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Thread: TH 9 Farming Base |♕MegaFarm♕| Best TH 9 Farming Design|Recover from Rushing|

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    Thumbs Up TH 9 Farming Base |♕MegaFarm♕| Best TH 9 Farming Design|Recover from Rushing|

    MegaFarm - An All Rounder TH 9 Farming Base

    NEW!! Base Version 2.0 released 23/11/14Defence log updated 23/11/14Defence log updated 16/11/14
    Base Version 1.3 released 16/11/14

    Credit to the clan - MegaFarm for this base, I've stumbled across this base 6 months ago whilst scouting the clan "MegaFarm", I name this base after the clan, as i am not the original creator of it. Please inform me if someone's already posted this base design.

    Current Base Design, Version 2.0

    Sidenote- first of all, I apologise for the delay of this release. Furthermore, I'd like to thank ordiepordie for his contribution (was going to release for Version 1.5), keep up the good work!
    Implemented Double junctions and Double Giant Bombs. Outer ring updated. (DE and CC are interchangeable)

    Walls & Traps Setup for Version 2.0

    Edit: There is a wall at the top left

    What's in this version?

    Double Junctions

    Hidden Tesla on the outer-ring

    Double Giant Bombs

    Version 1.3

    AD and Motar rearranged.

    Version 1.2

    Walls & Traps Setup for Version 1.2 & 1.3

    ♕Table Of Contents
    Why choose this base
    How is this base an all-rounder
    How you can recovered from TH rushing
    My Recovery
    Clan Castle Reinforcements
    Defence logs (WIP)
    FAQ (WIP)

    I started clashing last year, the halloween update to be exact, to celebrate my one year on Clash of Clans, I decided to gather up my knowledge and share it with you guys. I wasn’t a massive fan of Clash of Clans back in the days, i decided to try it because of its Warcraft-like-features. One thing that i regretted the most was rushing TH 9; I imagined TH 9 as rushing your altar, but i was clearly mistaken. TH 9 takes the game into a whole new level, adding complexity and start to focus more on planning.

    ♕Why choose this base?
    MegaFarm is an all rounder farming base, it has separated compartments for storages, centered CC and wizard towers covering most of the base. You will rarely get an full on raid as most attackers will skip this base, I mean it does look pretty intimidating.
    This base works only for Townhall 9's with 2 X-Bows, it is especially ideal for active players.

    I've been Townhall 9 for about 5 months and I can safely say that this is the best Townhall 9 farming base out there, I just keep on coming back to the base as it defends my resources so well.

    ♕How is this base an all-rounder
    At Gold III- Gold I, this base is invincible. It is rare to see players use Hogs, with the exception of a revenge attack. Lets break down and see how this base does to different attack strategy. (Stars resting how well this base does against)

    Barch ★★★★☆
    This base defends really well against Barbarians and Archers, they pose no threat to the base due to their low HP.
    BAM ★★★★☆
    Barbarians, archers and minions. This is the more “evolved” version of BARCH, where the attackers takes advantage of the defender’s position of Wizard towers, Bam’s got nothing on this base, minions will disintegrate instantly.
    Giants Healers ★★★☆☆
    A more common attack strategy you will see, can be unpleasant if used with wizards. However, result may vary depending on attacker’s placement of troops, if he lured, if he have his heroes, if he have his spell. A Giants Healers attack with no spell will die off quickly against this base.
    Mass Hog ★★☆☆☆
    If we are talking about lvl 5 hogs, a good attacker can be deadly to this base. However, like i mentioned before, Hog users are rare, especially after the skeleton traps’ release.
    Holowiwi ★★★☆☆
    An “evolved” version of Mass Hog, using Balloons to take out 2 sides before releasing 16-26 hogs. Balloons are useless against this base as an Air Defence will take it down in 2 shots.
    Mass Dragons ★★★★☆
    A very popular attack in CW, any good attacker can Three-Star any TH 8 bases with lvl 3 Dragons, with lvl 6 Balloons in the CC. However, this does not make them strong, with one extra Air Defence you get at TH 9, your attacker will stare in horror as Mega destroys the Dragons. Dragons are weak against this base, they will circle around the base, rendering them invulnerable.
    Loonions ★★★★☆
    A common attack used by pushers. However, trophies are the only thing Loonion users are going to get if they attack you.
    Gowiwi/Gowipe ☆☆☆☆☆
    An very deadly attack involving using 2 or moreGolems and AOE units behind them, making the defensive structures focus the golems rather than the units behind it. It is very very unlikely that you will get attacked by one. And, name one TH 9 base that is Anti-Gowiwi/Gowipe. You see my point?

    ♕How you can recovered from TH rushing (with the help of MegaFarm)
    -I basically rushed TH 9 after I maxed out the Wizard Towers and Mortars at Townhall 8, I encountered huge problems after I hit Townhall 9, especially after the changes to loot I could no longer pick off Townhall 7s for an easy loot. You really want try and play more frequently, try to get 10+ raids a day.
    -I recommend BARCH for any farmers as it is cheap, saves you Elixer so you can spend them on research. (I get 400k resources nearly every raid).
    -Aim for 6 million loot per day, this will get you about 5 defensive structures per week.
    -Always upgrade Mortars and Wizard Tower first if you can not get 2 mill gold from raids per day. (lvl 7 Wizard Tower one-shots lvl 6 archers).
    -Stay around 1600- 1800 cups.
    -Never trophy push.
    -Boost Barracks at least once per week, a good two hours of raiding can get you 6 Mill in resources. (You get more than 40 gems from digging up trees, per week).
    -Try and not have free builders.
    -A very active player (At least 3 mill gold/ day) should be: Lvl 3 X-Bows>Queen>Lvl 6 Giants>Lvl 6 DE Drill>Lvl 7 Wizard Towers>Lvl 5 CC>Mortars

    ♕My Recovery
    I did major upgrades to my base between lvl 91 and 101, I’ve only started upgrading walls once I had the max lvl Wizard Towers, XBow and Mortars for TH 9. Having these defensive structure maxed out first can help a ton in saving up gold. Right now, lvl 106, I am maxed defence TH 9. I’ve gotten to Masters with this defence (and ran out of elixir, lol).

    As you can see, I upgraded heaps of walls and defences. BARCH FTW.

    ♕CC Troops to defend your base
    I recommend these great reinforcement troops comp.
    -30 Archers, The cheapest comp. to defend your base, can be devastating if the attacker doesn't have a lighting spell.
    -3 Wizards, 18 Barch. Standard comp. for all Th 9 Bases
    -1 Balloon, 1 Valk, 9 Barch, 2 Wiz. Advance defence comp for protecting your base when you have full storages.

    Leave your questions below.

    Gasai Yuno,
    I apologise for my lack of english. Second language.
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    Defence Log:

    An attack from a TH 10, both heroes, all 5 spells for a 37% one star.

    Garch raid for 40%, one star. DE from the drills.

    An revenge attack for 21%, one star.

    Another revenge attack for 39%, one star. With all 5 of his spells.

    Defence Log for Base Version 2.0

    All-Out Revenge with Loonions, Got 1 GS and 2 ES. Failed to get to my DE.

    TH 10 Hog Attack, DGB got him good.
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    Nice base

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkHero View Post
    Nice base
    Thanks, it's um, very symmetrical.

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    Decent base even though any Th 9 base without too much exposed storage is good against BARCH and BAM.
    I don't see the point of not having a th 9 farming base optimized against Balloonion and hogs...
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    Nice looking base and a great post. As a recovering premie myself, I absolutely agree with almost everything you said. The proof is in your results as well.

    The only thing I might suggest is that saving up for max xbows is easier to do later than early. In the beginning of recovery, you are very vulnerable to raids, so you lose a lot when you try to save those huge numbers. Plus, for those who don't have max storages, getting them to where they can hold 7 million is an extra step right off the bat. The decision probably depends on how premie you are.

    The best advice anyone can hear as a premie though is to get camps and barchers up, and set to raiding. Very nice guide.
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    Great base! I'm excited to see the defense logs for it

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    Looks kind of similar to the ringus base. Looks like it served you well. Good work

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    Thumbs Up

    This is a great base!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed2088 View Post
    Decent base even though any Th 9 base without too much exposed storage is good against BARCH and BAM.
    I don't see the point of not having a th 9 farming base optimized against Balloonion and hogs...
    1)I remember mentioning that this base does well against Loonion.
    2)Like i mentioned, you are not going to see much hog users around Gold League, and with hogs; any TH 9 anti-hog base can be 3-stared by hogs or a variety of hog attacks, such as holo, and gohog . (I am in an undefeated war clan myself, and have seen plenty of TH 9 "anti hog" base get three stared). When you try to have an anti-hog farming base, you leave vulnerability for other attack strategies such as gianthealers or Loonions because anti-hog bases focuses more on ring setup rather compartments.

    Thanks for your reply,
    I hope you see where i am getting at.

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