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Thread: So You're Thinking of Going to TH 9.... A Complete Guide

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    So You're Thinking of Going to TH 9.... A Complete Guide

    In this guide I will attempt to give you a better understanding of when it's time to upgrade your TH to level 9. It will also explain tips and tricks at TH 9 and give you a better idea of where to do what and so forth. It will be a long read, but please bear with me!

    Table of Contents (Steps 1-4 are in Order, the Rest are Just Info & Tips)
    1) Let's look...
    2) Game-Plan
    3) What to Do?
    4) Those Troops.....
    5) Heroes!
    6) Effective Farming Compositions (220 space)
    7) Effective Pushing/CW Compositions (220 space)
    8) Farming Ranges?
    9) Mid-Late Upgrades
    10) Mid-Late Lab Upgrades
    11) Late TH 9 Upgrades

    1) Let's Look...

    Going from TH 8 to TH 9 is a huge event in your clash experience. You get xbows, level 6 troops, more army camps, more spells, better defenses, more defenses, the whole shebang. making sure that you're ready for it is important; while some say to not worry about max-ing, many say differently. I am of the opinion that you should max everything you can at your current TH level (walls excluded if you don't have the patience).
    Before you leave TH 8, make yourself a sort-of checklist:
    Do I have maxxed out defenses?
    Is my lab in a good spot? (i.e. are your troops mostly leveled up to what it allows, except for maybe two-ish troops)
    How are my walls? Are they too low for what level I am? (a TH 8 shouldn't leave with level 6 walls.. at least get them 7)
    What about my king? Is he high enough? (I recommend getting your King to at least 5)
    Are my barracks and camps at their highest?
    If you think you've completed those tasks, then I'd say start saving for that TH upgrade! Also keep in mind that the earlier you do your skulls, the better. These can be a good thing to do while your TH is upgrading.. though make sure you have near-full storages when it's finished so you can get the goodies!

    2) Game-Plan

    Make sure to have a good understanding of what time it will be when your TH finishes, and how much resources you have saved up. It's not good to have it finish at 2 am.. you're wasting time! Also, you want to have ample time to start your new buildings.

    3) What to Do...

    Yes! It's done! Time to get movin'
    First thing's first: start that lab! Level six troops are a massive improvement, especially loons, giants, and barbs.
    Next, get your well-deserved Archer Queen!From here there are two choices:Take three other buildings to start defenses: a archer tower, an xbow, and a wizard tower. (Do the second xbow after you've got those built).
    Or: Do your camps, spell factory, and DE drill.
    With your last builder, (if you have five, that is) place your new walls. There should be 25 of them.
    Build all other defenses and buildings.
    This is where patience starts to kick in. Obviously you don't want to leave your defenses just sitting in the corner, but their still too weak to fully incorporate into your base, which would cause a weakness. There are two choices:
    Implement your walls and defenses into your base anyway, screw the attackers, right?
    Wait and continue upgrading them till they are a reasonable level, then implement them.
    A good thing to keep in mind though, is that when you're such a new TH, you aren't really going to have any gold laying around because it'll be so wrapped-up in upgrades. It'll take awhile to get all of your new defenses up to equal level (as your old defenses). Especially the teslas and air defense.

    4) Those Troops...

    The age-old question: To upgrade, or not to upgrade?
    First, I would focus on your farming troops. As for the order, it depends on how you farm. If you farm with all archers, do archers.(though that would require you to wait till all four elixir storages are maxed, and it's dumb to sit idle..) If you barch, I'd do barbs first, not only because they are cheaper, but because its a pretty big upgrade and they get to be pretty tough (withstanding several mortar/wizard tower/cannon/archer tower shots.)if you farm with giants as a main priority, do them. Pretty simple.
    Once you've done your main farming troops, it's up to you. Though I will say loonion is a good strategy, and it get's very good with level 6 balloons. If you're into it, do those next. After that, I would do Golems and Witches (if you are in a clan war-oriented clan)

    5) Heroes!

    At lower levels, your King wasn't as important. But welcome to the big-leagues (well,bigger, anyway). Here, your heroes are a crucial part of attacking, especially for clan wars. So you want to get your Queen to at least five as fast as you can. Take a break to upgrade your golems (to three at least) and witches, then focus all of your DE there. Hopefully pretty soon you'll get them to level 10 and unlock their second ability levels!

    6) Effective Farming Army Compositions

    There are so many options of farming, so I'll choose three different attack styles and include where to use them. This is not a how-to guide, so I will just list the numbers.

    BARCH: For 220 spaces, I use 110 of each. I like to train 55 barbs and 5 archers in two rax, and 50 archers in the other two. This creates equal training time.(20 minutes) This is helpful to those who are like me and suffer from OCD This strategy can be used anywhere, even champion league if you do it right.

    Giant/Arch/Gobs: I put 4 giants and wallbreakers in each rax. Then put in 12 gobs in the first two rax, and 13 in the second two. Finally,put 14 archers in two rax, and 15 in the other two. Should take roughly 26 minutes. This works best from 1300-2400 (ish) trophies.

    Loonion: This one is variable; use what you think is best. I do 26 balloons and the rest minions. Feel free to change that to suit your needs. This yields the best loot in crystal leagues and above.

    7) Effective Trophy/CW Army Compositions

    Like I said before, there are many.
    Loonion: Read above

    Barch: Read above
    (Clan War)
    GoWiWi: This is by far my favorite CW army. It always gets me at least two stars, and three if I'm doing exceptionally good that day. I recommend getting your Golems to 3 and your Witches to 2, though it will work without that, albeit less effectively.
    Comp: 2 golems, 4 witches, 16 wbs, 19 wizards, 4 archers, and a max golem in your CC if your clan is nice enough. Do 2 golems in one Dark rax, 4 witches in the other, 4 wbs & 5 wiz in every rax except for one, only put 4 wiz. Top off with one archer in each rax.
    Dragon: Mass drags. Pretty self-explanatory

    8) Farming Ranges....

    Everyone who plays clash knows that the loot is downright horrid at the moment. Has been for weeks. Please fix this SC! Anyway, you can still try the three best ranges (for me and my clan, anyway) Gold 2/1 Crystal 3/2/1 and Masters 3 if you want to loon and get some higher level experience. A few months back, I was able to make millions a day in upper gold one and lower crystal 3. Not anymore, but you could still try it. After all, we have to have hope, right?

    9) Mid-TH 9 Defensive Upgrades

    A few weeks into TH 9 and you should have your base equaled out. Now it's time to do the big stuff: Xbows, Clan Castle, Wizard Towers, Mortars, Air Defenses, and Teslas. This is where things start to get expensive, and I feel sorry for anyone who has to do this in the current Loot hell (as of late October, 2014). After those are done, you have a choice: Finish the archer towers and cannons? Or get a head start on those walls. If you got to TH 9 with level seven walls, I would do them to 8 right here. As of right now, I have left off my AT and cannons in favor of pouring my gold into level 9 walls so attackers don't steal it, and it's the best way to deal with the loot situation in my opinion.

    10) Mid-TH 9 Lab Upgrades

    At this point you've hopefully finished your farming troops. Now I suggest the Golems and Witches (as stated above. They are very important upgrades) If you don't have level three Pekkas already, do those. Same with balloons and minions; upgrade those. I don't ever use the healer, but if you do, upgrade her. You get the idea. Also this is a good time to do your healing spell to 6, and your jump spell to 2.

    11) Late TH 9 Upgrades

    The only defenses you should have left are AT and cannons if you did what I did. You could finish those up or do your walls. It's your choice. Keep in mind that unless you are active for hours a day, it will take a long time to grind those walls out. Don't lose your patience! It will really, really help out in the long run if you do your walls now. Obviously you don't have to, and as of now you could probably go on to TH 10 without an issue. It's all up to you. DO what you think is best for you; enjoy your game!

    Well, Thanks for reading! I know it was very long, but I wanted it to be nice and thorough. This is my first guide on the forums, I appreciate feedback. If there has already been another guide like this for TH 9, I apologize.

    I got the inspiration for this guide from "A Complete Guide For Those Making the Jump to TH 8" by Caesarll. I am in no way trying to claim it or copy it, just re-do one for TH 9.

    Again, thanks for reading, and I hope the intended audience learns something from it!
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    Very nice write-up sir! Great suggestions and overall good advice.

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    Probably on the toilet with a chew in
    Sad you spent so much time with so little attention given.

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    near maxed TH8 here.. upgrading my last 3 air defenses to max and finishing my lvl 8 walls.. how come you wouldnt recommend getting archer queen right away if there is no build time? only thing ive been waiting for is archer queen after getting smoked by her all the time lol // however, thanks for the thread this will help me a lot

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    This really would've helped when I was going to TH9, big time in your clash career

    TH9, Lvl 110, 21/20 Heroes, 105 Lavas, 610 mil GG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senior0028 View Post
    Sad you spent so much time with so little attention given.
    Don't be a douche. Elaborate on your statement and provide a constructive feedback instead.

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    One of the best TH9 guides out there!

    Amazing job on putting all of this together in a well written and well organized piece.

    I'm a week or so into my TH9 and already have done most of the starter stuff as mentioned (logic fueled my choices). Though I'd say get your Archer Queen first as she's the only item from the shop that uses DE, plus she is created instantly (no wait time, so all 5 builders are still free).

    All my walls were skulls at TH8, so I ended up putting most of my new stuff off to the side (I incorporated Archer Queen right off, then X-bows when they finished). Surprisingly I'm still using my TH8 base for the most part and mostly because of defensive wins I've been pushed up from Silver3 to Crystal2.

    Bad loot is a problem, so I've been limping along on my upgrades. I've been able to keep 4 builders busy, but mostly with loot from revenge raids and goblin levels. I'm running out of both, so roulette raiding has been rough (nexting over 60 times before finding something tolerable or giving up completely).

    With elixir, I'm working towards upgrading my Spell Factory and then my troops. With gold, I'm upgrading the new weapons.

    It's a struggle. @_@

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    Retiring- If you have a clan you want me to visit before I do VM me!
    Make one for going to town hall 10

    Nice guide.

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    Thanks, guys! I've gone back in and edited it so that it now puts the Archer Queen before the walls in section 3.
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    Nice thread. When i upgraded to th9 it was pretty easy to upgrade the queen. Already have her at lv6. But.. i did push to masters so that might have helped

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