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Thread: looking for an exciting neighborhood!

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    looking for an exciting neighborhood!

    I am looking for a nice neighborhood to join! If you are looking for a team mate, let me know!

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    Are you an active player?

    "Town of Sayvion" is looking for active players.

    We are also looking for 2 people that will like to become Elders and find and accept new members.

    We play throughout the day helping with items to fill boat and car orders, and expansions. We are open to all levels and all areas.

    Look for the yellow lobster on a blue emblem. "Town Of Sayvion" is ready to be your new home.

    Until then Happy Farming!

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    Can uou please add me to your neighborhood

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    You're welcome to join my neighborhood!

    Hi lyssaluu!

    What level are you at? I just created the neighborhood called "Asian Elite," and I would love to have you join and be a part of something brand new. Even if you're not Asian.

    Hope to see you soon!

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