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    Jul 2013
    I got 3 gold vouchers in a big box. The next day I got another 3 gold vouchers in a big box.
    Level 100! 6/28/16 won the pearl 12/31/14 won the windmill 2/3/15
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    Mar 2013
    Mony a Mickle maks a Muckle...... Barry
    25 diamonds in the valley quest box

    Farm level: 237 Silo 11,700 and always full, no really it is full!
    Start date: 01/09/2013
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    One week after getting my first Santa gnome, I am getting another.
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    I have been getting 💎💎regularly from mystery boxes and sea chests😀😀

    Farm Level 174. Town 53. 😊
    Please PM for farm ID.

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    Lovely thread to combat all the negative.
    I have called my Hippo after my hubby so I get great delight in telling him I have just fed him and woken him up, won't tell you what he says to me in return

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