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Thread: [poem] A hay day.

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    [poem] A hay day.

    The first view of the beautiful field,
    Hypnotizes my mind and pulls me into the virtual reality,
    It lets me feed the chicken, then milk the cows,
    Its all happening on the first day.

    Like a child growing up and learning words,
    I learn how to make items out of raw materials,
    And I don't stop there, I continue with my imagination, on this fine day.

    The items are finished, ready to sell, they await,
    They await for me to pick them up and sell them to ither farmers or visitors that come to my farm,
    I have now sold the products to them for gold.

    I am not expanding, the virtual reality now fading in with reality,
    Every second spent on the construction of the buildings fuels the anticipation of using it!
    I thrive for the hours to slide - during which I finish my work.

    Suddenly, work has finished, and i jump to my mobile device (iPhone), and the first thing I launch is HAY DAY!
    I quickly check the construction, and it has finished.

    Rough days are over, life is now divided by two realities - rendering stress useless,
    I await for the days when my farm would be populated with all the buildings,
    And their mastery stars maxed!

    A hay day, spend the time here, and work in your office [or whatever],
    Waste not a second of your life.

    Happy Hay Day!

    NOTE: I love the game! Thank you supercell!!
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    I like your phrase "life is now divided by two realities". I definitely disappear into the "reality" of my farm on "a hay day." Thanks for sharing your poem.

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    The pleasure is all mine

    I had to combine the importance of both realities in one stanza, easily done by that

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    I love hayday inspired lit! You really capture the excitement of playing hayday...well done
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    Great job!

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    "clap, clap, clap" beautiful. No wonder why your name is ShakeSpear
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