher realms! Our nights are spent in front of a roaring fire chugging the finest mead (brewed using Dark Elixer) as we recount the day's adventures. We share tall tales, battle strategies and the occasional recipe!

    If you're an independent yet social clasher looking for:

    A place where troop requests are filled in record time with the highest calibre troops.
    A place where good chats are just as important as good raids.
    A place where a helping hand is always there.
    A place where mature, fun loving adults can get away for a few hours of blood thirsty pillaging.
    A place that simply feels right!

    Then stop by the River for a quick refreshing dip and you'll never want to leave!

    21 years of age or older, lvl80+, at least lvl7 walls, lvl2 dragons and lvl5 archers.
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    Rocinante of the Riverbears - proud members of the Bear Family
    Cavebears, Chillbears, Icebears, Thunderbears, Firebears, Mountainbears & Chillbears!
    Click here for our Homepage.

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